Numerology Books and Blogs I Recommend for 11:11 See’rs in Australia and Worldwide

Here’s a post to accelerate your numerology growth! It will change over time, as I’m constantly refining my work as a psychic and learning more about 11:11 and repeating numbers. I am not affiliated with or compensated by those listed. I am sharing this info in the hope that it will help you to find your happiness. 

That said – please mention this blog if you buy from the authors below, as it’s nice to spread the word. FYI, I intend to create posts for palmistry readers, books and blogs in future, as well as a general psychics one. I will only include people I know from personal and repeated experience.

Numerology Books and Courses I Recommend (By Title, A-Z)
Note: Some books take a different approach to me (e.g. starting personal years on Jan 1 vs the birthday, or reducing the DOB to find a lifepath, instead of adding it left to right) I have included them as it’s important to embrace different theories if you want to be a mature spiritual being. Contrast helps us to see things better!

FYI I teach numerology through my 11:11 Patreon group and online classes – see Your 2021 Numerology Forecast and my classic Lifepaths and Name Gifts webinar

I Keep Seeing 11:11 – Do You? By Natasha Nanda (a 27/9 Old Soul lifepath) – great introduction to the phenomenon, see my interview with Natasha
FYI I have an 11:11 Clocks page with tips for Master Numbers 11/22/33/44, 11:11 Starseeds and the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology
by Lisa Lenard and Kay Lagerquist – an enjoyable and comprehensive textbook

With Ian White at a Numerology Course

Numerology and ABFE by Ian White – an in person course I’ve done twice, influenced by David Phillip (see later on). It is for practitioners of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. See my reading for Ian, he’s a 31/4 Heart Healer lifepath. Also this numerology chat in July 2020 about his lifepath. 

Check the ABFE website for future events. That’s Ian on the right with me when I was pregnant with Charlie. My numerology system is written on the whiteboard, I use a lot of diagrams to explain the concepts.

Numerology – Working with Numbers by Max Coppa who is a 31/4 Heart Healer lifepath- a very basic but helpful guide to lifepaths and DOB grids. This was one of the first books that got me into numbers.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane – amazing book that looks at Tarot and astrology too.

The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman (recently re-released and updated for its 25th anniversary – some famous people lifepaths have been corrected/ added) See my reading for Dan, he’s a 26/8 Boss lifepath.

Charlie’s DOB Grid

The Numerology Guidebook by Michelle Buchanan who is an 11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath – this book is an objective starting point. I gave this to my apprentices in 2015. 

Secrets of the Inner Self by David Phillips – a profound and popular book but the wording is dated. For those without a 4, 5 or 6 in their date of birth, David calls this the Line of Frustration. I call it the Line of Non-Conformity in my numerology courses. See the picture to the right, which you can read about in this post on my son Charlie. Maybe it’s because I have this formation and don’t like being typecast.

Your Child’s Destiny by Carol Adrienne who is an 11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath – a book that combines name and lifepath numerology. Slightly different system than what I use but many useful ideas and career suggestions. When Carol confirmed her lifepath for this blog post, she said that her book Success by the Numbers is a more comprehensive book with DOB grids too. I’ll have to get a copy! Apparently Your Child’s Destiny was specially published in Australia twenty or thirty years ago – wow, time flies.

I’m still reading Divine Design by Gail Minogue and Messages in the Numbers by Alana Fairchild (whose Kuan Yin Oracle I adore – think she is a 34/7 Teacher lifepath). Also the Ultimate Guide to Numerology by Tania Gabrielle which is very comprehensive and modern. Had to laugh – I didn’t know Carol Adrienne and Solara (below) were 11/2 lifepaths until I emailed them for this blog. Makes sense.

I was also influenced by the chakra numerology insights of Kundalini Yoga.

Numerology Blogs I Follow or Have Followed (By Name, A-Z)

FYI, I have many numerology posts and famous people readings online, as well as a Facebook page The Numbers Queen and Instagram @ SarahYip1111

Elizabeth Peru (Unknown lifepath) – I was a paid subscriber to the Tip-Off for years but left this year.  While it’s clear that a lot of effort and love goes into her forecasts, I wasn’t feeling the connection after a while. It felt like she wanted to convert people to a vegan lifestyle. As an environmental scientist, who studied agriculture, nutrition and raised funds for animal welfare, I still eat meat as I am an undermethylator with a history of orthorexia. Plus, it’s part of my Chinese culture – the Dalai Lama also eats meat for health reasons.

Despite writing to Elizabeth twice with my concerns over her lifestyle advice, I never received a reply. I believe that diversity is healthy and we need to give people options that respect their racial and physical backgrounds. Dietary choices are like religion or sexuality. We intuitively know what our bodies require to stay fertile. Some people are giraffes, while others are lions. See 7 Signs of Spiritual Whitewashing – How to Avoid New Age Silliness

Felicia Bender (30/3 Artist lifepath) – I like her writing style and her blog is well laid out and colourful.

With Monica Muranyi and Lee Carroll (Kryon Channel)

Kryon (Lee Carroll is a 26/8 Boss lifepath, I met him in Brisbane – what an inspiring teacher) – He’s not a numerologist but does sometimes talk numerology in his channellings. Here is a post comparing Kryon’s numerology approach and my chakra-based numerology system.

Nat Olson (was Nat Pescetti) (35/8 Boss lifepath) – I’ve had a reading with Nat and like her ‘superpowers’  approach to numerology. She’s quirky and positive.

Solara (11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath). She’s not a numerologist but her work enhances your understanding of the technology. I her Solara’s 11:11 book years ago but didn’t understand it as I was still in scientist mode.  Then I subscribed to her Surf Report updates (which she’s not writing much anymore). They are incredible and I love every edition. Her information is so pure, just reading it ups my vibration. She transmits in a few sentences, what others teach in a lifetime.

Solara’s health is sensitive and her updates come out when needed, they’re not a daily forecast. I prefer that approach, rather than continual sales pitches.  Here is her Sun-Moon-AN meditation that gets me buzzing. Solara suggested this site on the Doorway of 11:1 when I emailed her to confirm her lifepath. She said she has numerous books and an oracle deck available.

Tania Gabrielle (Unknown lifepath) – I’ve had a name change report from Tania (which I had mixed feelings about – she suggested I change from Sarah to Sarrah). I also have her beautiful numerology book which is great if you want to know about individual numbers. Her approach incorporates astrology, imagery and her love of music (many numerologists are musical). I was a paid subscriber to her forecasts but cancelled after finding them a little wordy for my learning style. 

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