Please, give us the full picture of your 11:11 and repeated number sightings

Please, give us the full picture! Sharing your 11:11 and repeated numbers images along WITH regular stories of what you are working on, clearing, creating or wanting to attract is essential for deeper evolution.

Just posting numbers by themselves is a lovely reminder of Universal order but it’s like salt without pepper, sun without moon, a hello without a how are you. Incomplete.

Please, go deeper. The numbers attract your Soul’s attention. They mean that Spirit is dialling you. So many people say ‘monitor what you are thinking when you see 11:11 etc.’, but this can create analysis paralysis and passivity when overdone.

Instead, when you see repeated numbers, text them to your friends with a message of hope or inquiry into their wellbeing. Ask your Guides for something specific. Celebrate! Thank yourself and Spirit for the good things in your life. Talk back (e.g. through guided meditationsee this post on meditation myths). Most of all – learn numerology!

You could also reflect on the chakras you’re being asked to activate (e.g. 1111 and 111 are root codes (1111 is also about the higher heart chakra/ Holy Grail – eternal life), 222 is sacral, 333 is solar plexus, 444 is heart etc.) The code for 2021 is 555 so expect a lot of that as we collectively open our throat chakras.

As well, codes can match your personal numerology chart/ Soul contract e.g. birthday, life path, personal year etc. which can be a reminder to review your chart and progress e.g. through a reading or class with me and Kris.

FYI these are the repeated numbers appearing as I go through a huge healing after Ziggy’s birth. I made a collage of screenshots from tonight’s dinner and my bank accounts. I see triples when I’m accelerating quickly.

What numbers are you seeing? Can you see the connection to what you are manifesting? Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts. I’d love to hear from you.

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