Why Do I See 11:11 on Clocks? Part Two

Continuing on from my last post Why Do I See 11:11 on Clocks? Part One, here are the words I’ve analysed as a psychic reader that add up to 11 in numerology (see the alphabet system I use):


Surely this can’t be a coincidence?! Just one letter difference and these words would equal 10 or 12…

Can you see the patterns? For example, GYPSY, MEDIUM and PSYCHIC equal 11. I just love the precision.

Other 11 vibration words are JESUS, CHRISTIAN, PALESTINE, GERMANY and JEW. Interesting correlations.
Maybe that’s why some people call 11 Spiritual Messenger or Christ energy (the two 1’s can be turned into a cross). Interestingly on 21.12.2012, many people celebrated the end of the Mayan Calendar and a Universal 11 day (2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11). More and more Lightworkers/ Starseeds/ 11:11 Seer’s are going to see 11’s as the Earth tries to wake us up to what’s really going on for our rivers, forests and bodies.

So if you see 11:11 or 11s here are some questions to ask yourself:

What did I just send into the Universe?
Where do I need to seek unity instead of duality? (11 can look like two one’s OR a single river)
Am I ready to meet like-minded people or to join a worthy cause?
Am I ready to meet my Soulmates and/ or Twin Flame?
Is it time to develop my psychic powers?
Is it time to add multiple sources of income or love to my life?I see 11s when I have asked for proof that I’m on the right track. I consider 11:11 a signal that my prayers have been heard and it’s time to stop stressing.11 does look like a pause button on a TV remote control after all. Often I’ll meditate for the full minute after 11:11 and wish for something good for myself and for others.I hope this article helps you to embrace 11 energy in your life. Please, let me know what 11 means to you. 11 is for ENLIGHTENMENT. The more people who understand 11 energy, the better. There’s no point in one of us standing in the light while the other person trips in the dark!

Seeing 11:11 is a wakeup call from your soul. Don’t hit the clock – connect to your light and get out of bed!

I have written about Famous 11 Lifepaths in a blog post…they include people like Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jackie Onassis, Madonna and Emma Watson etc.

P.S. If you loved this article then I guarantee there will be 11 in your life somewhere – it could be your life purpose, destiny (name number), address or birthday.You could even be dating an 11 person or raising an 11 child!

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With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
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Casie on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 2:10 PM
Hi Sarah I have been seeing 11 a lot for a good yr or so now and lately it’s either 7 11 2 11 etc. It’s something 11 or adds to 11 – it makes me think about your train tracks expression keep going I’m on the right track cause I always wonder about my goals in life and what I’m going to be. I was unsure of what I wanted to do. There were a few things I had in mind…(edited), thanks.
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Sarah Yip – Hi Casie, thanks for connecting, glad to hear from you and hope you’ve been well since our psychic reading. Keep an eye on my 11:11 Clocks page for more tips on how to interpret the repeating numbers. These are a sign you have an opportunity to reset your life and align with your highest purpose in a big way with help from Spirit.

Tracey Taylor on Wednesday, 18 March 2015 4:51 PM
Hi Sarah, I have been really puzzled for the past few months with constantly seeing 11:11 or 1:11. Without fail at least every second day I will check my phone, look at the clock in the car or elsewhere and these numbers are appearing. After reading your blog, at least now I know I am not going crazy. Thank you.
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Sarah Yip – Hi Tracey, thanks for writing on. No, you’re not crazy, you’re becoming conscious and not a moment too soon! Wishing you the best with going down the rabbithole and discovering your immortality again.

Frankie on Tuesday, 5 July 2016 9:49 AM
Hi Sarah, I’m just adding to my previous post re my 11:11 experience, I’m a number 6 I think, not a true 33.
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Sarah Yip – Hi Frankie, best way to check your lifepath is to see my Find Your Lifepath page, as you’ll see I add the date of birth straight across so you could well be a Master 33 lifepath still.


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