I Keep Seeing 11:11 – Do You? Interview with Natasha Nanda, Spiritual Author

I Keep Seeing 11:11

Here’s a special interview with 11:11 author Natasha Nanda.

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When I came across Natasha’s writing, I was astounded at the synchronicity – we’ve both got engineer fathers and psychic mothers, have volunteered in Thailand and worked in fundraising for Cancer Council and Greenpeace! Not only that, Natasha’s spiritual crisis in 2011 coincided with my own journey into psychic readings. So I knew I had to talk to her – I hope you enjoy our conversation.
A summary transcript is below – comments and links have been added.

Sarah: Hello this is Sarah Yip, professional psychic and blogger from Brisbane, Australia. Today I’m talking to Natasha Nanda, a very remarkable woman who released an e-book on 11 July called ‘I Keep Seeing 11:11 – Do You?’ Natasha has a nursing and charity background, and has now turned to spirituality. I’ll just be asking her a few questions about her latest book. Natasha, thanks for the interview.

Natasha: It’s lovely to be speaking to you.

Sarah: I love your accent, I can listen to that all day. Hopefully this will be a fun interview. Natasha, your book’s just come out. What was your main inspiration for writing it?

Natasha: I’ve been seeing 11:11 and repetitive number sequences for many years. It’s helped me remarkably in my life. I went through a lot of traumas and life experiences. For me, 11:11 guided me and pulled me out of that, at a time that I felt quite alone.

Just through this number alone, it opened up many doorways in speaking to other people who had similar experiences…it inspired me to write a book where I was able to help people and guide them through their 11:11 experiences and their personal lives, where they were struggling. This is something I find intrinsically satisfying – helping people in some way – even if it’s just one person. That’s where my inspiration comes from.

I enjoy writing, I find it very therapeutic…speaking to other people inspired me to write a book that would help hundreds, thousands or maybe millions of people around the world.

Sarah: Ok, great, it’s very inspiring. I notice that in your bio, the11:11 seemed to appear after or during (the time) you were turning your life around, after a number of harrowing events, including an attempted overdose. Do you find that’s a common theme for people, that the 11:11 is like an SOS, or it’s appearing when they’re in a dark place or really need help?

Natasha: Definitely. The reason I know this is, prior to writing the book, I wanted to speak to people who were experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon, so I set up social media platforms, for example Twitter. I put my email out there asking for information and I was inundated by messages.

It was mind-blowing to see how many people were going through such harrowing experiences, such as relationships and family problems, overdoses, or people who were feeling suicidal. It opened me up as I was healing my own problems and emotions through helping other people.

The common trait is when people are going through traumas and hardships in life, they begin to see the numbers at that time, almost as if it’s a prompt, trying to alert them and tell them they’re not alone. There is something much higher and Divine (going on).

Some people see (11:11) after the experiences – this happened to me – the numbers guided me down a path where my life is so much better (now).

Sarah: I can relate to this, because I started to see 11:11 after a big breakup on 11.11.2011, which changed every aspect of my life – where I lived, worked, I had to leave my friends. I kindof thought I was going crazy when I first started to see the 11:11, do you find that’s common that people question their sanity?

Natasha: Yes, definitely – when you first start to experience the number sequences you think it’s a coincidence. You’ll pick up the phone and it’s 11:11…it’s not just on the mobile phones or the time, you’ll start to see it everywhere. For example, I’ll be cooking in the kitchen and I’ll randomly stop the microwave at 1 minute 11 seconds, or I’ll pause the TV at 11:11.

These things happen so many times that you think you’re going crazy. You try to explain it to your friends or partner and they look at you like you’ve lost the plot. So you retreat within yourself and push it to one side, but then you start to see it more and more.

Sometimes it goes from daily to several times a day…but then, when you look into it (I did a Google search), you’ll see hundreds or thousands of searches for ‘I keep seeing 11:11‘. You don’t want to talk to people because of the stigma attached to it.

I know after years of experience that I’m not going crazy, and if I am then millions of other people are too…for everyone out there, rest assured you’re not going mad.

Sarah: It’s something I talk to people about – I find there are stages of seeing the numbers. It’s almost like recovering from amnesia, that you forget you’re a Soul, or you forget you’re an incredibly powerful being who has chosen to be here or has chosen certain lessons. (see my page on Finding Your Life path). It’s almost like a recovery to your wholeness.

You mentioned Google. It helped me a lot too – that’s why I started an 11:11 clocks page (and facebook community The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip). Where did you find the most comfort when you first started looking for information?

Natasha: The Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision website stood out – I’m now closely in contact with the creator Julie Ann. There is a lot of information there, that explains things simply. Doreen Virtue was also helpful (Update from Sarah Oct 2019: Doreen has moved away from psychic work to Christianity). y mother and I come from a spiritual background so Angels were something  that resonated for me.

It sets you up on a treasure hunt, where you’ll read something e.g. on Spirit Guides, then Angel Numbers, then synchronicity kicks in. You’ll go from one person to another (e.g. Wave1111, they’re big on Twitter and Facebook). When you see how many people are following these groups, you realise it’s happening on a mass scale.

Reading about famous people like Uri Geller and Ellen seeing 11:11…it makes you think there must be something in it. (Note from Sarah: I’ve blogged about Ellen – her record label is eleveneleven!)

Sarah: That’s really helpful Natasha. It reminds me of a blog by Steve Pavlina. He talks about how, once you start seeing 11:11 you can never go back. It’s like a trail of breadcrumbs, or being called to something. For me life got a lot better when I followed it. It was like an addiction or obsession. 11:11 is a beam of love from your Soul. The more you document, photograph and celebrate 11:11, the more it appears, far beyond coincidence.

I remember driving, thinking ‘I wonder if I should get an 11:11 number plate, or would that be too cheesy?’ Within a few seconds, a car drove in front of me with an 1111 number plate*! I was taken aback by it, but then I thought it’s just like a big joke on us. Spirit’s like ‘yoohoo, life’s really good, did you forget anything’s possible?’

(*See my posts on Licence Plate Miracles and 11:11 Don’t Just Make a Wish – Take Action! Numerology Tips for Lightworkers)

I find it interesting, the more I talk to people about 11:11, how much they have in common – complex childhoods, unusual backgrounds, often have worked in volunteering, charities, selfless work, nursing like yourself. Then they have moments in time where everything collapses, or they feel off track and there’s a sudden readjustment.

Do you find when you talk to people about 11:11 you have a lot in common with them. Have you met soulmates, teachers, friends through this energy? (minor audio breakup)

Natasha: People tend to mimic or make fun of me, then after a few days or weeks they message me ‘actually I’ve started to see 11:11‘.

Sarah: Yeah, it’s fun when that happens.

Natasha: It prompts them. I was talking to someone on Facebook and they said they just didn’t get it. The next morning, I woke up to a message on my phone saying ‘Natasha, you’ll never guess what happened to me – they sent me a screenshot of 11:11. It popped up out of the blue in an article they weren’t even looking for.
You are awakening other people by speaking about 11:11 and through that, you start to see people grow.

I have so many emails – it’s sincerely touching – people speak to me about things they can’t speak to anyone else about…after the last few years, I’ve seen people coming from darkness and loneliness and I understand how they feel. I’ve also worked from the bottom, having no money, starting again, all the way to the top.


(Note from Sarah: I had a Phoenix-type rebirth while battling anorexia – life/ death crises are common among the 11:11 tribe!) Making friends with these people is amazing. You feel connected to them on a Soulful level. You can feel them, even millions of miles away in the UK, USA, Argentina etc.

Sarah: Thanks for sharing that. It’s interesting you talk about the Soulful connection. When I read your book, I liked that it was easy to pick up. It would be perfect for someone who’s just started seeing it, who needs 11:11 laid out in a way they can accept.

You’ve obviously done research and there’s a lot of theories on 11:11, for example that people who see it are Starseeds, they have connections to other dimensions, there’s stuff around crop circles. The way you express it as a Soulful connection sums that up in a really nice way.

Natasha: That was important for me. When I began looking into 11:11, I found there were fantastic books out there but it’s different for different people. For myself at the beginning of my spiritual search, some books were very in depth. I wanted to write something easy to read. There’s so much out there about consciousness and enlightenment…this is just a starting point.

In terms of Starseeds and Lightworkers, I encourage people to look (into them too). When you first get this wakeup call and you’re in limbo, you’re a newbie, you have to take steps to actively grow. You just need a foundation. It’s like a ladder you go up, you eventually get into things that are more complex. What 11:11 means to you or to me is different for other people – it’s an adventure, we shouldn’t take it too seriously. It can be fun, like the licence plate you described.

11:11 is a relationship between two things/ people/ Divinity and us. It connects us as one and with other people around the world. That’s what I find fascinating and what I love the most.

Sarah: I can appreciate where you’re coming from. A lot of people draw the 11:11 in sacred geometry as circles intersecting (read more) talking about oneness and duality.

Coming from a numerology background, when I teach about Master Number 11, I ask people ‘Do you see the two 1’s, or do you see the love between them? Do you see the possibility and energy between? Do you see the riverbanks or the river?’ People are trained to see difference, and the 11:11 encourages you to experience sameness and connection.

That could be why people connect 11:11 to the opening of the Heart Chakra more widely – finding Twin Flames, Soul Tribes etc. 

Natasha: In regards to Twin Flames, that’s something I’ve had. I was with my partner now, when I was 16. We separated after 3 years because we were different people at the time. I wanted to…travel the world and searching for something but he was very grounded. For me, everything happens in 7 year increments. For 7 years we were split up.

In 2011, I was going through a lot of trauma and seeing 11:11. I put my hands up to the sky and said ‘Look, I give myself to you. I want you to guide me. When you’re ready you’ll send me my soulmate and until them, I’m going…to be a selfless person.’

Within a day, the numbers started to come in…my first love got back in touch with me…you would not believe how many signs came up. We connected and it was like the missing piece in my life was there. Hands on heart, I believe everything happens to me for a reason…so many people ask ‘why is this happening to me?!’…we don’t always see that bigger picture.

Now that I’m connected to my Twin Flame, I understand why we needed that time apart…even though we have our differences we’re very similar at the same time. He’s connected me with a lot of other people. The energy between Twin Flames is difficult to describe. It’s a feeling that your Souls are connected and you’re helping so many people around you at the same time.

Sarah: That’s very romantic, and I hope you write another book about that one! The number of people who wrote about 11:11 exploded in 2011, it was some kind of Universal Consciousness Portal. I also met my Twin Flame in 2012 after a lot of prayer and surrender.

We met on television (see the video – we’re on at 3 mins 41 secs), so it was extremely synchronistic. Right from the beginning, he was in my dreams, I was in his dreams. So I have an idea of what that love feels like, it’s so illuminating. I read that you (Natasha) have a beautiful son. I think that’s fabulous – love creates love, creates love.

When I look at 11:11, it’s like what you put out, you get back. The 1 just radiates itself out into the world. People talk about making a wish, sending out vibes or frequency…I think your story’s beautiful.

For someone who’s just started seeing 11:11…what is there for people who are looking for more than books?

Natasha: Not everybody is a reader, I find that social media is great for them. There are lots of groups on facebook and you can have conversations via Skype or email. There’s not a lot of community groups in the UK – maybe that’s something that could be done. A lot of people go onto YouTube – if you’re a visual person, a film might be easier to grasp e.g. I Origins which touches on 11:11. So videos, emails, websites, chatrooms, blogs, there are a few different avenues. People are pretty open and approachable (online) when it comes to 11:11.

Sarah: I agree with you, there is a lot of not-for-profit info out there on 11:11. There are also stations such as 11:11 Talk Radio and podcasts. This interview is part of creating some resources there. I find that people who are into 11:11 are also sensitive and quite into sound healing (i.e. they are auditory learners). They don’t want to sit down with a book, it’s a bit like school.

Natasha: …You’ve just prompted me, a few people I’ve spoken to use music, there’s history behind Beethoven and how 11:11 is in the frequency of music. We need more radio shows out there – they don’t seem as readily available as websites.

Sarah: I get the impression that (radio shows etc.) will increase over the next 5 to 10 years, the interest is accelerating. As a psychic reader, I see 11:11 as a prompt for someone to look into their numerology, life purpose, chakra healing etc. Have you had your numerology done?

Natasha: No. I’m aware of numerology…but I’d like to know more…

Sarah: I initially found numerology quite dry, but now I see the connection with chakras it’s easier, e.g. 1 is the Root Chakra and Beginnings, 2 is the Sacral Chakra and Relationships etc. Is it ok if I talk about your lifepath? (Natasha agrees). I was tickled to see you are in a 2 or 11 Personal Year (find your personal year), which is perfect. I work with the 9 year personal cycle, but I have heard of the 7 year emotional cycle you mentioned.

Natasha, your date of birth adds to a 27/9 Old Soul or Thinker lifepath. More on 9 lifepaths. That’s the resonance of the word LEADER, it’s a strong path for pushing people into the future with integrity. It also vibrates to the word WITCH. Often 27/9’s often experience huge persecution in their lives (Natasha confirms this has happened). Working a 9 lifepath gives you credibility, because in the system I use, it is someone who has been around for some time (on Earth), has great wisdom and is at the end of a chapter in their evolution. They really want to give back, and are hugely represented in charity and human welfare. Find your lifepath

The ninth chakra or Soul Blueprint Chakra is about rewriting history…you write very well…I wonder if your writing will inspire people to write their own 11:11 stories? Is that something you thought about when writing ‘I Keep Seeing 11:11 – Do You?’

Natasha: Yes. Before I wrote the book, I went through several drafts, one of which was about my experiences…but I felt guided to writing a book exploring the phenomenon first. I have written my life story in regards to 11:11, I might share it one day as an e-book.

Sarah: You may or may not know, I started an e-book on 11:11 around the time you did*. When I came across your book, I fell off my chair because the contents page is almost the same as the one in my draft! I’ve often heard that when an idea wants to be born, it appears to a number of people and it’s just, whoever has the initiative and courage to do it. At first I was shocked but then I thought, ‘good, someone’s done it…loads of people have valid experiences. I need to talk to you (Natasha).’ Because the whole point of 11:11 is to get out of your head – to share and to activate even more people.

So thank you for writing. You’ve given me a kick up the butt and now I’m rewriting my book. Maybe it will be aimed at a ‘different rung on the ladder’. It’s been lovely talking to you, after all 11:11 invites connection not competition, it’s about creating openness.

*Funnily enough, after starting my guide (still in progress), I walked into a bank and there was a man yelling 11:11 at the top of his lungs! Even the manager couldn’t calm him down – it was only when I talked to him about my book that he relaxed. Read more.

Could we finish with the story in your e-book about feathers on the driveway?

Natasha: Of course. Every time I see 11:11 and I’m feeling a bit lost, I stop for a moment and I’ll ask my Angels for help. One night, I was writing my book and really needed some guidance. I asked 11:11 for a really big sign if I was on the right track (i.e. whether the book was ready to publish).

I specifically asked for feathers because I needed a direct sign.

After waking up in the morning to take my boy to the park, I walked out into the driveway and there were a hundred feathers (see photo). It was one of the biggest signs I’ve ever had. That was a big confirmation for me that the Angels were helping me. That’s why there is a white feather on the front cover of my book.

Thank you for interviewing me…it’s been lovely connecting with you. Everyone out there inspires me. Every time I get an email it pushes me further in being more open to helping others and I thank the 11:11 for being in my life.

Thank you for interviewing me…it’s been lovely connecting with you. Everyone out there inspires me. Every time I get an email it pushes me further in being more open to helping others and I thank the 11:11 for being in my life.
Sarah: I love that story, I get goosebumps and I’m sure other people will. Please send the photo – my background is science and I sometimes don’t believe it until I see it, but I can picture it. Thanks for being generous. How can people connect with you?

Sarah: Thanks Natasha, from one 11:11 watcher to another, wishing you all grace and all light, because it’s very obvious that what you do is motivated by love. (interview ends)

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