Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds

Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds Webinar
with Deniz Akan and Sarah Yip

Want to make crystal grids with confidence?

Ready to activate your intuition and multi-dimensional gifts?

Think you or your loved ones may be Starseeds?

See 11:11, 12:12, 12:21, 111, 222, 333 and other repeating numbers?

Then this webinar is for you! Now $33 (was $66!) Use code ANGELEGG for this sale price

Deniz from Dimensional Healing is an international therapist, who’s worked with hundreds of my psychic readings clients. She clears me, my family and our properties on a regular basis.

Why you’ll love this class:

Because it will activate your intuitive gifts big-time! 2022 is a 6 Universal Year of Vision, opening our third eye and ESP again. 

Many people will realise they have spiritual talents from other dimensions and past lives. Ancient magic and futuristic ideas will blend to create a new world of 11:11 Oneness. This is your time to step forwards and wake up the world.

What’s included:

Who’s it for:

Suitable for ages 16+, no prior knowledge needed. That said, I encourage you to find your life path and check out my 11:11 page, including this post on Starseeds

Investment: $33 (was $66 originally and $110 for attendees). Use code ANGELEGG for this sale price Buy the class now.

Tip: A recent interview with Deniz is below on crystal healing!

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What you'll learn in Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds

Section One

Why you see 11:11
What is a Starseed?
Why 2021 is the Starseed Awakening 

Section Two

What is a Crystal? Formation of Crystals 26:18 Ethics of the Crystal Industry – please, use your crystals rather than just keeping them as decorations. They have a life-force of their own.

Power of Crystal Healing –Sharing opportunity

Clearing Crystals/ Activating and Energising Crystals
Making Crystal Infusions
Dimensional-Healing Crystal Sprays/ Question Time

Making Crystal Grids
Crystal Grids for Energy Protection
Crystal Grids for Intuition
Crystal Grids for Abundance
Crystal Grids for 11:11 Starseeds/ Question Time
Simple Crystal Grid/ Live Demo

Personal Clearing Method (the exact prayer Deniz Akan uses in her powerful healing sessions – never before shared publicly!)

Section Three

11:11 Starseed Channelling & Healing (also a downloadable 23min track)

Thank You and Next Steps

Further Links and References

Buy Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds for $33 (was $66) Use coupon code ANGELEGG

A unique webinar only available here

You will not find this combination of info anywhere else as it’s a specific group channelling/ educational event that Deniz and I create and run with the assistance of your Spirit Guides and the 11:11 Angels. Don’t miss out on this class! as it’s a specific group channelling/ educational event that Deniz and I create and run with the assistance of your Spirit Guides and the 11:11 Angels.

Don’t miss out on this class!

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