Why Am I Seeing Repeating Numbers such as 1111, 111, 222 and 333?

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You see repeating numbers like 1111, 111, 222 and 333 etc. because you’re ready to wake up to reality.

 We all have a life purpose. Each of us has a Divine job description, which is encoded in our Date of Birth and fleshed out by the name we’re given. We’re meant to be working together. You travel with a Soul Group from lifetime to lifetime. People within your family tree or friendship circle often have similar numerology to you.

Many people see repeated numbers at certain times in life, usually in waves. Classic reasons for this:

1) You see repeated numbers because you have Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 etc.) in your numerology lifepath (aka life purpose) or prominent in your soul contract. I have read for, or been contacted by, many Master 11 people who see 11:11. It is literally a calling card for the Spiritual Messengers among us.Why is this important? Because if you have Master Numbers, then you have more responsibility to succeed. You’ve agreed to do twice the work for potentially twice the reward in this lifetime. Master Number lifepaths, (especially 11’s) are often sensitive, intuitive people who need support and education to bloom. They are prone to setbacks, allergies, bullies, addictions, depression and misunderstanding, until they learn to ‘use their magic powers’ to help themselves.

It can take until they are 29-38 years old for their true abilities to emerge. As a Master 11 myself, I know this all too well. As a Master Number carrier, you can’t compare yourself to others – you are on a different time line, and being measured against extra criteria. So your Soul and Guides will be eager to keep you on track. Each time they send you an 11, it’s reminder to ‘see both sides’ of reality – that you are both spirit and body. You can see the separate river banks, or the united stream of energy, that’s the secret of 11.

We live in an electrified society so technology is an obvious way for Spirit to communicate with us. Seeing repeating numbers is an invitation for you to study metaphysics, specifically numerology. As a scientist who has tested different psychic reading methods I resonate most with numerology, because numbers don’t change.

Palms change, Tarot Cards change because we have free will, but numbers don’t. They show us our Divine Plan. When you work from numerology you really get to the essence of someone’s being, and cut to the truth of the matter.

2) You could also see repeating numbers because you are very sceptical of psychic matters. Spirit wants to restore your faith in a good order. I am someone who requires a high burden of proof before I believe new theories. This can be good because it means you only promote things that are useful. However sometimes it also leaves you lonely and cut off from Source. Perhaps you think psychics are crazy, or you avoid the psychics in your family, thinking ‘I’m nothing like them’ (welcome to the club! I was the same).If that’s the case, then numbers are the best signs for you, because they have more significance for rational, logical, left-brained people.

We’re all numbers, not just in numerology – even the Government sees you as a tax file number. (I am a lifepath 11 and see 11’s all the time). We’re trained to use numbers to prove things. So if you are someone who ‘needs to see the facts & figures’ to make decisions, you will love numerology (especially the way I teach it).The biggest block to learning numerology is the idea that it’s voodoo or woo-woo. There is a veil in society that all psychics are dodgy and that educated people shouldn’t go near them.What a great way to control people. This really bugs me – surely if you are a scientist, you should be willing to change your mind in light of new evidence? The whole point of science is to keep evolving. Even I went from a total sceptic to a psychic teacher within a decade, based on research and life experience.

3) You will also see repeating numbers when you are at a major turning point in your life. This will be obvious in your numerology chart. You may be completing one of your ‘four life seasons, or numerology pinnacles. Some people call this their quarter life, or mid-life crisis. You might be at an important testing period in your 9-year personal cycle. Perhaps you are going from a 9 year of letting go and conclusions to a 1 year of new beginnings. Find out your personal year here. You could also be about to meet your Soul Tribe, Soulmates, and/ or Twin Flame.

Since 2011, I have created thousands of charts for clients, based on their date of birth and names. As a result I can often predict when someone will come in for a reading, and what they might ask me about. Handy, huh.

Spirit will send you repeating numbers when you are at a milestone in life to let you know they are cheering you on. They’re sending the message ‘We can help you. Call on us’. You just need to ask them out loud for help, through prayer or meditation. Remember, we’ve come to Earth for schooling. We’re here to learn to speak up. So we’re rewarded when we ask for help. I have proven this many times in my own life and with clients. When I ask for reassurance, I instantly see 11’s or 1111’s, hence the photos in this article. There is a point you get to in psychic work where you hit yourself on the head and say ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me life could be this easy?’ It’s a profound moment when you realise that you can receive a miracle simply by asking for it.
It’s when you switch from ‘basement’ or fight or flight mode, where everything is a struggle, to ‘skyscraper’ living, where resources turn up before you even need them.When I cultivate a ‘high vibration’ I can often look at my phone and manifest a booking. I can ‘order’ a car park or opportunity to turn up as if dialling a pizza. I write about these miracles on my facebook page The Numbers Queen. I love sharing the secrets of numerology. After all, I cannot be free until all beings are free. We are in this together (1111 even looks like people standing up for each other).

4) Finally, seeing repeating numbers suggests you have psychic powers that want to be unleashed. It may be time to enrol in a course or go to a library or spiritual group. This is not just me trying to sell you stuff – I am a huge fan of self-study as well as group learning.

Sarah Yip’s Guide to Repeated Numbers
Note: Many of you know Doreen Virtue’s writing on Angel Numbers, and I deeply respect her contribution to this field. My explanations may differ from hers. As a numerologist I link numbers back to your life purpose and soul contract. You might see 111 in a Personal 1 Year, or 1111 if you are a Master 11 lifepath or start dating a lifepath 11 for example.
111 Take action on a new idea.
1110 You’re rushing your evolution, slow down.
1111 You’re in Divine Time.  You may have Master 11/22/33 numerology and Starseed energy. You have ’email in your psychic inbox’. Talk to your Soul/ Guides for the next steps. Consider meditating or clearing your past/ parallel lives. Study metaphysics, healing or psychic reading. A Soulmate may be arriving soon.
1112 You’re a little behind on your life purpose, speed up.
222 Be gentle in relationships, have patience.
333 Speak wisely and don’t gossip. Focus on the good.
444 Follow the plan. Listen to your heart (the 4th Chakra).
555 Don’t give up halfway. Moderation is the key.
666 Look beyond appearances. Open your Third Eye. Read my blog article on 666 and its positive side.
777 Trust yourself. Spend quiet time alone. Ask God for help.
888 Balance giving and receiving. Take back your power.
999 Let go and receive what comes next. A time of conclusions.
1010 A time of completion, reflection and review
123 or 1234 Take things step by step. You’ll get there!
1212 Make a decision. You’re going backwards and forwards. This can also be a sign you’re moving even further into Ascension energy (i.e. beyond 1111)
To learn more about specific numbers, click here, find your guardian angel by numberwrite on my facebook timeline or stay tuned for more articles and e-books.
But Sarah – how do I know you’re telling the truth? It’s true that some people will never believe in numerology. They will dismiss repeating numbers like 1111 as coincidence or a trick of the mind. To them, I say ‘That could be true. You should go and test that.’

It took me years to believe in numerology, so I’m cool with people doubting the system.But if you are someone who sees repeating numbers and it’s causing you pain – you truly want to know what’s going on – believe me, there are SO many people and spirits who want to connect with you right now.

For those with Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 etc., you are part of a group of teachers on the planet. Your whole life will open up when you reclaim your truth. Freedom is calling. I know from experience that you can attract repeating numbers, make them disappear and change them at will. You’ll never regret going deeper!

I’m still not sure about psychics…
If you have read this article and still feel doubtful about psychics, then perhaps you’re carrying trauma from your childhood or a past life. Children are often shut down when they tell their parents they can see ghosts or hear voices. This can block their sixth sense until well into later life.

If you feel blocked, heavy-hearted or panicky when you try to meditate or try psychic work, it may be worth having a crystal healing, network healing, past life regression, or Holistic counselling to resolve any unfinished business.

I have at least one treatment a week to stay in the zone. History has not been kind to magicians, witches, oracles, healers seers and gypsies, especially female ones. For this reason some people cannot be read by a psychic until they find someone they can trust. I have a good success rate with sceptical or blocked people as I am extremely open about what I do. See testimonials.

And a final note on repeating numbers. After visiting this website and reading this article you are likely to see MORE repeating numbers, now that your Soul and Guides know you’re keen to learn more…you have been warned!
Read my articles on 11:11 clocks, or go on Google to look up Ascension, 11:11 or Starseeds for more information.

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