Why Seeing 12:12 is the Next Step After 11:11 (Numerology Tips)

Happy 12.12.21! Comment 1212 on the FacebookInstagram or YouTube posts for extra luck.

“12:12 Numerology – Seeing 12:12 means that you’re through the 11:11 portal of Awakening! You understand that Every ‘One’ is Equal.⁣ Now it’s time to expand your success and create teams of artists to birth a New World.

12.12.21 reduces to 333, the code for speaking up with courage. 3 heals the 3rd or solar plexus chakra – our inner child, personal power and hope for the future. Don’t give up, go up!”

Words like art, baby and sex have a 12 vibration. This energy is about combining ying and yang (polar opposites) for maximum growth and new choices.

While seeing 11.11 is about individual wake up calls (flipping from head to heart-based living) and finding your tribe, 12.12 asks us to go further by working with groups to find creative solutions to the world’s problems.

I know this, because I’ve talked to thousands of people about the repeating numbers they see, while comparing their feedback to their numerology charts and life experiences. Find your life path

As a scientist and a psychic, I know the power of ‘combining forces’ for the greater good. No joke, ‘scientist’ has the same vibration as ‘Spirit’ (37/10/1). The Universe loves when we try new things…

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Cheers, Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

P. S. 12.12.2021 is also a Master 11/2 day of Spiritual Messages

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