My 11:11 Starseed friends – those who come from other places help us heal our inner spaces.

In my forecast webinar, I called 2021 the year the aliens land. Not just physically but mentally. Ideas which we consider ‘far out’ or ‘pie in the sky’ will become accepted. People we labelled as ‘out there’, ‘crazy’ and ‘from la la land’ will suddenly succeed.

You see, ALIENS has the same vibration as TRUTH (24/6) in numerology. Everything new strikes us as absurd to begin with. The secret to growth is to go into your fear rather than to let your goals disappear.

As I wrote in my throat chakra blog, “more than half your body is not human! 57% of you is microbes. Only 43% is human cells. So if you struggle with balanced thinking and feeling, start with healing your inner world (mental health and gut) and the outer world won’t seem so threatening.

What you feed is what you breed. You get to choose whether life is a horror movie or great romance. A prison or a joyful trip.

Here are people I follow, whose frequency is ahead of their time. I know you’ll find their work intriguing and exciting. Most of them see 11:11 (the code for those helping Earth at her 11th hour of need) and care deeply about our future. Many of these links are interviews with numerology.

Deniz Akan (buy our new class Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds)
Caroline Byrd (intuitive healing)
Vicki Haspels (Tarot and healing)
Tia Yoong​​ (acupuncture)
Kelli MacAlpine​​ (face and body art and healing)
Heather Plett (writing mentor)
Yarraka Bayles (Indigenous activist)
Vex King (Hay House and inspirational author)
Jayne Tancred – Tribe of the Tree Essences (stay tuned for our collab)
Ian White – Australian Bush Flower Essences
Ellie Burscough (business coach)
Jill Genet (Red Tent) (women’s circles)
Alison Lee (Heartworks) (counsellor)
Deva Premal, Miten and Manose (mantra musicians)
and many more.

As a well travelled Soul, whose family live around the world (and Universe), I’ve been flying since I was one year old. It’s made me liberal and outspoken. Restless, too.

Don’t be scared of this new world. Earth has always been a mix of light and dark. You’re just seeing the puppeteers without the curtains now. The truth is better out than in. Trust that you were meant to be here now, guiding us over the hills of hope.

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