An Update For My 11:11 Community

Dear 11:11 community, I wanted to share a little about what has been happening of late. Feel free to comment 1111 on the Facebook or Instagram posts if you read this xx

I have found myself in a very new and vastly different place in my life. I have separated out from and left my marriage of 7 years with three young children under my wing.

It has been a huge decision and not one I have taken lightly, but one that was inevitably necessary.

I cannot and am unable to elaborate beyond this for now but just wanted to say that I am deeply grateful for the kindness of strangers and the unconditional support and devotion of my family, friends and mentors throughout this tumultuous transition.

As the boys and I find our ground in all of this, I have reduced my working hours. I am referring new psychic readings clients to Vicki Haspels. I will certainly let you know when my books are open again.

I am happy to be continuing with the 11:11 World Changers (women’s leadership) and Patreon study groups, as I cherish the connection and community that these bring.

You might know that 2024 is a Universal 8 Year in numerology, which invites us to break karmic cycles and reconnect to our Higher Selves/ paths. Explore Your 2024 Numerology Forecast

I am also in a Personal 9 Year of conclusions and rewriting history. So self- empowerment and surrender are big themes. I am embracing the shifts. Find your personal year

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your respectful comments and ongoing support of my 11:11 Angels work to create a kinder world for future generations and sensitive leaders.

Take care of yourself and each other with as much compassion as you can.

The world really needs it.

With gratitude, Sarah Yip

Image: Photo taken by my wonderful father. Background is from Canva.


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