11:11 Transmission & 2020 Energy Insights

Happy 11/11 Portal of Change! Here’s a special one hour video transmission for you with stacks of new information and book tips for 11:11 See’rs. This is a type of distance healing from me to you, to help you meet 2020 with a very open heart! Please note the time prompts are estimates:

-Why I couldn’t start this session at 11.11am and how that’s ok! It’s not about one single action or person that takes you home – it’s about collective healing over a lifetime 🙂

-2:28 Update on 2019 energies, this Universal 3 Year for inner child healing has been huge for re-imagining our futures, speaking up and power struggles/ anger! Think of child/ teen activists I’ve profiled like Greta Thunberg, a Pure 9 Old Soul lifepath with an 11 Destiny name.

4:40 A lot of people who see 11:11 are sceptics who don’t like to be bluffed and who prefer facts and figures – hence the Universe uses numbers to shift us back into our purpose.

-7:50 How you give yourself the spiritual flu by asking people who already criticise you, what they think of you! Unhealthy people can’t give you a healthy opinion…take responsibility and find the right people to assist.

-11:16 Letting go of woundology and defining yourself by misfortune e.g. Sonia Choquette talking about her mother being a Holocaust survivor, and how she moved forwards by deciding to release the story and free everyone involved to start again.

-12:29 2020 is a Universal 4 Year of Perfect Vision and Heart Healing. I talk about how many people live in their first three chakras and what it really means to transmute the pain into spiritual gain (pain, gain and Buddha all have a Master 22/4 numerology – see the word analysis system).

15:04 The truth about Soulmates and 11:11 Twin Flames – they are here to kick your butt, not sit on the couch with you! I talk about empaths and narcissists (people who never grew up) and stuck solar plexus energy. I share a prayer that can help shift into objectivity and humour, ‘Dear Universe, thank you for taking care of everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time, without my help!”

18:44 Your body is a grid of the Universe, including all the people you love or hate – when you start working with the hologram, nothing will control you completely ever again, except your Spirit. I talk about how passion brings enlightenment and my Fill Your Cup t-shirt that I screenprinted with Nancy Brown in Brisbane. I also talk about how the Holy Grail is a hidden place in your heart chakra, and more on 2020 and leaving a legacy.

20:50 I talk about being a sensitive child who didn’t want to be alive at certain points and how many 11:11 See’rs had this experience – of crash landing in a human body. Yet we believed there was a reason to come here and that’s what we must tune into to stay present and productive. I talk about being a devout Christian and making hay in my school bag…!

24:22 Why it’s crucial to keep going up, finding mentors and allowing others to follow us. I talk about crown chakras, crown suppression (where big trees smother small trees…sorry, I got excited in the video and forgot to say that part) and 47/11 vibration words like mental health, mental illness and meditation.

28:41 I talk about negative conditioning and how we have all been hurt and betrayed and done this to others (FYI, much of this can be cleared through Past Life Regression). Spiritual hygiene is important but the best protection is education – being an inner martial artist and having a high frequency instead of trying to block everyone with objects/ charms/ affirmations or constant energy clearing. 80% of the job is done through intention.

32:17 I talk about Alexis Cartwright and Uluru being the solar plexus or 3rd chakra of the world – our Global power centre. I will blog on the closure of the Uluru climb soon. Stop letting people walk over you without permission. Stand out. Stick out. Be the star.

Don’t be afraid that things are going to chip or wash you away. You are big enough as a Soul to be a spiritual landmark. You are here to be a lighthouse. You are here to be an oasis. I talk about the solar plexus being fire element (a big issue right now in Australia, a 30/3 numerology country).

37:18 A Course in Miracles and how Hanuman, my 28/10/1 Pioneer friend and spiritual finder/ comedian, threw it across the room – see our interview. I talk about the reward of teaching and the ego and short term gratification. We are learning to look at a bigger process and how 11:11 is about opening up to past and parallel lives and suspending your judgement of others. Having a sense of humour is the best way to do that!

43:11 You’re changing as you watch this video! I talk about Liz Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and permission to make creative work. She quotes W.C. Fields ‘it ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to’.

45:23 I talk about the power of numerology and how knowing your numbers is like a baseline for decision-making (just like knowing your financial/ money status). I talk about superstitions and buying into fatalistic teachings of numerology that depower you. Someone told me 11’s are bad with money but if you look at my Famous 11 lifepaths post you’ll see that’s rubbish – think Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, all amazing manifestors. Question your teachers. Observe the bakery before you swallow the croissant – was fear or love the main ingredient?

47:30 KEY INFO! I talk about crystal healing, being a total sceptic yet a psychic child, and the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening. Until you out yourself as seeing the numbers, you won’t get that external support that you need to fully change your life and start your next business/ personal adventure. Trusting your intuition is like having a fail-proof inner GPS.

53:13 I read from Love Out Loud from Nicole Gibson, an amazing Australian speaker, activist and writer on mental health in young people. I talk about how your trigger eternal abundance when you go within. You can dig many wells and never find water, or dig one well deeply and always find Source. I talk about leaving work at the United Nations to read palms on the street. I knew that if I didn’t switch, I would have died at the emotional level.

55:55 I talk about how I’ve seen 555, 14:14, 14:41, 5:55:55 all week! Our throat or 5th chakra is linked to our communication and sexuality/ hips – as you free up your voice, you create a barrier to negative people and become that spiritual warrior I talked about. More on stiff necks and the throat chakra. Sex has a 12/3 vibration and this is a 12/3 Universal Year.

As we explore this final frontier and take back our energy from shadow fears (Fear is just a ‘fare’ you pay for success), we rise into even higher consciousness and intimacy with the Divine. I’m taking Sexuality essence by Australian Bush Flowers (ABFE) at the moment to release my fear of commitment. FYI Ian White, the Founder of ABFE is a 31/4 Heart Healer.

Mean what you say, say what you mean, don’t say it mean. Also, stop letting superstitions close your mind, think for yourself again! That’s the theme of this year and my 11:11 transmission today. If you loved this, let me know! Comment on the Facebook video or book in to see me – remember, if you are a 22/4 or 4 lifepath, 2020 really is a make-or-break, exciting year. Almost all my new clients have strong 4 energy right now! Find your lifepath

P.S. The quote below is from Feeling Good by Nina Simone, she was a 21/3 Angel and Artist lifepath, at her lifepath turning point of 21, she changed her name to avoid family pressure and started her stage career. 3s are unstoppable creators. My son Charlie is also a 21/3.

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Recommended Resource list (see photo) – I don’t receive commissions for referrals, this post is written purely based on my experiences.

11:11 is a Hello From Your (True) Family of Origin and The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening and posts on my 11:11 Clocks page

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, a 41/5 Rebel lifepath
See my numerology and palmreading for her
Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright from Transference Healing, she is a 29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath like me
See her Uluru transmission page, you need to email to buy this recording
Compassion by Osho, a 19/10/1 Pioneer lifepath
Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak
Love Out Loud by Nicole Gibson, a 26/8 Boss lifepath – interview coming
A Course in Miracles by Foundation for Inner Peace
Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette, a 31/4 Heart Healer lifepath
Universal Symbols by Ken Dowling, a 35/8 Boss lifepath
The Modern Oracle deck by Katy-K, a 26/8 Boss lifepath, see my Tarot post
Courage to Change by Al-Anon Family Groups, see this review

Numerology Books and Blogs I Recommend for 11:11 Seer’s

Lyrics from ‘Feeling Good’, photo by Sarah Anderson nee Yip, taken in Agra, India, 2007

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