The Meaning of 12:21 (1221) in Numerology – The Art of Peace and Collective Light Shining

The Meaning of 12:21 in numerology! This is a sign of Quantum Leaps and multi-dimensional healing. You are approaching the limits of consciousness. ⁣This is an advancement from 11:11. The portals are open and new Soul teams (human and spiritual) are coming to spread the light with you. ⁣

I saw repeating 12:21s before Roger James Hamilton’s workshop on the Gold Coast. Roger is a futurist and social entreprenuer with a 39/12/3 Spiritual Communicator lifepath, the same as Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe. FYI the characater Harry Potter is a 29/11/2 Spiritual Messenger like me and has an 11 numerology name.  J.K. Rowling must be a Starseed! Find your lifepath

How perfect that Roger talked about quantum shifts and collective light shining. I note that 12+21 = 33, the wake up call number for spiritual justice that he mentioned to me. ⁣Thanks Vivian Tong, a 33/6 Master Healer lifepath from Quantum Healing Centre Brisbane for your help too.

In numerology, words can be given numeric meanings based on A=1, B=2, etc. See the system. Words like Art, Baby, Bless and Gut add to 12, while words like Peace, Angel, Human, Brave add to 21. ⁣More 3 numerology words are listed at the end of this post.

So 12:21 can be read as the Art of Peace, a Baby Angel, a Bless(ed) Human and a Gut that’s Brave. All positive things in my books. This reminds me of a Brahma Kumaris quote, ‘the opposite of war isn’t peace, but creativity.’ Note how the 22 (Buddha vibration) nestles in the 11 (Jesus vibration)?

12:21 is about opposing codes/ polarities/ genders/ beliefs blending for 1+2+2+1 = 6 healing, ie. Sixth Chakra opening – the return of our higher vision, ESP and loving communities. ⁣I note that 2019 is a 12/3 Universal Year of Inner Child Healing – see that 12 again. This energetically begins in July 2019, a Universal 1 Month.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this out of the box take on 1221 numerology.  As someone who studies repeated number sightings and does numerology for a living, I know they are more than an Angel Number – they are the language of the 11:11 Starseed tribe. FYI, the painting is an original acrylic I did in 2006.

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