Why Do I See 11:11 When I’m Not a Master 11/22/33 Lifepath? Intuition Versus Superstition, Explained!

A facebook fan has asked why she sees 11:11 when she’s not a Master Number lifepath. Thanks Cindy for your question. As I’ve written in other posts on 11:11, repeating number sequences like 1111, 111, 222, 333, 444 etc., often appear to people with Master 11, 22 or 33 Lifepathswhen they’re ready to wake up to their truth as potential ‘double leaders’, healers and spiritual teachers.

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I call anyone who sees 11:11 frequently an 11:11 See’r, because a seer is someone who predicts the future, and this reminds me of the quote ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it.

So, why do some people see 11:11, when they aren’t these super-charged (and complex) lifepaths? Here are my thoughts, based on doing psychic readings for thousands of 11:11 See’rs, plus teaching numerology, and following the 11:11 prompts in my personal and work lives. That’s me outside 1111 o’clock Byron Bay on honeymoon, demonstrating how 11:11 is a double peace sign! Spirit uses technology like clocks to reach us because it’s much easier than manifesting items, plus we are always checking our phones.

My life is proof of how positive 11:11 synchronicity can be. The day I gave birth to Forrest we arrived at hospital at 11.11am, after being stuck in traffic – then found out my midwife sees 11:11! By blogging about repeating numbers, doing expo talks, and as The Numbers Queen on facebook I have met countless people (including my Soulmate  Kris Anderson), who’ve helped me on my way. 11:11 has given me the family and tribe I always wanted, for which I will be forever grateful.

We live in a kind Universe, that wants every seed (including Starseeds, to grow). The more you celebrate life, the more it turns up to party with you. Trust me on this one!

Before I start, I’d like to clarify the difference between intuition versus superstition. This may explain why there is no single reason for seeing 11:11, and this is a healthy thing…

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Intuition Versus Superstition – What’s the Difference?

-Feels relaxing, joyful and curious
-Suggests an open Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra) and mind
-Is a soft, repetitive inner knowing or voice that gives you choices and reassurance that things will be okay
-Never scares you or threatens you (that’s ego/ imagination)
-knows that all signs (including 11:11) have multiple meanings
-brings love, courage and necessary change into your life
-looks at the big picture and prioritises forgiveness over anger
-is developed through personal experience over time
-Reminds you that you have past lives and lives to come

Basically – intuition Is like car headlights, useful when you’re going through a dark night of the Soul/ difficult times, and need to see what’s ahead, so you don’t crash. I compare seeing a good psychic to finding your high beam headlights – they can help you cut even more of the fog (but the reader must practice extreme self-care due to the energy required, this is something I’ve learned the hard way).

Your intuition doesn’t need to be ‘on’ all the time, but it’s wise to have it ‘installed and working’. It’s highest in people, who do their spiritual homework e.g. meditation, journal, create a relationship with their inner self and Spirit guides and take bold steps based on the messages that turn up. BTW I have released an Angel Meditation you can download as an MP3.

Ignoring advice from your Soul is like letting toast go cold – it’s just not as tasty, and sometimes you end up throwing it out! Although we always get second chances (what’s yours will keep returning), it’s also like catching a bus. There’s often a lag, so it’s best to jump on the signs in front of you instead of waiting around for a miracle. Spirit gives you a hand up, not a hand out. For every step you take, the Universe takes two to meet you. Action, not thinking, brings enlightenment.

-Feels scary, serious and limiting
-Suggests a closed Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra) and mind
-Is a belief system that suppresses your self-love and locks you into patterns of tension and panic
-Always causes you to doubt yourself, others and Spirit
-thinks signs (including 11:11) have one meaning (bad/good)
-blocks love, courage and necessary change into your life
-ignores the big picture and prioritises anger over forgiveness
-is inherited from people who felt powerless or were encouraged to disown their power early e.g. by the Church
-Comes from the idea of having ‘one chance’ at getting into Heaven/ Hell/ Purgatory, and promotes passiveness towards authority figures, including God and certain religious leaders

Superstition is like a windscreen covered in Vaseline, it causes you to keep losing your way and giving up. A superstitious (and in many cases, sceptical) nature comes from accepting untrue stories about yourself, which deny your core truths. This is why, even if you develop your intuition (headlights) through psychic development etc., you can still get mixed/ no results – because you’re carrying outdated, blinding beliefs. Your left brain and right brain haven’t learned to trust each other yet.

As a  qualified scientist turned psychic reader, I hate lies, especially those spread by the media in an effort to numb and confuse us. That’s why I’ve written on spiritual whitewashing in the new age industry,  superstitions like 666 (the Goddess number and a symbol for psychic awareness), Friday the 13th (a made-up myth dating from a fiction book) and how 13 and 4 are heart healing numbers despite 4’s terrible reputation in Asia.

Other common superstition are things like ‘black cats are unlucky’, ‘breaking a mirror is bad’, ‘speaking about death, cancer, miscarriage or your fears, worries or weaknesses is dangerous’…wait, I made that last one up!! That’s what superstition does – it makes you too scared to question your thoughts or ask for help. It strengthens your ego and addiction to ‘looking good’ while withering your heart’s song and passion for life.

Think of the people who repeat positive affirmations about ‘light and love’, but can’t handle when you question their mistakes, or ask them why they can’t back up their predictions, or why their lives seem to keep falling apart! To me, they’re spreading superstition and guru-follower thinking (the age of Pisces), rather than promoting intuition and 11:11 equality (the age of Aquarius). That trend is sooooo last century! Read more on the crazy psychics I’ve met and why psychic ability doesn’t equal spiritual maturity

Ok, now that I’ve set the tone, here are my thoughts on:

Why You See 11:11 (when you’re not a Master Number 11/22/33 lifepath)

1) Your intuition is opening up. You’re ready to see the Matrix, and the reality that we choose our bodies, our birth dates (even if we are C-sections) our lifepathsour families, even our names. Although we still have free will once we get here, there are no accidents. To explain further – when you live on Earth, the planet looks messy and polluted. When you see Earth from space, there’s a breathtaking beauty instead -11:11 is a sign that you can finally see the higher order, and that it’s time to research the meaning of your life.

2) You could still carry Master Numbers 11/22/33 in your numerology chart, as the lifepath is only 50% of your forecast in my system. They could be in your name, pinnacles, maturity number, the list goes on. I look for Master Numbers for my psychic reading clients, you can also learn how to do this in my numerology courses or through books, online etc. Anywhere Master Numbers appear, is where you signed up for ‘double evolution’ and wanted to change the world. The day I started studying numerology (at age 29, which makes sense as I am a 29/11 lifepath – find your lifepath) is the day my life began. You might be the same!

3) You could be a Starseed, ready for healing (some say we all are Starseeds, but I see Starseeds as Souls with more recent/ frequent lives in other dimensions). There’s lots of info on Starseeds online, here’s a post I wrote about their 11:11 connection. The week someone told me I was a Starseed, or Star person, I got into my car and the stereo turned itself on, without me touching it. The song it played? You’re the Star. Talk about confirmation! I  also know I am a Starseed because I studied past life regression with Toni Reilly, and remember multiple lives from elsewhere. As someone who has kept a diary for 30 years I know my truth well. I’m not making it up.

For example, I’ve been seeing 11:11 this week and took it as a sign to clear past life hurt around being healthy/ unhealthy. 11:11 even looks like our past/ parallel lives letting us know they are still available, like books on a bookshelf…

4) You could be at an important personal year turning point(e.g. 1 or 9 personal year) and need to tune into your higher guidance to make the most of things. Find your personal year

5) You’re a ‘flipper’, who has the opportunity to lead people into the next stage of humanity. Your Soul wants you to raise your vibration through lifestyle, career and relationship changes over the next 5-9 years. It’s super common for 11:11 See’rs to change from corporate/ logical/ financial/ scientific careers to healing or educational ones. As someone who did just this, all I can say is the struggle was worth it.

I needed to be ‘normal’ in my early life so that when I left the rat race, I’d have authenticity, a certain credibility and a good work ethic and business skills – it was all planned at a spiritual level before I even incarnated. No wonder many of my clients come to me because ‘I seem so practical’. Think about it – sceptics tend to believe in facts and figures, what could be more convincing to them than seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers over and over again? The Universe is just speaking your language, it’s an act of love.

6) You’re about to start meeting your tribe/ Soulmates and potentially, your Twin Flame. I’m more familiar with Soulmate relationships and contracts than Twin Flames, so best to research the 11:11 Twin Flame connection yourself for now, e.g. see this site. I began seeing 11:11 after the worst breakup ever on 11.11.2011 (my ex is now married to my ex-employee to give you an idea of things).

After this chaos, I had a few ‘can-opener’ relationships* (including a short but hugely cathartic one with a fellow Master 29/11 lifepath, who forced me to confront all my biggest demons), turned celibate, wrote a wishlist and then met Kris Anderson, my husband. 

Kris started seeing 11:11 and 11:10 (I am a 29/11/2 lifepath and he is a 28/10/1 lifepath, so together we are 11:10) once we started dating. This sign helped him believe in love again. I always see 9:09 as well now, because Forrest is a 9 lifepath. *I’ll blog on ‘can-openers’ soon – they’re when you meet ‘the one before the one’, or sometimes, ‘the one before the one, before the one before the one’ (yes, that was an 11:11 joke!)

7) You have Master Number 11/22/33 lifepaths or numerology holders around you e.g. in your family, friendship circle, or they are your partner, children etc. Imagine if you lived in a house, and someone rang the doorbell. Perhaps your husband wasn’t home (or hates answering), so you open the door instead. Well, Spirit is very creative. I can’t tell you how many people I meet who see 11:11 and don’t know why, until they figure out their partner is a Master Number 11/22/33 and so on.

This doesn’t make you ‘less important’, it’s a compliment that your intuition is working well, and you are a messenger as well. Remember, we change lifepaths every body, and a lot of Master Number people have karma to clear (I’m one of them) – the reason they are 11/22/33’s is because they didn’t do their homework fully last time! So don’t get jealous – we all play good and bad cop and there are pros and cons to everything. 

8) Other reasons are possible – perhaps I haven’t come across them yet. After all, I’ve only been a numerologist (in this lifetime) since 2010-2011. I do know that 11:11 sightings increase or disappear based on your pace of growth and need for reassurance. I mainly see repeating numbers when I’m ‘turning a corner’, it’s not 24/7. Once you answer the call, there’s no reason for Spirit to keep pranking you, so to speak.

The codes also seem influenced by astrology and Solar Flares. Mercury retrogrades particularly lead to increased sightings. 

In Conclusion
Although this article is a rewrite of my 2015 post, Eleven Reasons You See 11:11, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It contains new information based on my learnings since then. As someone who lives 11:11 energy, and studies it for both fun and a living I hope you found something valuable today.

Love, action and forgiveness will always bring the answers you seek. Go within, and make the connection with your Soul. It’s on your side. Always has been, always will be. Handy hint: If you feel weird talking to your Soul, call it by your name. E.g. I’m Sarah and I just call my Soul ‘Big Sarah’, ‘Upstairs me’, or ‘The Big S’. Spirit has a great sense of humour so don’t be shy.

You are an ambassador for oneness and 11:11 is the Universal Peace sign, letting you know you’re ready for the next level of consciousness. Seeing 11:11 doesn’t always mean things will get easier (at least in the short term), but it does mean you are getting smarter. That can feel like the same thing!

I’m so glad you are thinking for yourself, and rejecting the mass denial of truth that is rampant on this planet. As they say ‘the quality of your life, determines mainly on the quality of the questions you ask yourself’. Asking why you see 11:11 could be the question that will finally set you free. It worked for me, it could work for you, too. Time to spread those wings!

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Tracy on Friday, 7 July 2017 6:14 PM
I am a 31/4 lifepath, currently 31 years old, and have been seeing 11, 111, 1111, and for a short time 666 since my 31st birthday. I work in retail and I know my life calling is to heal with my heart in the field of psychology. I believe the message is not only to stay positive through this tough year but to get started on my path. Your posts have been extremely helpful!
Reply to comment

Sarah Yip on Friday, 7 July 2017 11:10 PM
Hi Tracy, I’m so happy to hear from you. Some of my very best friends are 31/4s and I really understand the challenge and beauty of a 4 path as my name is a 4 vibration too. Hope you will stay in touch and have an amazing adventure in your lifepath turning point year. Your wings are just getting their biggest feathers yet. Feel free to sign up for updates on the homepage. Cheers, Sarah

Kim on Saturday, 8 July 2017 10:47 AM
Hi Sarah – Great article. My husband is 29/11, but I see 11:11 and repeating numbers all day long so this was interesting to me. Glad to hear you are so busy and hope you found a helper.
Reply to comment

Sarah Yip on Monday, 10 July 2017 11:57 PM
Hi Kim, happy to hear from you, and glad the article was worthwhile. Yes I have been flooded with help and am feeling very grateful. Seeing 11:11 all the time this week! Best wishes x

Cindy van Bon on Monday, 10 July 2017 11:55 PM
I am soooo amazed of what I just read… first the article about 11:11 and then the article about the lifepath 9… I am shocked… emotional and satisfied at the same time…
Reply to comment

Sarah Yip on Monday, 10 July 2017 11:58 PM
Hi Cindy, thanks so much for being one of the main reasons I wrote this post. Appreciate your question and support, best wishes with exploring your true self!

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