11:11 – Don’t Just Make a Wish, Take Action! Numerology Tips for Lightworkers

As an 11:11 Clocks researcher & psychic reader, I’ve heard from hundreds, if not thousands of people who see 11:11 and other sequences like 111, 222, 333 etc. around the world. To be honest, although I’ve studied 11:11 numerology for years, there’s still so much to learn…


Here’s what I do know about people who see 11:11 and number sequences:


* They are often a Master 11, 22 or 33 lifepath (or carry these numbers in their name or pinnacle numerology). Spirit wants to alert them to their double leadership, healing and psychic skills. There’s no point hiding your magic wand or light sabre in the closet. Star Wars and Harry Potter are full of 11 numerology, which means they could represent other dimensions…yes, really! Find Your Lifepath

* They are frequently at a massive turning point (e.g. moving from a 9 Personal Year to a 1 Personal Year cycle, marking a new chapter in life). The 11:11’s may disappear once they’ve navigated these ‘cosmic rapids’. See my personal year blog for your forecast.

*Their consciousness is higher than it’s ever been and they are ready to ‘remember’ their true state of light, love and potential. If they had recalled this truth earlier, it would only have caused them pain. Why speak to a prisoner about a roast dinner in 10 years? We need to be present to our pain to learn from it.

*They may have just met a member of their soul family, such as a
soulmate or twin flame. Remember, true love is inner growth, it’s not always peace, quiet and mung beans. Sometimes your soulmate comes in to give you a kick up the butt…mine did!


*They need to know that GOD is a ripple, not a bully. Many of us were taught that God is male. Although I was raised Christian, I strongly disagree with this. Why would God create a planet where half the population were ‘not-God’? It sounds like a sick joke to me. What a great way to suppress millions of women with their beautiful intuition and all the men who have sensitive streaks.

Talk about a recipe for mental illness, alcoholismeating disorders and divorce. I believe that we are all particles of God and 11:11 is a sign of this equality. The 1’s connect heaven to earth, and 11 even looks like an equals sign. 1 represents the Root Chakra, and we all come from the same Universal energy.

A culture that denigrates women rejects psychics and spiritual rebels, because they cannot be controlled. It’s true – once you start thinking for yourself/ from your higher self, you question injustice and become impatient with small-minded authority figures. Also, when you look at the evidence for past lives, you reduce your fear of death and regain unbelievable creativity and courage. 

Seeing 11:11 is an invitation for you to take back your power through education, especially on metaphysical topics which have often been ‘banned’ throughout the ages.


I agree with Julia Cameron, who defines God as Good Orderly Direction in The Artist’s Way (a must read for creatives). When I see 11:11 I see a ripple, mirror or photocopy of my intention multiplied into the Universe. For every step I take, Spirit takes three to meet me.  As a result, I can manifest my desires almost instantly when I’m in a high vibrational state. Anyone can do this, if their heart/ mind/ spirit are tuned to ‘receiving’.

Many of my experiences are detailed in blog posts (also see here) and on my facebook page The Numbers Queen. Recently in Sydney, I heard a voice telling me to meditate, then three steps later found a meditation CD on the ground – in Cantonese, my mother language. Another time, I prayed for a chance to go to New York, then bumped into my long-lost friend Tamara on a flight to Brisbane (she has a room in Harlem waiting for me).

Not to mention the amazing licence plates I see, such as GENESIS the day I finished my first book, or TIIIINA a few seconds after I wondered if I should get an 11:11 numberplate.

How did a sceptical scientist like me end up writing about mini-miracles and praising Angels? Easy…I got humbled over and over by the 11:11’s and other ‘coincidences’ until my thinking broke. I mean – seriously – within a few weeks of starting my 11:11 guide (still in progress), I walked into a bank and there was a man yelling ’11:11′. Even the manager couldn’t calm him down – it was only when I talked to him about my book that he relaxed.


Yep…As my fifth grade teacher Mrs Krauth said ‘Blessed are the cracked, for they let the light in’ (after Spike Milligan). Authors like Pam Grout, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Denise Linn and Jerry & Esther Hicks explain manifestation in their books and CDs.

*Their Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras are healing and they’re being asked to see the ‘bright side’ of every  situation, including their so-called mistakes.

The sunspot cycle is approximately 11.11 years and 11.11 is associated with solar power. Sunspots are storms on the sun which look like dark specks from a distance – they symbolise the constant Yin/Yang nature of creation. Where there is loss, there is always gain. Where there is darkness there must be light. Wise people derive happiness from embracing their problems, instead of hating them. Hate causes a loss of power from your energetic core/ physical gut. It hurts you more than your foe.

Life is not about looking good. It’s about looking FOR the good.


When you learn to focus on the sun (inspirational goals) more than temporary spots (obstacles),  you’ll attract win-win outcomes.

Choosing to love your tests and teachers is the secret to joy. Create good problems for yourself like having too much fun, instead of boring ones like having too much worry…

This approach is something I learned from Landmark Education – a controversial but intriguing organisation – no surprise, Landmark adds to 11, as does Education! (PS they are not for the fainthearted – don’t be afraid to reject their pushy recruitment tactics.)

You can learn similarly profound techniques from personal or spiritual growth programs, such as A Course In Miracles, The Work of Byron Katie, Holistic Counselling, Tibetan Buddhism etc. Have a look at what’s on in your area. As students who’ve agreed to study on Planet Earth, you can’t avoid doing your spiritual homework – the trick is to pass your tests quickly so you can enjoy the holiday breaks.

* People who see 11:11 derive great benefits from studying basic numerology(e.g. see my Find Your Lifepath page with free info). They’re also ready to study personal growth fields such as yoga and chakra healing. Numbers have special meaning, e.g. 1 is about beginnings so 11:11 is a total reset.


Specifically, here’s my take on repeating number sequences:

111 Take action on a new idea. Look after your adrenals (Root Chakra). Also see this specific 111 Numerology post

1110 You’re rushing your evolution, slow down.
1111 You’re in Divine Time. You may have Master 1122/ 33 numerology and Starseed energy. Or you could be ending/ starting a Personal Year Cycle. You have ’email in your psychic inbox’. Talk to your Soul/ Guides for the next steps.Consider meditating or clearing your past lives. You may also have met members of your soul tribe or a soulmate.
1112 You’re a little behind on your life purpose, speed up.
1212 Can be a sign of spiritual completion and moving beyond 1111 learnings.
123 or 1234 Everything’s unfolding in perfect order. One step at a time.
222 Be gentle in relationships, have patience. Detox your Sacral Chakra.
333 Speak wisely and don’t gossip. Focus on the good. Nourish your Solar Plexus.
444 Follow the plan. Listen to your heart (4th Chakra). Have good boundaries.
511 Speak to Spirit. You need to find your voice (5th Chakra). Be adventurous.
555 Don’t give up halfway. Moderation is key. Speak honestly (Throat Chakra).
611 Your third eye is opening/ you’re seeing below the layers of the onion.
666 Look beyond appearances. Open your Third Eye. Read my article on 666.
711 Time to heal your Crown Chakra and teach Oneness/ Unity.
777 Trust yourself. Spend time alone. Ask your Soul for help. Take a leap of faith.
811 God and your Spirit Guides are with you…see the big picture and have faith.
888 Balance giving/receiving. Reclaim power. Heal Karmic Patterns (8th Chakra)
911 Spirit wants to heal you. Please ask for help – don’t suffer alone. You’re turning a corner as a Soul.


Updated Feb 2018: In my experience 911 is the mark of a healer, often a medical intuitive or someone working in emergency/ public services. I see it as a 9 (Old Soul) and 11 (Spiritual Messenger) code which suggests we’re being assisted by higher forces to bring ancient/ futuristic wisdom in.

999 Let go and receive what comes next. A time of conclusions. You’re rewriting your Soul Blueprint (9th Chakra). How exciting!


*They’re about to make huge ‘Light vs Shadow’ decisions about whether to conquer their fear or let their fear conquer them. For example, whether to stay in a compromising workplace, relationship or addictive lifestyle. The 11:11 is an invitation to choose the path of integrity and courage. Think of the 1’s as Angels lined up to help you – as cheerleaders to get you across the finish line. People with strong 11, 22 and 33 energy often get caught for their crimes, so they need to respect the laws of karma.


*They need to talk to their Spirit Guides or Soul and meditate more often. I often say to clients ‘Don’t Spam God’. I know a lot of people who pray for things like cars/ homes/ patience/ sanity but then don’t ‘check their spiritual inbox’ for the reply. This is a bit rude!

Meditation is not just for mountain-dwelling yogis. It’s essential for anyone who wants to do more in less time, and for those who want a ‘best friend’ relationship with their Soul. Best friends tell each other everything, which is why psychics like myself often (but not always) know what’s coming…

How do you start meditating? Here is my recommended track I also teach meditation. Even sitting in silence each morning is a great start. Simply ask ‘Hello Soul, what would you have me know today?’ and notice what words, sounds, images or sensations come up. Some people like to doodle the answers or write them down so they don’t forget.

If at first you don’t succeed at meditation, try daily for a week or consider joining a yoga/ chanting/ meditation course. It often helps to go for a walk or stretch before trying to meditate so your body calms down.

Meditation is the tool people use to ‘get to the top’ of any field. It allows you to manage your ego mind, aka the metaphorical Sumo wrestler that keeps stomping on your dreams! When you meditate, you give your mind a well-deserved rest while your heart and Soul catch up to plan your future. This keeps everything in order. You want your mind to follow your heart, not vice versa.


When you work with Spirit, everything’s easier. After all, you’re 1% body, 99% soul! Imagine how much you could shift if there were 99 more yous helping out. It takes a team to build anything worthwhile – if the Pharaohs tried to build their own pyramids, they would have given up after a couple of bricks.

*They’re commonly recent Starseeds or souls who want to make up for lost time in this incarnation. They have a very strong internal urgency to change the world in this lifetime. It’s almost like they’re here to live a few lives in the one body! Some have trouble with conflict as they’re so used to telepathy.Many of them have chained or broken heart lines in
palmistry,possibly because it was traumatic for them to come to Earth and feel all the distortion and pollution. Read more on the Girdle of Venus.


Sound, crystal healing and flower essences may be gentler ways for them to balance their nerves. Here’s a post on finding a great healer – you can never have too much support, especially when you carry 11’s!! It is a sign for Aquarius/ brother or sisterhood energy, after all…

*They’re often feeling very alone in their journey and need to rejoin a community of like-minded friends. As the saying goes, walk alone, walk fast – walk together, walk far! People with master numbers are easily hurt and need the tender support of a group to reach their potential. Researching 11:11 draws them back into the fold of lively debate and attracts other members of their soul tribe.For example, as soon as I put my 11:11 blogs up, I had heaps of other 11 carriers contact me with very similar life histories. Yay!

See my interview with Natasha Nanda, author of I Keep Seeing 11:11 for more ideas and stories.

*They are almost always sceptical of psychic matters after being told ‘there’s no such thing’ as kids, but become convinced there’s ‘something more to life’ after seeing 11:11 and number sequences over and over again. Facts and figures are convincing evidence for the ego mind.

In some cases, they also need neurotransmitter support (see undermethylation or Pyrrole disorder on the internet) and dietary changes to support their new reality. Otherwise the almost ‘OCD’ level of 11:11 sightings can become overwhelming. That’s why I switched to organic food and home cooking when I became psychic. This was partly how I overcame a type of anorexia/ orthorexia where I could not bear to eat low vibration foods.

Dr. Deanna Minich’s books on eating for the chakras helped me a lot, as did upgrading my water supply. Read more on water and the Third Eye aka the Pineal Gland and brain. Remember, half your energy intake by weight each day is water so the fresher it is, the fresher your insights! Dr. Masaru Emoto published some amazing studies on the responsiveness of water to intention and sound.

*They often experience other symptoms, such as physical fatigue, digestive sensitivities, mental overload, past life flashbacks, weird sleep patterns, hot flashes, cravings for privacy, an inability to tolerate hypocrisy and a desire to look into their family* or soul history around the time the 11:11’s appear.  These are signs ofAscension and DNA upgrades or activation, according to some writers. *I’m a big fan of using Family Constellations for restoring intergenerational peace.

*They attract attention and often feel compelled to share their stories in the media or online for example through facebook, blogs, books, films, TV, forums etc. Anyone carrying with 11, 22 or 33 energy knows deep down they are a spiritual messenger, who’s volunteered to be a role model. Many have disturbing or unusual childhoods, which force them to grow up quickly. Their greatest trauma is often their most profound teaching. These are the people who overcome incredible setbacks to inspire others. Mine was the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the paper to see stories about master number carriers who are in the spotlight for their external or internal heroic journeys. Often, a master number person acts as a whistleblower or activist in their family and environment. How do I know they carry 11, 22 or 33? Easy – I check their dates of birth or names out online. When you’re a numerologist you become a human calculator in that respect.

Here’s what I’m still finding out about 11:11:

*How the heck I ended up being an 11:11 messenger. I wanted to be a hairdresser or an astronaut, or a writer…never a psychic. However, not only was I born on 29/11 personal days for both my parents, I am a 29/11 lifepath with 11’s all throughout my phone numbers, addresses, and numerology. The biggest day of my life was 11.11.11.To think, I didn’t even believe in psychic stuff until my 20’s…sheesh.

Now, almost all my friends and teachers have strong 11 energy (and or the 11 fingerprint – see this article on composite whorls). Plenty of people who see 11:11 thought they had ‘normal’ lives too until they realised they were psychic!! Many choose to keep a day job while studying spirituality on the side – that way they can reach people in many industries.

*Why so few authors have made the link between master 11, 22 and 33 numerology and 11:11 clocks. Maybe I’m just unusually nerdy in my research of this connection. Or maybe I haven’t found the other links or books just yet. When I wrote to Uri Geller (see his11:11 page), I didn’t get any traction. In hindsight this helpful experience inspired me to write more blogs and start my Numbers Queen and Lifepath 11 facebook pages.

*Why the numbers come and go. I have asked my Spirit Guides to use 11:11 when I need to pay attention to something – they use a red 11 for emergencies if needed. This system works really well, however I still see sequences like 111, 222, 1212 (see info above) which I am researching.

*The full connection between 11:11 and ancient civilisationsincluding the Egyptians, Atlanteans, Mayans and so on. I have always been more of a futurist than a historian (being an Aquarian 11 lifepath and all!) and have a huge pile of books to still read on these topics. 21.12.2012 was not only the end of the Mayan Calendar, it was also a Universal 11 day, which is interesting.

 *Why 11:11 was chosen as the activation code for lightworkers. I have ideas on the 11:11 code, but it’s a subjective area in the literature. 11 is an astonishingly prominent number in many spiritual teachers’ charts (see more on famous 11’s – Tony Robbins and Emma Watson are examples).

Based on my research into Pythagorean numerology (see the system), it’s also the vibration of profound words or experiences such as:

Abundance, Advertising, Black (and White), Centre, Change, Christian, Connect, Education, Energy, English, Enlightenment,
Fire, Fitness, Generosity, Gypsy, Hippy, Jesus (Buddha is 22), Jew, Light, Luck, Manifestation, Meditation, Medium, Movies, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Messiah, Psychic, Radio, Rich, Wisdom and Uriel (Archangel).


Notice how many new age buzzwords are in this list? I believe that anything or anyone with strong 11 energy has the potential to enlighten the community at large. 11:11 has 4 energy overall (1+1+1+1 = 4) and the Fourth Chakra is the heart and immune system in the body. So 11:11 is all about appropriate boundaries and the true nature of love. Love seeks connection, not conflict.

What are your next steps after this crash course in 11:11 numerology? Well, you can:

Join my community pages The Numbers Queen or Lifepath 11 – I welcome your stories and photos! Please post them to the timeline, as I receive too many messages to reply speedily…

Find your Lifepath or Your Personal Year
Read my Master 11 or Famous 11 lifepaths posts
Check out my 11:11 Clocks page or 11:11 related Pinterest Board


I also encourage you to research 11:11 online e.g. Steve Pavlina’s site. There are many 11:11 facebook groups, forums etc. See In5D for Ascension or Starseed information. I’m reading a book called 11:11 by Solara that’s very fascinating.

From one 11:11 Messenger to another – Thank You!

I believe that more and more people will be seeing the 11:11 prompts, especially in 2017-2018 and beyond, when we enter new Universal 1 and 11 Years. Time for some big global shifts and justice.

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Danielle Nicole Blair Dick on Sunday, 15 March 2015 8:41 AM

I have to SMS you 29/11… Star people.. 11 11 met my twinflame… Bloody hell all makes sense

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toshi on Thursday, 30 July 2015 9:12 PM

Great psychic readings. It is good to know numerology to learn secrets behind your name.

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

If you found this post helpful, then please:
– Share it with your friends. Knowledge is freedom! Please, send them a link to this page rather than copying and pasting.
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