Repeating Numbers & Signs from Your Children

Did you know? Children can use repeating numbers to contact us! It’s like using an energy sms (spiritual message service).

Charlie had a choking scare a couple of nights ago and Kris R Anderson​​ had to rush him to hospital. As I was praying for them at home, Kris texted that Charlie had croup. It was 3:08am, Charlie’s birthday (30 Aug).

By 3:33am Charlie was given the all clear after a dose of steroids. I could feel him vibing me to relax and rest, so I went and meditated until they all came back safely.

If you’ve seen my blog on Charlie’s birth story, 333 is his call sign. He was 3.33 kg at birth, born in room 3 while I held a toy with a number 3 on it, the list goes on.

Similarly, Forrest often sends 189 or 909 (his lifepath is an 18/9) when we are away from him. Kris sends me 10s or 1011s.

So, when you see repeating numbers like 11:11, 333 etc., know it can be from Spirit OR someone close to you. Knowing your lifepath is a good start to understanding these magical linkages. Find your lifepath

Btw, Charlie is okay now, but we will be going to a kids first aid course soon just in case. Good thing to do with Ziggy Starbump coming.

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