11:11 Means Peace to All, Especially the Tall Poppies!

For years, I’ve wondered why some people see 11:11, and others don’t. Or why 11:11 appears to me when I’m at a turning point and tackling big challenges. Now, I know.

Here’s a poem celebrating the 11:11 See’rs – those of us willing to confront the status quo and dissolve prejudice, even at the expense of  social approval, and sometimes, in the face of life-threatening opposition. It touches on many of the themes I’ve experienced as a Master 29/11 Lifepath (whose Chinese name also adds to 11, 1, 1). Find your lifepath

11:11 Means Peace to All, Especially the Tall Poppies
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I see you, little golden child
Crying in the dark
This big life that you’ve chosen
Has been no walk in the park

You’ll face your fears so early
That hope will fade real quick
By the time you’re 9 or 10
You’ll probably want to quit

Don’t jump too soon my precious friend
Your Soul knows what to do
Instead of leaping to conclusions
Tune into your truth

Imagine White Light coming in
And filling the whole room
Melting away stress or pain
That feels like pending doom

Or close your eyes and picture this
An underwater dream
You’re swimming, shedding all your sighs
And floating like a Queen

To be a Star is quite a feat
The fire in you will frighten
Authorities around you, til
Sometimes you’ll want to bite them

Release that anger, loving Guide
You’re not here to hold that
Choose to call a friend instead
Or find a yoga mat!!

One day you’ll understand the Ones
They’ll come into your vision
You’ll start seeing 11’s when you’re
Ready for your mission

When that time arrives, that’s great!
Prepare for epic change
And reach out to the other See’rs
We’re always in close range

They call us the tall poppies
They say we don’t fit in
Well I think living small
Is actually the sin

Go be a lighthouse
Shine your hope
Ask for what you came for
Close the gap between the Coasts
And all the things you prayed for

Will come in quick, I promise this
There’s unbelievable flow
When you finally learn about
The numbers in a row

11:11 Tall Poppies Unite
You’re far more than you see
In fact, your history would  stretch
Across the Galaxy!

In Peace
In Love

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Olga Barry, 11/11/2017 9.45am on my facebook page The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip
Thank you so much Sarah … that poem really resonated within and made me cry (in a good way). Love following your page…yes 11.11 has been with me for about 4 years and all other sequences. I love numerology and have found it the most helpful tool of my life. Love hearing Charlie also :))

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