Why Do I See 11:11 on Clocks? Part One

For my psychic reading clients who’ve asked me about seeing 11:11, this one’s for you!! Well, aside from the fact that it’s that time of day…because it wants you to wake up!

Consider the following…Why do you have a clock? To make the most of your limited time on Earth, right? Why do you set an alarm? So that you can attend important events.

Does the clock want you to miss the alarm? Of course not – that’s why it keeps beeping to make sure you get the message (so, no more hitting your clock in the morning, that’s electronic cruelty :D) So, if you keep seeing 11:11 on clocks, something deep inside of you wants you to get up, so to speak. What could that something be?

Firstly you need to check your numerology lifepath. It may be time for you to revise your spiritual contract and remember why you chose to incarnate. Many people who see 11:11 have strong master number 11, 22 or 33 energy in their numerology charts, be it their lifepath, name or personal year etc. They are Starseeds and Lightworkers, with psychic and healing powers. If you find you are an 11 or other master number please, join my dedicated 11 lifepath facebook page. I also offer psychic readings and numerology courses.

Also, consider that your Soul needs your attention. Your Soul is your true self or core being that has guided you through every lifetime. It’s the part of you that is an eternal traveller, without the baggage  (e.g. limiting beliefs) you may have picked up along the way. If you understand what I mean by your soul, that’s great. If you’re not sure what I mean, then please read the explanation*** at the bottom of this page.

Some people also associate 11:11 with spiritual guides, interdimensional beings or Angels wanting you to explore your psychic or healing powers.SO – why would Spirit use 11:11 to contact you?

Because according to numerology, 11 is an ancient power or MASTER number that cannot be ignored. It’s built into our DNA.In numerology every letter has a numerical meaning (e.g. A=1, B=2) and every number has a personality. This system allows us to analyse words, names, places etc. to come up with amazing findings.   For example, when we look at 11:11:

11 is composed of 2 x 1’s. It also reduces to the number 2 (1+1=2)
1 looks like a tree and represents action and integrity – trees are so honest when you think about it. A pine cone always grows into a pine tree, never a pear tree. So 1 energy represents something or someone who is 100% truth.
2 is shaped like a swan looking for its mate. It represents grace, peace, harmony and cooperation. When you put the two 1’s together they make a 2.

To me, 11/2 energy represents:
-Two trees or people standing together as equals.
-The beginning of a forest or a community of like-minded individuals who stand up for their values and for each other.
-Railroad tracks or lines on a road. Seeing an 11 reminds us to stay ‘on track’ with our goals and to drive in the middle of the lane, i.e. maintain a moderate attitude.
-Pillars at a doorway, inviting us to ‘go outside’ our comfort zone or ‘go inside’ and reflect on what we truly want in life.
-Unity versus Duality (you can see two 1’s or a single river channel)
-A hologram showing that what you are, you create (like a photocopy).Finally, if you turn an 11 on its side, it looks like an equals sign.

So when you see 11:11 look at them as two equals signs =:=
It’s like a catflap in a door. What goes out, comes back in.
Love out, love back. Pain out, pain back.

1+1+1+1 = 4, the number for the Heart Chakra (Unconditional Joy and Love vs Grief and Stuckness)

If you were thinking positively when you saw 11:11, great! You can expect that to return soon. If it was a critical thought, consider asking for what you want instead…We don’t receive a hamburger by asking for ‘not a hot dog’ at a restaurant…you get what you specifically order! The Universe is like a friendly bank teller. If you ask it nicely to help you it will always respond with a smile. If you try to threaten it with a gun you’ll suffer ‘arrested development’ and end up imprisoned by your angry desires…

***Understanding the concept of your Soul
Think of the biggest cockroach you’ve ever seen. Easy right?
So – who or what in you remembered that? Well – let’s compare it to watching television (TV).The Universe is like a TV station that produces shows that anyone can watch if they just tune in to the right channel.Your mind is like a TV set – it’s job is to play the show you choose to watch and to remember your favourite channels. Your true self or soul is like the TV viewer. It’s the part of you that chooses what shows you watch each day (e.g. Life is Beautiful/ Groundhog Day…or maybe Scream!)Your soul is always present but needs you to act on its decisions – so that you don’t get stuck watching the same channel over and over again (usually a soap opera!). Make sense? That’s why meditation and alone time is so important for inner peace. Until you listen to your own voice you don’t know what you really want in life.Recommended Links
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With best wishes,
Sarah Yip
(a 29/11 lifepath & Master Numbers Teacher)
Professional Psychic
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Mary Pattison on Tuesday, 3 September 2013 10:10 AM
Hi Sarah I live in the Gold Coast I am from New Zealand and have a special friendship with Sunny.(29/11) She sent me your link as we are kindred spirits of 29/11. I would value your friendship in sharing the understanding I also have relating to 29/11. Thanks for your understanding of 29/11 we have an amazing journey Love and blessings Mary
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Sarah Yip – Thanks Mary, wonderful to hear from you! Wishing you a positive journey with the 29/11 energy, it’s a big adventure with incredible blessings if you are open to miracles and taking leaps of faith.

Chris on Saturday, 29 March 2014 5:58 AM
Are you ready for this? I think I am. I’m not sure you will read this or if you still check on the comments that are posted here but you just touched my soul in a way. On March 19th of this year, 2014, I was going through a deep spiritual experience regarding my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. I’ve found that it has awakened a part of me that I never knew existed. That day I had a very positive experience relating to others who understand my feelings. I also happened to look at the clock 3 times that day only to see 11:11 am, 2:22, and 11:11 pm again. This struck me, as I’m always looking for peculiar patterns and it just seemed to happen naturally. Right in the middle of deep introspective thought on my own spirituality and oneness with the world and the path that I’m choosing in life.

The journey happened to start the day before and coalesced in a certain realization of a pattern of divinity, the only way I can describe it. For those 2 days I felt as if I was doing what I was supposed to, learning what I needed to learn to continue my development as a spiritual person (despite the fact that my teen years were devoted to atheism and despair). Now upon reading this post I feel like I’ve once again reaffirmed this feeling that I cannot describe to others. I see a path laid out for me. It’s not a clear cut path but it is there and I’m choosing to take it. The road less traveled in our society today, if you will. I appreciate your post immensely. It just so happens now that I’ve realized your post was almost exactly a year before I went through this strange little experience of what I like to describe as like hitting the right notes at the right time to bring about the melody that I was meant to play in life. The coincidences are so surreal that it cant be just that, coincidence. Here’s a screenshot of my post on a youtube video that I was watching on March 19th, 2014 about awakening and its relationship to Bipolar disorder, the disease I supposedly have. http://i.imgur.com/1kOr5UV.png Since then I’ve discovered that I’ve been looking at it all the wrong way. I’m not “mentally ill” in any real sense. We all are. I’m just seeing the truth of it now like no one else seems willing to do. I have deep internal struggles related to the struggles occurring in the world.

Like Freud himself said, I’m taking the world’s struggles on my shoulders, and that’s why I’ve felt this way. It’s culminated to this point of realization that I can’t keep looking at what I am as a sickness, but rather a journey that has just begun. And now that I’ve realized the importance of the journey I can only help others to see it too. We’re all the same and connected, so we have to help each other see the real truth even though we can’t even come up with the words to describe it. Words will always fall short, and that’s why people like Buddha and Jesus focused less on words to describe their paths and instead asked those around them to just follow them, and they hoped maybe eventually they would see. I’ve found the torch I need to carry, and you’ve helped light it. I just hope I can use it to light even one other person’s torch, because then I will know that I have succeeded in choosing the right path. I can only hold my torch up high and hope others will bring theirs forward to be lit. I’m done burning things down with it. I thank you for carrying your own torch. It’s important that this collective flame keeps building. I see it, it’s happening. It’s hard to see through all the fog in the world, but good change is coming and it’s people like you that will bring it. Cheers.
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Sarah Yip – Chris, really appreciate your honesty and sharing, I encourage you to keep a blog of your own and to share your experiences with other 11:11 See’rs – the more we celebrate our oneness and free will, the more choices we create for ourselves and those coming after us.

Emma-Lee on Friday, 9 October 2015 9:27 AM
About four weeks ago I began seeing 11:11 on clocks, most days at both am and pm, without purposely watching the time. I just randomly glance at the clock and it’s there.My husband’s birthday is the 11th of the 11th, so I mentioned it to him, and now he’s begun seeing it. Some days I see 1:11, or 3:33, and sometimes I see it on other things, like I’ll be looking at page 11 of 11 photos on Trademe, or page 1 of 11, or something like that. I also see it a lot when I am studying, so I’m not sure if it’s a sing that I’m on the right path, or that I’m not. When this started I had recently begun asking for signs that my guardian angel is with me. I now hope for it each day and have not missed seeing it for even a day in the last few weeks. I find it brings me comfort. What could it mean?
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Sarah Yip – Emma-Lee, thanks for making contact. Best to have a look through my 11:11 Clocks page for detailed info.

Jackie on Tuesday, 16 August 2016 5:30 AM
Just recently I see…1111, 222, 333, 444….1212 so strange so often…hmmm…what could it mean. New beginnings, hope. Reply to comment

Sarah Yip – Thanks for sharing Jackie, you’re part of the 11:11 See’rs tribe globally, please have a look through my 11:11 Clocks page for tips on how to move forwards using these Divine prompts.

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