Happy 29/11! Starseeds, Numerology and the 11:11 Awakening Code

Happy Starseeds Day*! Today is a day for Starseeds to celebrate their origins and honour their long journeys to peace. It’s not only my lifepath anniversary (like many friends and clients, I’m a 29/11/2 lifepath Spiritual Messenger), but a healing portal for the planet.

*I coined this term, because STARSEEDS adds to 29/11 in numerology (see the word analysis system I use). The number 29 reduces to 11, as does 2018, so you can reduce today to (11) 11 (11).

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I wrote on 11/11, aka Remembrance Day. 11 is a doorway, which invites you to step into the light. Many ancient cultures know that we come from the stars, and now this memory is resurfacing to take us higher. Today is also the 333rd day of the year, with 33 days left of 2018 (thanks Tanith Lu Ro and Jen Mccarty for the tipoff).

Please note, the beliefs below are my own (I have included credits where appropriate), and the reason I refer to my life is that, I like to use facts rather than anecdotes I’ve heard. As a professional psychic, who originally trained in Environmental Science, I have experienced many intense readings and past life regressions, in order to come to these realisations. I value objective proof and feedback. And yes, the image for this post is inspired by The X-Files – love them!

What is a Starseed?
A Starseed is someone with many recent incarnations in other dimensions (often advanced civilisations) before their current lifetime. You could say, we are all Starseeds to a degree, however the people who identify with this energy often have numerous traits in common (see below). The term Starseed implies that these Souls tend to be pioneers, who enjoy ‘seeding’ other planets with ‘Star’ energy and technologies, as a type of public service. Oddly enough, my first graduate job was…in the Australian public service.

Why do Starseeds come to Earth?
Because they have been called here. Earth is one of thousands of schools for learning. It’s known for its extremes in physical and emotional weather. I’ve heard it said, ‘we come because it’s the only place you can have a human heart’ (if you know the source of this quote, please let me know). Earth is the place to be right now, because the vibration is shifting very quickly (especially after 21.12.2012 when the Mayan calendar ended etc.) You could say, many Starseeds saw this coming and wanted to be part of The Shift. Although Starseeds have visited for thousands of years, an influx arrived after the 1960’s, and they’re showing their true colours now.

Why should I trust you? This all sounds a bit kooky. Is this another conspiracy theory?
Don’t trust me, trust yourself and test what I’m saying! I don’t need your trust, you need your trust, as it’s your best compass. The evidence is there if you’re willing to put it together. Once you look closely at what you’ve been taught, you’ll understand that what we think is fiction, is often more real than so-called non-fiction. The more you embrace your heart’s ideas, the more you’ll find the ultimate truth and a safe place to call home. I’m writing this at 5.51am (155 or 551 is my lucky number sequence, it’s also the vibration of words like INTEGRITY and MOTHER MARY in numerology – 5’s are about rapid change and listening to your inner voice).

Remember, history has been edited by the victors, so that they stay all-powerful and don’t challenge them. There’s a huge chunk of information missing, as we’re easier to control when we think death is permanent, and that all our mistakes are being judged. Once you start questioning authority, and asking ‘HOW do you know that? What else could be true?’, you move from superstition to intuition and recover your (sixth) senses. ESP arises from an open mind, which is willing to consider multiple teachers and sources.

I have hundreds of recordings, stories, photos and videos that demonstrate we are Souls in temporary bodies, surrounded by Divine order and protection. Hence my Facebook page, The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip . There are no ordinary moments (thanks, Dan Millman). Start taking screenshots and note of what you find and create your own database of proof.

Are you saying that Earth a backwater, galactically speaking?
Yes and no. It’s a war zone, energetically, politically and spiritually. This can be a blessing, because we’re a hotbed for creativity (like a volcano of potential). So many people are still working through the first three chakras (root – survival and health, sacral – sex, money and power, solar plexus – control). Yet, there are also countless Souls doing magnificent things, especially in the healing, environmental, technological and artistic fields. Earth is a melting pot for curious Souls and Starseeds who want to learn about power.

How does a Starseed land, is there a difference to other humans?
Once a Soul is ready for a new journey, it meets with its guidance team (there are many names for these helpers) to decide when, where and how the mission will proceed. I don’t think there’s much difference with Starseeds, except a tendency to feel ‘numbed’ or ‘anaesthetised’ until about 13-15 years old. They must give us a shot of something before we jump in the rocket (!) This is to allow us to experience childhood with authenticity, as Starseeds are naturally very mature and knowing.  As a result, the teenage years can be very challenging (I had cystic acne, an eating disorder and anxiety, my Dad also left the country, which I blogged about here.)

Note: There may be a higher chance of walk-ins if you are a Starseed – this is where more of your Soul comes through at a certain age, causing a sudden reset in your interests and lifestyle. Some people also believe it could be a different Soul arriving. Here is an older post by one of my clients, Jade Joddle on how people with very different palms could be walk-in Souls. I have this feature too.

Are Starseeds superior to other humans?
Contrary to what you might read on the internet (good old spiritual whitewashing), not necessarily. You might feel superior, but in other ways you’ll seem ‘below-average’. I can channel someone’s purpose in seconds, but still get locked in toilets! All Souls are worthy of respect, no matter where they have chosen to study or how well-travelled they are. Whatever our gifts, we still have free will whether to use our powers wisely.  I do tend to see Starseeds rise to leadership positions quite often, if they haven’t burned out (or, after they recover from burning out). I’ve written an article on Asperger’s Syndrome, as there seems to be overlap between autism symptoms and highly sensitive people.

How do you know you are a Starseed? You sound pretty confident.
Ask anyone who knows me (and my Composite Whorl/ Starseed fingerprints), will tell you I can be a real Jekyll and Hyde. That’s the joy of having loads of Master Numbers in my numerology (find your lifepath). That said, I have so much documented evidence that I am sure I am a Starseed now. Seriously, the first time someone said I was one (a teacher called Teena), I thought they were nuts…until I got into my car the next day and the stereo turned itself on automatically. It played a song called ‘You’re the Star’ from a CD by Bob Proctor (who I later realised, is a famous 29/11 lifepath). That gave me goosebumps!

Since then, I’ve recalled many lifetimes elsewhere, and also met plenty of people I knew in those incarnations (including my 11:11 Soulmate husband Kris Anderson). Having barely ever touched drugs or alcohol, and being fairly educated, I trust my judgement.

What are the signs of a Starseed?
Rather than reinvent the wheel, here are some posts on this topic (please note, I’m not affiliated with the authors):

The Starseed Experience and Signs For Recognising Starseeds

Star Seeds – Ariella Indigo
Nicely written post, she classifies Indigos etc. as Starseeds (which I agree with – a different take is below) I laughed when I saw her reference to Mary Rodwell (ACERN), as I took baby Forrest to her talk when he was only a few months old. He babbled to her like they were old friends, freaking me out. It’s taken me a long time to admit my fascination with aliens…I was raised to be secretive.

The New Children – The Awakened State This post distinguishes between Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamonds etc. I’ve included it for variety. The author says that labels don’t matter, so true! We’re all in human bodies/ ‘cars’ now, whatever driving school we attended.

Are You a Starseed? Gaia.com Mentions the morality that Starseeds carry, I note that this can turn to prejudice if we are not careful.
Are You a Starseed? In5D.com Talks about how you may change friendship groups and struggle to de-program once you ‘flip’.
Starseed Signs – Starseed Awakening Mentions that Starseeds like Doctor Who and Star Wars (see my post on Star Wars numerology).

I meditate under a Tardis polar fleece blanket and my husband Kris is a huge Doctor Who fan. I’d add The X-Files and reality-bending/ time travel movies to the list, such as The Adjustment Bureau, ET, Guardians of the Galaxy, Powder, The Matrix. Harry Potter and superheroes also attract Starseeds (33/6’s often identify with Superman. Christopher Reeve was a 33/6 lifepath). Many of us were past-life witches, healers and wizards.

Haha, I just realised that 11:11 Starseeds adds to 33/6 as well – the same as TEACHER, PRIEST and ROCKSTAR. Delta Goodrem is a 33/6 and her song Welcome to Earth is full of Starseed references 🙂 How perfect that it was used at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast adds to 33/6 and many athletes are Master Numbers e.g. Natalie Cook)

Note: I’ve found sites with odd sentiments like Starseeds having blonde or red tinted hair (?!) That rules out a lot of people! As an Asian, mine is jet black. I’ve also read about Starseeds being more open-minded in relationships, having no kids or more than the usual number of kids.

Hm, I know at least five people with 4 children, interesting. I’m guessing many of us are self-employed, as that goes with the whole self-exploring, free-range parenting gig. FYI, I fell pregnant at 34 (a turning point for lifepath 11’s), after decades of period pain, eating issues and unhealthy relationships. Fortunately, both my sons (Forrest, born 2016 and Charlie, born 2017) are super healthy. In terms of infertility, consider seeing my post on When Will I Have a Baby? or this post from Erik on Infertility

What’s the link between Starseeds and Numerology?
As crazy as this sounds, Starseeds tend to be so psychic as kids (even with the ‘anaesthetic’), that they quickly become sceptics of human nature. They can spot liars easily and get frustrated at the constant stream of injustices that seem to go unpunished on Earth. As a result, by the time they hit adulthood, they tend to need evidence before changing their minds or opening their hearts. See this post on the Girdle of Venus in palmistry (an extra Heart Line). They want proof that they’re not going to get hurt again.

Numerology fills this gap perfectly, because the nine-year personal cycles are so accurate, plus signs like 11:11 and repeating numbers are simply too compelling to dismiss. As a scientist, who was raised Christian, I used to make fun of psychics and never believed in numerology, until I began seeing the 11:11 prompts. What pushed me over the edge, was walking into a bank in Sydney and meeting a man screaming 11:11 at the top of his lungs. You can’t make stuff like that up! I had just started blogging on 11:11 and I knew it was time to accept my destiny…clearly the true path to wealth was staring me in the face.

Numbers are the language of the Universe, so it makes sense that the Universe would use figures to help us figure things out…they are the one thing we can’t ignore, especially if we are scientists, accountants, engineers, computer geeks etc. as some Starseeds are.

Do I have to be an 11, 22, 33, 44 (or other numerology) to be a Starseed?
No, if the information resonates, go with your gut. Our lifepath is only 25-30% of our forecast (albeit the head and shoulders of it), and we change numerology each lifetime. Master (or Double) Numbers can suggest you’re going to do more Starseed-type things, but that’s not a rule. Because I am an 11, I tend to attract people like me. My research is biased towards people who’ve Googled my 11/ 22/ 33 and 11:11 articles.

Why didn’t someone tell me I was a Starseed sooner? I feel ripped off!
They probably did, but you weren’t open to it. Maybe it was safer for you to stay undercover. As I mentioned above, Starseeds are notorious disbelievers and sometimes open critics of information like this. That makes them more convincing when, and if, they switch religions, careers, relationships and lifestyles (I call these people 11:11 Flippers), as people think, ‘if someone like that can do it, so can I’.

I should know this, as I left my entire network behind in 2011-2012, to start this business. That was after 29, my lifepath age turning point as a 29/11 lifepath. I was so exhausted from charity fundraising, a toxic partnership and ignoring my feelings, that I had health issues and little hope for the future. Luckily, 11 is about double new beginnings and dramatic rebirth.

I’m still healing today, but due to my courage, I can do so in an environment where no one mocks my choices and diet (gluten and dairy free – see this post on food intolerances and common diseases). I work my own hours, live by the forest (and my son, Forrest, who was named after the trees and the movie character), etc. This has allowed my husband and I to build enough energy to assist other Starseeds to awaken. We are so sensitive to our environments, yet pretend we are ‘islands’. I’ve learned to treat myself more like a fish who needs water (feelings), than a crocodile stuck in a zoo. See this post on Silk Skin in palmistry

Why do Starseeds see the 11:11 Awakening Code?
That, my friends, would be a long story. See the links I listed in ‘signs of a Starseed’. In brief, Starseeds are activated at certain times in their lives, once they are ready to know their history and skills (it’s like being a spy, in a cool way). I particularly see this happen when you enter a Personal 1 Year, hit your lifepath age turning point, and/ or start meeting Soul Mates or your Twin Flame (people call 11:11 the Twin Flame number but this is too limited). These are times when you most need your magic and mojo.

11:11 is a reminder that ‘every one is equal’, and ‘oneness is the path’. I have discovered a link between Starseeds, Master 11, 22, 33 and 44 numerology and 11:11 sightings – see my 11:11 page. Even if you are not a Master Number (or, as I say, Double Number – ‘Master’ is old-fashioned), you may have these qualities in your name, pinnacles, or among your inner circle (e.g. be married to one).

The number of 11:11 sightings has been rocketing since 2011-2012 (I began seeing the codes around 11/11/11 after a breakup, which I know now was a can-opener before Kris). I expect more and more people will be Googling Starseeds, numerology, 11:11 and other spiritual topics over time – especially the new kids. They are coming in with ‘early-blooming’ lifepaths like 11/2’s (knowing their purpose at 11, whereas I took until 29). Find your lifepath. You might also like my post on psychic babies and kids.

Why is there so much Starseed activity in Australia?
Good question! Still researching this one, but if you look at Indigenous Australians, they are one of the oldest civilisations on the planet (especially if you listen to Lee Carroll/ Kryon – a link is below). So Australia is full of powerful healing vibes. Also, Uluru is thought to be the energy centre/ solar plexus chakra of the Earth – see this brief post by Alexis Cartwright (another 29/11 lifepath who’s helped me a lot).

I used to work with traditional owners and park rangers in Kakadu National Park. That’s where I realised that I was a fish out of water trying to be a crocodile hunter/ surveyor. I was too rebellious to survive in government, the UN and science for long*. BTW, I ended up in Kakadu because I turned down a role in, you guessed it, Uluru! I clearly wasn’t ready to know my identity back then. How quickly things can change in a decade. When it’s time to go, there’s total flow.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Starseeds, 11:11 and Numerology.

Just remember, if you:
-often look at the stars, and have been doing so since you can remember
-have felt since young that you belong elsewhere, and thought that humans are pretty well, ‘alien’
-tend to be either super sceptical or interested in psychic matters, telepathy, UFO’s and so on
-love shiny things/ glitter, space and time travel movies, ET, Star Wars, Dr Who. etc
-are sensitive, intuitive and prefer a natural diet and alternative healing techniques
-have an affinity for trees, animals, crystals, technology, music (especially electronica or world music) and travel/ flying/ exploring
-plan to flip, or have flipped from a conventional to alternative lifestyle, especially after seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers
-find socialising overwhelming if people aren’t on your wavelength
-can, or have desires to perform mental, healing, physical or spiritual feats that are light years ahead of society…
You’re probably a Starseed!

It’s Mercury retrograde now, a wonderful time to discover your secrets. Do what I did – ask the Universe out loud to ‘show me three clear signs if I am a Starseed in the next week please’ and keep a diary.

If you get bombarded with songs about stars, 11:11’s, and alien jokes or dreams, welcome to the club my friend. We’ve been waiting to see you again. Time to join the Starseed Disco and change this planet for good! 🙂 Here’s my fave song for action: With My Own Two Hands (by Ben Harper, remade by Playing for Change)…

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Lee Carroll – Kryon Channelling – see this blog on him. Essential reading for a new view on Earth’s history, Atlantis, Lemuria etc.
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The 11:11 Movement on Facebook (run by Jessica Regan, another Aussie) Starseeds spread light through the internet in such beautiful ways
Conscious Life Events, Queensland – Laura di Mambro is a 33/6 lifepath, she connected me with Mary Rodwell mentioned above Comments made below will be reviewed before they appear online

Sue M Coad (facebook) 29/11/2018
“Sarah Yip I love the way you are configured. I love the speed with which you are able to connect the dots. You are truly an inspiration!!! Please keep up the good fight. It saves my sanity x”

T. (client) 30/11/2018
“Really enjoyed the read, I LOVED X-Files as a kid growing up (my family thought I was weird because of how serious I took it lol), and enjoyed most of the movies/genres mentioned in the post. Also, had quite a few laughs reading the post as well, who knew psychics were so funny!”

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