It’s ancient, not alternative medicine! Plus my thoughts on wearing a mask as an 11:11 See’r

Mercury retrograde goes from today until 18 October, and already the syncs are out of this world.

1) Took this pic this afternoon, look at the beautiful wings. The doctors helping us with Ziggy’s eczema and weight gain have been so kind and patient – I think I’ve finally cured my fear of medical staff…

FYI, blending modern and ancient* medicine is more my scene than choosing sides. *I prefer that term rather than ‘alternative’, given that modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine have a long history. See my interview with Tia Yoong from Pulse Acupuncture.

And yes, Ziggy isn’t smiling in this photo, probably because I have a mask on…he prefers seeing my face. As an asthmatic, I try not to wear a mask unless it’s critical to ‘doing my mission’ and required. That said, I am used to seeing people wear them, given my Asian background and work overseas.

A lot of 11:11 See’rs are undercover agents/ Angels. While wearing a mask in hospitals and clinics, I have introduced dozens of nurses and doctors to numerology and palmistry, even past life info, in my appointments.

2) As I wrote this post we passed a 4 vehicle crash which just happened, making me jump out of my skin! Drive careful folks. People tend to be more impulsive at times like these.

3) Am writing on Steve Irwin today and followed a ute with I love dogs on a sticker, next to a 222 and land for wildlife badge. Steve was born 22/2 as was his mum. He adored his dog and wildlife.

Be present to the powerful opportunities to clear your scepticism these next few weeks. Keep a list of the spirit signs and share them on the Facebook and Instagram posts if you can!

Oct 2021 and the whole of 2022 are 6 numerology periods. They invite us to heal our 6th sense/ third eye chakras (mental health, psychic vision and community wellbeing).

More on that in my October 2021 forecast, which is about dreams coming true, and includes a 15 min forecast video.


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