The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening (A Preview)

Since I began seeing 11:11 around 11.11.11 during a breakup, I’ve heard from thousands of people who see these prompts. Post last updated November 2022.

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What is 11:11? An invitation to combine forces with the 11:11 Guides, who are sending you new opportunities and people, so you can lend Earth a helping hand (11:11 is the 11th hour). Once you choose the path of knowing over comfort, life will never be the same. I’ll see you there! BTW, I have a whole page and blog section of 11:11 too

Here are the 4 stages of awakening I’ve noticed so far, in my own and others’ lives. This is not a finished post, I’m just keeping you updated with my learnings through numerology. If there’s one thing I know about 11:11, it’s more of a curriculum than a one-off project or Angel Number…

I note that you can flip between any or all of these stages even after seeing the numbers for yours, so don’t judge yourself for ‘being a beginner’. 

The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening (A Preview)

1) Introduction
You start seeing repeating numbers, and dismiss them as funny, coincidental or your mind playing tricks on you.

Common behaviours: Taking screenshots, sharing photos on facebook, Googling 11:11 but not understanding the information, looking up Angel Numbers online and in books, wondering if you are going a bit crazy.

Things you might think or say: “I think the numbers are following me or something”, “it must be my mind playing tricks on me”, “I’m sure it happens a lot but I only just noticed”, “No big deal”, “You’ve got to be kidding, not again!”, “I’m going to make a wish” etc.

What’s happening: You’re being invited to go up a level of consciousness, and Spirit is knocking on your door to let you know it’s time to question reality.

2) Inner Conflict 
You experience frustration when you see repeating numbers, it’s no longer a joke and you feel like there might be something wrong.

Common behaviours: Pretending not to see the numbers anymore, not wanting to talk about them to people in case it’s making things worse, spending more time researching numbers but questioning yourself and getting cross.

Things you might think or say: “Ok, is someone setting me up?!”, “Not funny Guides”, “Stupid numbers”, “When will it stop?”, “I am worried what comes next”, “who can I trust on this journey?”

What’s happening: Your current beliefs are no longer compatible with your future Self and Soul plans. Spirit is coaxing you to get help and take a leap of faith. What do you have to lose but your fear of the dark (ness within)?? A lot of people flick between stages 1 and 2 for years.

Some even ‘turn the numbers off’ using their free will, because they don’t want to have to change. That’s fine with the Universe – they just reallocate your projects, but it’s a shame because stage 3 is fun! Stage 2 is the most common time people come in for a psychic reading or find this website.

True story: One night, I did a ‘search’ for 11:11 in my Yahoo email, which I’ve had since a teenager. I was mortified to find many emails and events with 11/11 energy, to the point I randomly deleted some of them in frustration. I didn’t want to accept that life might be kinder than I thought!

3) Integration
You’ve figured out the numbers come and go depending on what you’re working on (e.g. when you need to take action and change is coming). You’ve studied numerology (see my 11:11 page), figured out your lifepath and perhaps found some Master Numbers 11/ 22/ 33/ 44 (in your chart or the charts of those around you), and are looking into Starseeds, crystal healing, Twin Flames, consciousness and other dimensions.

Common behaviours: Outing yourself as an alternative thinker/ teacher. Transitioning out of ‘normal’ work into your own business (I call this ‘flipping’ from conventional to free range living), part-time work and study, going on sacred journeys, breakups and wakeups (this is the energy of 2018, a Universal 11 Year of Spiritual Growth and Partnerships), finding new Soulmates (partners, friends, colleagues, children etc).

Experimenting with creative expression (using the media to spread hope), clean eating (see my nutrition section), living closer to nature, minimalism, meditation, yoga, and so on (there’s no set formula). Becoming more psychic, sensitive and compassionate – e.g. crying easily and needing a peaceful environment so you can tune in. I’ve found that reading up on Aspergers and articles on Highly Sensitive People and empaths helped me.

Things you might think or say: “I feel good when I see numbers”, “I’m exploring what they mean”, “I trust myself”, “I am protected”, “My Guides are calling”, “I need to work on xx chakra” (all numbers represent chakras – see my Find Your Lifepath page), “the more I talk about the numbers, the more I see them”, “the numbers are supporting me”, “there is no good or bad, just what brings or drains my energy“, “I feel on purpose”, “I feel like part of a tribe”, “I’m waking up”.

What’s happening: You’ve combined forces with the 11:11 Guides and they are sending you opportunities, including people and resources, so you can lend Earth a helping hand (11:11 can be read as the 11th hour). You’ve chosen the path of knowing over comfort. Life will never be the same.

4) Illumination
You’re comfortable sharing your experiences and life is full of synchronicity (see stories on The Numbers Queen). You think something and it often happens within minutes, and it’s common for you to have previews of life through dreams or flashes of feeling, sound and images. You feel a responsibility to use your powers wisely, and prefer to surround yourself with people who are upfront, courageous and cheeky. After all, the sound of God is laughter, right? You’re aware of the power structures that hold us back, and focus on what you can change, especially with the help of your physical and Spiritual teams. See the Old vs 11:11 Way. You know that numbers can be our greatest tool for forgiveness.

Common behaviours: Marrying your spiritual purpose and creating a legacy. Being selective with your time, energy and money, looking for ways to help the world which are sustainable and ethical, getting easily affected by world energies (this can be a tricky one), finding you look for the metaphysical or spiritual meaning behind illness, events and relationships and people come to you for healing.

Things you might think or say: “The numbers are just the beginning”, “I’m so used to the signs, it’s normal”, “There are parallel lives and I am a multi-dimensional being”, “There is more to life than money and worrying about my figure/s”, “Other people see numbers when they are going to meet me”, “I almost take it for granted”, “The more I know, the more I know I don’t know!’, “I talk to my Guides like friends “, “We are all miracles”, “Life’s a game, you always get a second chance”, “No goal but this“, “Trust in life”, “Everyone has a team”, etc.

What’s happening: You’ve created a bridge between the material and Spiritual worlds with your bravery, persistence and presence. Woohoo! Now you can expect a lifetime of magic, upgrades and continuous chances to break open minds and hearts…it won’t be easy, but it will be worth the journey. See you there 😉

This is a short insight into where I’m at with my 11:11 studies, I hope it moves you in the direction of your freedom! I don’t claim to know it all, I’ve just talked to a lot of people and tuned into my guidance over the years. I believe that we are all beautiful lights, who are equal in every way.

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Steve Pavlina’s 2009 blog on 11:11 was lifechanging for me – check it out

Alexis Cartwright is a 29/11 lifepath who’s helped me a lot – see her Transference Healing books and work.

I like George Mathieu Barnard’s books – he talks about the 1, 111 Midwayers, which is an aspect I’m still digesting. See the 11:11 Progress Group

There’s also facebook groups, like Jessica Regan’s The 11:11 Movement. Funny how so many of us are Australians! 

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