The Meaning of 777 in Numerology – Happy Portal Day!

Happy 777 portal! In many faiths, 7 represents completion and perfection. For me, it’s the Spiritual Teacher and Eternal Student number. Someone who works with the Divine and no longer feels alone, but ‘all one’ (11:11 awakening).

Sharing your journey so others have an easier path. Shining a light for those who are in the dark and searching for their keys to peace.

I have studied the numerology charts of thousands of people to correlate them with repeated number sightings.

I believe that 777 is about Crown chakra healing and leaps of faith that lead you to spiritual teachers, schools, truths and communities*. Choosing your Heaven wisely. *See my Patreon group

Seeing 7, 77, 707, 711, 717 or 777 etc. suggests you have 7 numerology (e.g. in your life path, DOB grid, name, pinnacles and challenges or personal year) or are around 7 energy people. Find your life path

Many people will see 777 in 2023 as it’s the global code and a call to action. ‘Practice what you teach.’

Look at this image then close your eyes, breathe and find the place in your body that is calm and holy. There you are. An infinite being. A loving heart. A natural healer.

Purple has a 34/7 vibration (crown chakra), as do words like Mother, Empathy, Pleasure and ‘Hathor’, the Goddess pictured. She has a floral headdress (flower adds to 7) showing her connection to Earth and nature (both 7 words.)

7 looks like a cliff you fly from. There are times for thinking and times for winging it. 2023 is the latter! Trust everything you have learned has been the perfect preparation for this moment.

Earth is a school. No matter what happens, know that your record of kind acts lasts forever. We are multidimensional beings and the journey is never over.

Tip: Look up Tom Kenyon and The Hathor Material. I love his album, ‘Infinite Pool’. There were 7 Hathors in mythology and a 7 life path introduced me to his music!

Yup, there are no accidents, only miracles we finally noticed. (Miracle also adds to 34/7!)

No kidding. I went to the forest without my phone this week. Saw a beautiful tree. Asked Kris to take a picture. It was 11.11am! Then today, my son brought my phone over and said it had something wrong. The screen was black. I turned it on and…it was 11.11 again. Can’t escape the bliss.

I even had 777 unread emails just now 🙂

With love,
Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

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