The Spiritual Meaning of 911 in Numerology

What is the meaning of seeing 911 in Numerology?

9 (Old Soul / Thinker) – conclusions, rewriting history, Universal connection

11 (Spiritual Messenger) – double beginnings after crisis, altruism, equal partnerships

Repeatedly seeing 911 or having 911 in your chart suggests a gift for leadership, mass healing and global mindset. You are here to move people from overthinking and fanaticism to collective awakening. Many of my clients who work in hospitals, healthcare and healing, attract 911 signs.

In remembrance of those Souls lost on 9/11.

Yesterday, my first reading was for an ex-New Yorker. The energy was so dense, I ran 45min late. Realised I was tapping into the pain body of 9/11. It took me hours of rest plus some chanting to shift back into relative calm. Thanks @devapremalmiten for your music.

Almost half my clients are from the U.S. or overseas and I almost moved to the States in my 20s, so I feel a strong connection to the country.

I have many clients with 9s and 11s in their charts. Quite a few are in positions of power in the medical and health industries, while others are more into the natural healing side.

Sending love and hope for a better future to you now. May we learn from the past.

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