Powerful 11:11 Numerology Phrases to Awaken You

Happy 11:11!! Powerful 11:11 Numerology Phrases Revealed…Did you know? All words, names, addresses etc. can be reduced to numbers (see link below). I’ve created a list of phrases that add to 11:11 for you today, as an awakening tool and thank you for your support – hope you love it! You see 11:11 when you’re at a spiritual turning point, so 11/11/18 is a huge portal for the world to choose love over fear!!

Please comment on my facebook post at The Numbers Queen with your favourite phrase 🙂 An example of how I’ve worked these out: WHITE = 5+8+9+2+5 = 29/11 LIGHT = 3+9+7+8+2 = 29/11 So, WHITE : LIGHT is another way of writing 11:11. Btw, BLACK also adds to 11…so white and black are always equal in numerology – the Universe sees only love.  

The one exception on this list is TWIN FLAMES TEACHER, which adds to 11 not 11:11. Wanted to include this as Kris and I are speaking on Twin Flames today and I feel it’s an increasingly important topic.  

TWIN FLAMES adds to 41/5, the same as YIN YANG, which makes sense as our Twin Flame is our polar opposite and the missing part of our Soul. Interestingly, SOULMATE adds to 25/7, the same as HEART and MORTAL – all humans have many Soulmates, it’s part of the deal when you come to Earth for your working holiday. Comforting to know, huh?

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