11:11 is a Hello From Your (True) Family of Origin!

Happy early 11/11 folks! Did you know, seeing 11:11 is a hello from your (true) family of origin?

How do I know this? Because I’ve studied* and talked to thousands of people around the world, who see 11:11 and repeating numbers. I’ve compared their stories to their numerology charts, palmistry and energetic vibration. And the patterns are undeniable. *When I talk about study, I’m being serious! I am a scientist whose curiosity borders on the obsessive. I have a nearly six-foot-tall cabinet full of handwritten notes and charts.

Here are 11 of my latest ideas about seeing 11:11 and why you keep attracting synchronicities.

1) You see 11:11 when you’re ready to let go of the illusion that you are alone. After all, ‘loneliness’ can be rearranged to ‘ill oneness’. 11:11 is a reminder that you are surrounded by fellow students in Earth school.

2) 11:11 is a doorway between dimensions of consciousness. Seeing it frequently, suggests that you are passing through a test of maturity (or perhaps, stuck in the doorway and need some help!). Think of the numbers like cheerleaders, letting you know you have friends on the ‘other side’.

3) 11:11 is an invitation to stick to your purpose, stay aligned with your spiritual mission and stop judging other people who are simply trying to keep you on track. A call to focus on future opportunities, rather than ancient history. Many people who see 11:11 have Master 11/ 22/ 33/ 44 numerology in their lifepaths, names and charts, denoting a potential for double evolution and influence in one lifetime. Find your lifepath

4) 11:11 can signal that you are releasing inter-generational trauma, as 1 stands for the 1st or Root/ Base Chakra (our legs, feet, lower spine and sense of security or family support). It only takes one member of a family to recover their senses and wake everyone up to the love that is our nature. Many people who see 11:11 have had to break toxic addictions and patterns inherited or learned from authority figures, who ruled from superstition.

5) The numbers appear when you are stuck in your head and keep asking the Universe for black-and-white proof that Go(o)d exists. Julia Cameron talks about God as Good. Orderly. Direction – I love that. Numerology attracts people who like facts and figures. It is breathtakingly accurate when used correctly and will leave even the biggest sceptic scratching their noggin in wonder! Trust me – I was that sceptic. They say that ‘you become what you judge’. I’m proof that mocking psychics is dangerous for your ego.

6) 11:11 is a greeting from your Spirit Family, be it your Guides (who are with you from before birth and come and go depending on your lifepath and personal year lesson), deceased loved ones, fellow Starseeds and your Soulmates. (these can be children, adults, even animals, I believe).

While it’s true that 11:11 is associated with Twin Flames (Kris and I are in this category, that’s why we created 360 Degree Psychic Readings, to help you balance your Yin/ Yang), it’s not the only reason you’ll see repeated numbers. Other confirmations would be needed for a Twin Flame.

7) The 1’s are a call to action. 11 even looks like the lines on a motorway (see title pic). They talk about the 11th hour – well, Earth is at that stage right now. People who see 11:11 are almost always drawn into political and social causes within a year or two of the patterns appearing to them. It’s a DNA-level wake up call to supercharge our courage and get our life force/ Kundalini/ chi rising again so we stand up for justice. Read my post on Greta Thunberg and her 911 numerology

8) 11:11 is a visual explanation of the Universe – layers of onion skin, parallel realities, infinite moments each containing pure potential. Looking at this configuration will activate your remembrance that your time in this body is limited and it’s wise to make ‘every moment count’.

9) Seeing multiple numbers, especially triples (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999), suggests you are in a Soul examination period. Everything you think, do and say is being sieved for integrity. Don’t be scared! It’s good to be tested on your faith. It means that you’re ready for a spiritual promotion and leadership position. Just keep following the signs home to your heart’s desires and the inner piece/ peace will be there to greet you. Also see the chakra – number linkages on Find Your Lifepath.

10) Seeing repeated patterns like 1212, 1313, 1414 or series like 1234 or 101, 202, 303, 404 can indicate which tribe is working with you upstairs. When I birthed my first son, Forrest, I began seeing 404 and 909 a lot and I know these are associated with removing errors and cleansing superstitions. See how it’s a number followed by a 0 (reset) that returns to its identity again? I hope to write more on the code tribes in future, stay tuned!

11) Finally, 11:11 is an infusion of Divine fire and light to burn away your deep fear of being seen for your extraordinary oneness. Breathe in the gift!! We are all ‘ones of a kind’, and as they say ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’.

As the wave of 11:11 lightworkers and spiritual teachers get moving in their fields of genius (be it art, music, writing, education, public service, family leadership etc.), all of humanity’s relationships will go to a higher level.

I hope this deep-dive into the 11:11 frequency will give you wings to lift yourself up and over your doubts today. I look forwards to meeting more of you at events in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and online in the months to come! Remember, numerology is the language of the Universe. When you learn to speak it fluently, all the doors and windows open in your favour, especially if you share your insights for the greater good!

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