12:12 Numerology – You’re Through The 11:11 Portal!

Seeing 12:12 means that you’re through the 11:11 portal of Awakening! You understand that Every ‘One’ is Equal.⁣ Now it’s time to expand your success and create teams of artists to birth a New World. 12 12 12 reduces to 3 3 3, the code for speaking up with courage! ⁣ Today, 9 September 2019 is a Universal 3 Day, 3 Month and 3 Year for the Planet, how powerful.

I once heard a Brahma Kumari say ‘the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creativity’. Silence is violence* if you’re just avoiding confrontation. *See the wonderful song Medicine by Rising Appalachia (the singers are both 1 Pioneer lifepaths, so 1, 1!) Better to heal and reveal the yuck than to let it internally combust. ⁣

No kidding, I saw this 12:12 on my car clock after posting about a Facebook troll (don’t worry, Kris was driving). As I leaned in for a pic, the L/100km went from 8.1 to 12.0. I only saw this after taking the shot. Spirit activity, much?! Thanks Guides!⁣

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Happy exploring your beauty my Starseed friends. ⁣

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1212 Numerology

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