Happy 11/11/2020 – There’s more to 11:11 than just an Angel Number!

Happy 11/11/2020! Today is a Universal 8 Day – perfect for breaking karmic patterns and reconnecting to your Go(o)d self.

Just as there’s more to Japanese culture than eating sushi, there’s WAY more to 11:11 than being an Angel Number. It’s the key to a whole new world of numerology (mathe-magics) and oneness.

The Universe only brings you repeating numbers if you’re a facts and figures person/ have a strong sceptic side. It knows you will pay attention to hard data. 11:11 is a sign that you would benefit from learning numerology, it’s one of your native tongues as a Starseed.

Instead of just looking at the numbers, I urge you study them. It’s the difference between admiring a flower and growing a garden of Eden. So much more fulfilling.

As a symbol, 11:11 means that every one counts. Every moment counts. Every breath counts. You can start again at anytime. This Universe is full of second chances. Believe in miracles, because you are one.

You came from the stars, turned cells into a body and have conquered challenge after challenge to become a walking example of love. Come join your tribe now. The 11s will lead you home to your higher heart xx

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