Are You Psychic? NEW Conscious Wisdom Podcast – Past Lives, Ghosts, Crystal Healing & More!

Think you could be psychic? Curious about your past lives? Fascinated by crystals, ghosts,11:11 and other signs? Want to heal yourself, or conceive a baby with Spirit’s help?

Then don’t miss this Conscious Wisdom podcast, hosted by my soulmate Kris Anderson with special guests Toni Reilly, Caroline Byrd and Deniz Akan. Thanks to Latenite Media and 31Digital for their help!

(Podcast links are down as of 2020 )

Episode 20 Summary – Unravelling Psychic Worlds & Phenomena


7:27 What is a psychic? Why is it important to choose a reader who’s spiritually mature, not just accurate? Why do people avoid the term psychic and call themselves intuitives? Are bearded men more psychic?!

11:26 We discuss crystal healing and children who see ghosts and fairies. It’s amazing how we only see what we look for, even when Spirit is right in front of us. We talk about what it’s like to raise children when you’re a healer or psychic. Caroline got called a ‘witchy-poo’ by her son’s friends, for example.

16:58 Kris talks about Derren Brown, the English illusionist. Kris mentions that Simon Xavier, a previous guest on the show, was a child psychic similar to the movie The Sixth Sense.

18:48 I talk about how being pregnant has increased my psychic ability exponentially. Kris and I joke that I have to stay pregnant now, so I can live up to my clients’ expectations! I mention that Derren is a Master 29/11 Lifepath in numerology (same as me), which makes him a spiritual teacher, even if he does proclaim to be a sceptic.

Being psychic and a mother is so profoundly different to what I’d expected. My baby’s spirit sat on my bed before I fell pregnant, and told me I was late! So the communication is a lot clearer. I’m lucky I found this career and studied past life regression before we had a family – it’s made me less frightened of dying.

22:21 Caroline and Toni talk about dreaming of their children before they conceived – Caroline knew she was pregnant before she even missed a period. Kris talks about how babies are a high vibration and choose their parents based on energy levels.}

26:30 The group talks about how our lives are planned before we are even born (destiny versus free will). I talk about the Children’s Lines and Marriage Lines in palmistry.

The reason I combine palmistry and numerology in psychic readings is because palmistry lines change, whereas our lifepath and numbers never do. We are allocated children before we are born, but have the choice whether we go on to have these Souls.

As a scientist, I like palmistry because you can document your hands through photos. It makes sense that your body records your history. I also discuss how I’ve attracted many clients keen to find their soulmates and become parents ever since I fell pregnant.

31:20 Deniz has worked with many women to help them conceive and talks about her fertility sessions. She had a baby wanting to come through her body, but she wasn’t in the right relationship at the time, so she sent the child to a friend in Germany. Incredibly, her friend fell pregnant the week she did the healing session! Talk about altruistic…

We discuss how babies are very awake – my little nephew winked at me when I thanked him for coming into our family, when he was just a few months old. Even I was shocked.

Caroline discusses a client who talked to her embryos and who fell pregnant after trying IVF for a number of years.

35:00 I used past life regression techniques from Toni’s course to help myself to become and to stay pregnant. Toni explains how regressions are phenomenal for fertility because they are a direct connection to your Soul. Many people are afraid of having children – perhaps they lost a child in another life – a regression can help to resolve these inner conflicts.

Past life regressions can bring us back to our current lifetime, or life between lives. I share my story about regressing back to my birth, while trying to cure my severe pregnancy eczema. It was only when I released my rage at my parents that I started to get better.

39:30 Kris talks about his recent regression with me – he went to a space civilisation, which was unexpected. Toni says that some people have past lives that are not on Earth – what they see in a regression is not the stereotypical little green men. The beings usually appear elongated, and are telepathic. There are schools we go to as Souls that are not on Earth.

We discuss elementals and their sense of humour. While walking in the forest with my Mum I said ‘do you believe in fairies?’ – as soon as she said ‘no’, we heard something bounce off the fence next to us. I guess the Spirits were listening!

47:50 Caroline recalls her past life memory in South Carolina as a white female activist, and how it’s influenced her (her husband Richard is Afro-American). We are all one energy.

We make fun of Kris for looking like a hobbit, just as he did in his previous life – I found it hard to keep a straight face when I was hypnotising him!

We talk about how people often wake up from regressions and think they have made it all up. Caroline says that DOUBT means Driving Ourselves Unconscious By Thinking.

Toni and I reiterate that many people’s past lives are normal rather than spectacular – most of us weren’t Jesus or Cleopatra, but soldiers, farmers and normal folk.

The information you receive in a regression is always relevant to what you are going through right now – people come in to fix lifelong issues like money or health problems, not for an ego trip.

59:39 We talk about why people have psychic readings, and how they contribute to healing our relationships with Spirit. Caroline reveals why she transitioned from wine and party readings to deep emotional therapy/ Holistic counselling.

She lost interest in telling people when they would move house or get married – nowadays, she uses her clairaudience (clear hearing) and ability to channel to help people clear their stuff. She calls her Guide Jonah, but originally he didn’t have a form or name.

I talk about how the people who see 11:11 and repeating numbers are part of a new psychic movement, where we educate ourselves rather than just looking for a quick fix.

I admit that I’ve avoided psychic mediums until now because I dislike being bossed around by relatives, dead or alive…

I talk about the sacrifices I’ve made to stay psychic, including diet changes, avoiding TV etc.

Kris, Toni and I argue about whether a hangover makes you more or less intuitive!

My Spirit Guides use numbers (11:11, 111, 155, 808, etc) to contact me – which is probably because I’m Chinese and love figures.Spirit will speak whatever language makes you comfortable.
1:16 We discuss the movie Contact with Jodie Foster – Toni says that it accurately describes our spiritual home. We also talk about the indescribable comfort of visiting your life between lives.

1:18 *BREAK*1:21 Deniz and Kris talk about the healing properties of crystals. Deniz says that if you connect to a crystal and have a relationship with it, you receive more information than you’d read in a book.

Crystals can dematerialise and re-appear – they have their own personalities. Deniz knows what crystals to use for a session before she even arrives at a client’s house. The more you use your crystals, the brighter they look – Deniz calls them ‘her mates’.

We discuss whether ‘it’s the size that counts, or what you do with it’ (!!) Deniz says some crystals are self-cleansing (like Selenite), while others require clearing because they pick up energy.

1:29:30 I out myself as a ‘crystal sceptic’ and talk about my first meeting with Deniz at the Mind Body Spirit Festival a few years ago. I always thought crystals were just coloured rocks, but after a few sessions with Deniz, I finally realised the treatments were genuine.

At one stage, I became superstitious about carrying crystals until Caroline ‘made’ me hand them over during one of our mentoring sessions. I’ve been both a non-believer and obsessive-compulsive when it comes to crystal healing.

1:33-1:38 We joke about finding crystals in bed (skip this section if you don’t like innuendo…!!) I mention Chakrubs and manage to crack everyone up. That’s what happens when you bring a lot of 1 Lifepaths (one track minds) and 5 Lifepaths (rebels) together!

We mention the amazing Cave of the Crystals and Naica Mines.

1:40 Deniz talks about how it took years for her to see fairies and mermaids – they look like holographs. Kris reveals that he sees creatures and ghosts who look as vivid as living people.

Kris and I both saw a little girl spirit after we moved into our new house. She disappeared after Deniz did a house clearing for us.

1:44 You can be psychic without seeing ghosts or Spirits. I used to do readings purely based on palmistry, because I associated seeing things with being crazy.

Once I started meditating more, and changed from drinking tap water to non-fluoridated spring water, my clairvoyance (clear seeing) came in. The more you develop your psychic powers, the more senses you develop. Now when I get goosebumps, I know there is a Spirit in the room, or my Guides are around. These shivers disappear as soon as I acknowledge their presence/s.

Caroline had a rough time as a child, because she could see ghosts early on and was terrified of the dark. Once people close to her started to die, things got worse because she could still see them around. Once she accepted her gift, things improved.

We talk about how many police and nurses have first-hand experience of ghosts, and how people pass over when no one is around, or they are told they are going to die.

Caroline’s sister died of melanoma within a few weeks of a cancer diagnosis. After she passed away, Caroline and her family were sitting around her body. Caroline could hear her sister saying ‘tell them I’m here’ – when she finally told everyone that her sister’s Soul was around, a drawer flew open and stunned them all.

1:54 When Kris’s atheist grandfather was dying in hospital, he surprised his family by describing an out of body experience.

Caroline mentions that her mother, father and sister’s spirits are around today. Interestingly, Toni calls Christine at one stage during this podcast – this was Caroline’s sister’s name.

Toni and Caroline had never met before tonight’s show. People often call Caroline Christine when her sister’s Spirit is around.

I confirm that mediumship and past life regression are compatible – although part of our Soul reincarnates, we keep a record of every lifetime that we have lived. That is why you can speak to your grandfather’s Spirit, even if he is in a new body somewhere else.

I talk about how being psychic is safer than being shut down.Having a healthy intuition helps you to think for yourself. It’s like keeping your headlights on at night!

2:02 Caroline talks about the beauty of raising your vibration and how we can always choose between peace and conflict.

We talk about entities and negative energy, which are fear in disguise. I mention that bad things can still happen even when you have a high vibration – sometimes it’s part of your journey.

Sometimes healers need to get sick so they can contact other people and evolve their therapists (this is common with people who have Master 11/ 22/ 33 numerology).

We talk about how psychically aware people find it easier to be philosophical and forgiving. You stop becoming a victim once you open your Third Eye Chakra (mind) – instead of dwelling on what other people have done to you, you’re able to see the lesson you are learning. You process things faster.

I talk about how faith makes you a spiritual billionaire – I would never give up my belief in an afterlife and Divine Order for any amount of money.

2:10 Wrap up and contact details

Kris Anderson (Tarot Reader) – Website and Facebook
Sarah Anderson nee Yip (Psychic Readings by Sarah) – Website and Facebook
Caroline Byrd (Soulbyrds) – Website and Facebook I review her work here She’s been my mentor since 2009
Deniz Akan (Dimensional Healing)- Website and Facebook I review her healings here, she’s seen over 50 of my clients

May 2020 Update – Please note that I no longer have a professional association with Toni Reilly . However I am keeping this post up as she was integral to my journey into past life regression therapy and I am deeply grateful for her past support in that field. 

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Connect with us
Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years. For a one-off session, please see Kris Anderson, my psychic husband. We also read together for a 360 degree perspective you’ll love.

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