711 Numerology Explained – Oneness and Crown Chakra Healing

Happy 7.11! Ever since I became a numerologist, and started writing on 11:11, I’ve been asked by hundreds, if not thousands of people what specific number sequences, including 711, mean. My answer is – it depends – some ideas are below!

Our Spirit Guides use repeated numbers to communicate with us. Although I can outline the basics, you need to find your own truth through meditation and reflection. It’s like learning a language – the more you study and practice numerology, the more fluent you become in interpreting codes. You’re building a relationship with your Soul, and that takes time and patience. See The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening

Questions to ask when you keep seeing repeated numbers
When are you seeing the numbers?
Where are you seeing them?
What were you thinking at the time?
Who were you with?
What is your lifepath? Find out here
What is your Personal Year? Find out here  

For more accuracy, you can look at your name numerology, pinnacles, challenges, and the lifepaths of your family and loved ones, e.g. through a psychic readingcourses or research.  As they say, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself.

True leaders listen to their hearts and Souls first, and others, second. You can’t expect loyalty if you desert your own cause.  

Keeping a diary helps! I take photos of number sequences in my daily life and post them on facebook as The Numbers Queen for easy reference.

What Does Seeing 711 Mean?

***You are going through an important spiritual lesson. This is a time to learn and teach oneness. We are either promoting All Oneness (heart-centred living) or Aloneness (head-centred living) when we interact.

7 represents hard-earned knowledge gained through trial and error, and 11 reflects people growing into their potential (reaching for the sky). Note how 11 is an equals sign, so it’s about peers mentoring each other, not ‘top-down’ bossiness. 7+1+1 = 9, which is the Soul Blueprint chakra – healing globally.

Earth is a school, and there are times we are tested in order to make us stronger. There’s a saying that people are either asking for, or giving love. Look for the connection and you will know what to do next.

We live in 9 year cycles. Look for the patterns in the situation you are going through. When did you last feel like this? What needs to be healed so you can break this cycle?

Remember, you can never ‘cut off’ from pain or other people – they will simply come back in other ways, as illness or further frustrations. Until you can see where you are exactly like your enemy, and make peace with them, your heart will never be free. You don’t have to condone their behaviour, just understand it. Read more on stopping bullies.

This is a truth I learned through Holistic Counselling, the Work of Byron Katie, Family Constellations, Past Life Regression and other modalities. I could not be a psychic until I released my baggage – to work in this field you must stay clear. I journal everyday and regularly receive treatments. 

***Your Crown Chakra is healing. Our 7th, or Crown Chakra, is where our bodies end and our invisible Self/ Soul begins. I see the 7 as a cliff that you’re invited to jump off – you could be about to take some leaps of faith! Don’t forget to measure the distance and to strap your wings on, e.g. take risks based on your intuition rather than rushing into things out of fear.

Prayer and meditation is recommended, or visualisation if you prefer. Kings and Queens wear crowns, so when you see 711 it’s a reminder that You are Spiritual Royalty! Value yourself, your time, energy and money, and watch the Universe match your confidence with new opportunities.

*You have strong 7 or 11 numerology, e.g. in your lifepath or personal year. Or you are connecting with people who have these qualities. I saw 555 repeatedly just before a new bunch of lifepath 5’s entered my life.

This article is just a taster of what 711 can represent. Don’t just believe me, test these ideas for yourself and let me know what you find!

I’m aware that 7-11 is also a convenience store – perhaps it’s because 711 is the codes for spiritual abundance – when you follow your hunches, your every need is met! Thanks to Stella Star, my 7.11 client who inspired this blog post. You’re in good company.

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