222 Numerology – The Sacral Chakra Healing Code

222 is the sacral chakra healing code. Are you connecting from a scared or sacred place? It is time to reset your peace and find pleasure in the process again. Scared is an anagram of sacred.

Here’s what I used to do when I was scared:

Tense up
Stop talking
Stop eating or just eat junk
Stop feeling
Obsessively scroll Facebook
Avoid taking calls
Pretend I was fine
Count my pennies
Resist physical touch
Sit down too much
Get constipated (!)
Stay up late, trying to prevent my Spirit from healing my body overnight
Feel completely alone
Hate my feminine side (2 energy)

Here’s what I do now:
Stretch out
Vocalise – ahhh, mmm, etc.
Eat home cooked foods
Clear my whole day of appts
Get off my phone
Stop spending for a day, knowing I control the flow of my money (‘my one’ – what I reserve for my future self)
Go to bed early
Call one or more of my five helpers (ppl I call for mentorship and support, mainly long-term friends and counsellors – see my list of colleagues)
Go for a walk
Have a big cry
Listen to acoustic music
Do a long meditation and journalling session until I feel completely ‘all one’
Embrace my feminine side

Trust me when I say, the difference is monumental. Instead of crashing my life like I used to, I just take the hints to slow down and receive a change in life direction.

That’s emotional maturity, which is what 222 asks us to demonstrate. I see this code a lot when talking to my mum and women in general. Also when I’m around ppl with 2 numerology or those I need to be more patient with.

2020 has triggered our sacral chakra big time. I hope this post helps you flow into December with more ease than you ever thought possible.

Stay tuned for my 2021 forecast class on 3 Jan – bookings open soon.

Also – please check out Change for Good – A Spiritual Money Webinar – my latest class is all about healing the sacral chakra!

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