mX Newspaper Axed! My Kooky 11:11 Numerology Story

What the?! mX published my column on psychic readings and 11:11 the day it was axed (see photo – the text is below). Talk about timing! I often turn up in places and people’s lives at critical junctures – e.g. I survived the 2004 Tsunami, have worked in many start-up businesses, and frequently meet people before they enter a 9 Year Personal Cycles (find your forecast).

News Corp shut down mX newspaper in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. I was sad to hear about this decision. Although it will save the trees (which is brilliant), I’ve always enjoyed reading this funny, fast-paced paper on the train ride home. I’d predicted that I would be printed a day earlier but clearly Divine timing was at work. Check out the synchronicity surrounding my column’s appearance:

1) There was an article in the same paper, suggesting that “hearing voices and seeing things that others can’t are not necessarily signs of psychosis and may be more common than people think…healthy, high-functioning people also report these experiences.” My favourite writer J.K. Rowling was also mentioned in another section.

2) There was a puzzle with an 11:11 in it (see photo), which I found by accident. I said to Kris ‘isn’t it amazing they published my article today’ and he said ‘wait, I saw the word amaze on the page, turn back’. Then we both saw the 11’s.
3) The gossip centrefold was PACKED with Master Number 11, 22and 33 lifepath’ers. Way more than you’d expect based on chance. The main image was of Gwen Stefani (a 29/11 lifepath like me – see Famous 11s). The spread also had Daniel Craig (an 11), Jennifer Lopez (an 11), Rooney Mara (22 firstname), Lily Allen (22 firstname) John Oliver (a 33 lifepath), Chad Michael Murray (a 33) and Lindsay Lohan (a 33).

I’m guessing some of the mX journalists carry Master Numbers too, because they’re clearly very intuitive. People with Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 seek (or attract) the spotlight because they have volunteered to do ‘double the work’ in one lifetime. They are over-represented in fields like Hollywood, politics and the music industry.

Public scrutiny forces them to go through intense personal growth and gives them a platform for teaching what to do/ not to do. They often turn to alternative lifestyles and healing in later life, which helps them to meet like-minded souls. Many of them are late-bloomers who mature in their 30’s or 40’s. I write regularly about Master Numbers, based on personal and professional experience.

Have you ever thought that numerology is just confirmation bias?

I don’t blame you. I’m a scientist by training and didn’t become psychic until 2001, but the facts are fascinating – see my article on Australian Prime Ministers. Almost every recent PM has been a 1 lifepath including Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, John Howard and Paul Keating. No surprise, as 1’s love to lead. Back to my story…

4) After reading mX, I went to dinner. I often receive table 11 but was given 16 this time (which represents ‘opening minds’). Seconds later, my partner Kris arrived with number 11, which the waitress had assigned to him. (See my slideshow of 11 photos) Cool!

It gets weirder – after our table was cleared, I squealed as the people next to us sat down -with the same number 11 (see photo). The sum of the numbers was significant. 11+16 = 27 which is my birthday and a sign I’m on track. 911 is a spiritual code about asking for help and teaching oneness, not division. Read about repeating numbers. It was a trippy meal.

5) And on a non-11 note, while reading mX,
I noticed a girl on the train with my column open. My eyes pricked up as her friend began discussing aliens. I went over to introduce myself. It turned out that Vaughn (her friend) was a 24/6 lifepath (Visionary).Funnily, I’d just finished a reading for a 6 lifepath an hour before. I mentioned to Vaughn that John Lennon was a 24/6 lifepath and he said that he made music too. Look at the poster I saw later that night. Yep, it’s John Lennon. I love how thoughts manifest into reality.


What a day! I’m so grateful that mX ran my column. I love sharing 11:11 stories, because thousands of people see it, but don’t realise it’s because they are at a turning point, and/ or carry Master Numbers. Education is power.

I wasn’t sure a News Corp publication would run this story – I figured they probably had anti-conspiracy theory filters that would activate a siren if an 11:11 ever snuck through!

P.S. Here is the text of my column in For What It’s Worth.

Think your life is complex? Try being a psychic. That’s right, a psychic, not a psycho (although I’ve been called that too) but someone who predicts the future for a living.

The perks can be great (my washing never gets rained on) but you also attract doubters who ask: “If psychics are for real, then why do they ask what your name is?”

I tell them it’s because they need your permission to give a reading. What I’m really thinking is: “It’s because most people would faint if a psychic guessed their name and our insurance doesn’t cover concussion. Bummer, huh?”

Anyway, real psychics don’t brag. Fame attracts negativity and trolls and most of us crave the simple life.

But sometimes you can’t help but make a scene. Like the time a girl said she was “a sceptic” – before I drew a picture of her favourite undies (Bridget Jones-type granny panties). Her friend peed herself laughing.

Or the time I evicted a ghost from a building. The lights flickered when you called his name – surreal.

At times like those, I’m grateful for my gift. But there are drawbacks. Psychics are sensitive to stress. I had full on cystic acne and panic attacks during Year 12. Not nice.

And it sucks when people go out of their way to tell you that psychics go to Hell. I’m like, “Hey, you don’t even know me! I’m a scientist, not some crazy hippie!’ But then I think of all the good in my life, like my awesome soulmate, clients, and the 11:11s and triple numbers that I see as confirmation that I’m on track.

So, to those who say that psychic readings are a waste of time – just remember the Chinese saying: “A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood.”

Don’t cut someone down just because they’re different. Diversity, like intuition, is what makes the world go round.

Sarah Yip is an mX reader who had no doubts that this article would be published.
P.P.S Here’s one more pic. Last week, I went to dinner at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. After sitting at one of 40 seats in the sushi bar, I called Kris on my phone, then looked up and gasped. Directly in front of me was ’04 1111 6868′.11:11 is my research topic and 68 is Kris’s lucky number from childhood. Whoa.

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