Mercury Retrograde and Friday The 13th – Interview with Sarah Yip on 97.3FM with Robin, Terry & Bob – Here’s the Transcript

I love being the resident psychic on the 97.3FM Breakfast Show! Not only is it Brisbane’s number one morning show, Robin, Terry, Bob and their producer Ruth are Angels to hang out with.  They do so much to promote community causes, which fits perfectly with my charity background. We’re on the same mission to inspire people.
Here’s the transcript from my interview with them on Friday 13 June 2014. 
Robin: Now Terry, I’m not sure whether you’ve been feeling this, but there is a lot going on with our planets..yes absolutely, If you were connected, you may know that!
Terry: (laughs) I can barely deal with my weekly calendar.
Robin: Sarah Yip is our resident psychic and today IS a massive day astrologically. Why Sarah why??
Sarah Yip: So a lot of people have been feeling a bit scattered lately Robin, and they haven’t lost the plot. There’s actually so much going on upstairs, the stars need their own breakfast show!  Now we’ve got three things going on. Astrologically speaking, we’ve got a Mercury retrograde until the 1st of July.
Which totally messes up communications, travel, and causes lots of computer errors. This is a time when people’s past comes back to haunt them. So it’s a good time to tidy things up but not to sign contracts.
Terry: Mercury being retrograde, what does it do to do that?
Sarah: Well it’s kind of like Mercury moon-walking backwards through a room. It doesn’t actually retrograde, it just appears to go backwards. It does massively affect people in involved in psychic affairs or communications.
You know, things started in a retrograde don’t last. Kevin Rudd (Australia’s ex-prime minister) actually came back on a retrograde start last year so I guess he doesn’t have a psychic on his team…sadly and tragically! You know, I do have politicians consult me but…not him.
Robin: Friday the 13th, what about that?
Sarah Yip: Apparently 20 million Americans are terrified by Friday the 13th and we lose almost a billion dollars in income because of it. It’s crazy isn’t it? It’s actually an urban legend.
Terry: Will the rains block the effect of the Full Moon? That’s got to be the third one.
Sarah Yip: Absolutely. So with the Full Moon, it’s the most emotional time of the month when a lot of people break down or break through their problems. A lot of people need to let off steam around the Full Moon, adding to the mass confusion.
Just take it really easy, have a laugh, listen to the Breakfast Show (Terry cracks up), be really patient with yourself, be really patient with the traffic, make a joke about your computer on facebook.
Mercury retrograde is actually a really good time to see friends or take a holiday, as long as you double check your bookings and don’t try to make a political comeback….
Terry: So if I have computer problems this morning I can blame Mercury in retrograde?
Robin: Yes you can, right up until July 1. Sarah has this really cool blog and all the details about Sarah and what she’s got to say are on our website It’s really true Terry,
Terry:  Yeah – Kevin Rudd, if you’re listening…!

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