Channel 7 Interview for World Eating Disorders Day – Give Your Future Self A Chance!

Newsflash! I will be on Channel 7 News in Brisbane tonight (6pm onwards, probably at the end) talking about my eating disorder on World Eating Disorders Day. They may refer to me as Sarah Anderson as that’s my married name.

Key tips:
-we need more joy and less judgement when it comes to food,
-to eat what gives us energy whether it’s trendy or not (horses for courses), and
-to think of diets like fashion – often impractical and designed to sell us stuff!

The little black dress approach is best – moderation, simplicity and comfort. For those of you with eating issues, please remember, it affects your brain and capacity to ask for help so trust your team…and give your Future Self a chance, cos you can accomplish anything as long as you are alive!!

If I can have two kids after decades of anorexia anything is possible. Love more, become fear-less.

P.s. I wore my Fill Your Cup shirt for the show because I believe we should fill ourselves first before telling others what to drink/ think! As Maya Angelou said, never take a shirt from a naked man, if he had clothes he’d cover himself first.

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