22/02/2022 Numerology Interview on ABC Gold Coast

Happy 22/02/2022! This Twos-day, I prepared a special interview for ABC Gold Coast. I hope you enjoy it! Presenter Tom Forbes and I talked about the spiritual meaning of today’s date, 11:11 and 222 sightings and his 31/4 life path, aka the Heart Healer in numerology. Find your life path

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No kidding, the producer Kirsten called me at 11.11am this week, and I checked her text at 11.11am this morning. A sure sign we were meant to meet! She also sees repeating numbers, which is no surprise. People from all over the world contact me about this phenomenon – read about the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening in this helpful post.

It sure has been a big month. First, my Morning Show TV interview on Year of the Tiger and 2022’s Numerology, then multiple birthdays and funerals. 2022 is turning out to be an emotional and powerful year of learning for me. Makes sense, as I am in a 7 personal year of wisdom and retreat. Interestingly, the last time I was in this cycle, I got my radio break on a Brisbane station (97.3FM) and recovered from anorexia to eventually fall pregnant. Find your personal year

Thank you to ABC for the amazing opportunity, to my Patreon group for your ongoing support and to all my family, friends, clients and fans for your help to spread the message of peace.

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Have you ever had to write down the date today? It’s a good one. It’s all the twos, 22nd of the second 2022. Do you get excited about dates like this? The Numbers Queen numerologist Sarah Yip, lives here on the Gold Coast. And she joins us now. Good morning, Sarah.

Hi. It’s great to be here.

Thank you both very much for your time this morning. What’s the significance of a date like today with all those twos?

Well, I’m a numerologist. I’m biased, we believe that numbers have a hidden meaning. So on a day like this, number two is all about partnerships, patience and sensitivity. So it’s a really powerful day for conceiving new ideas, creating more harmony in your life, and for finding out where you’re over-two-ing things and where you need to ask for help.

Okay so waking up I get out of bed this morning? I find out it’s all about the twos, what should be my mindset. How should I approach today?

The key phrases would be go with the flow. Look at what you’re streaming through your life. Is it consciousness or is it fear? And most of all, can you accept more support? These numbers have meaning visually and two looks like a swan, or someone kneeling down. And it’s very much about the fine details that bring a lot of love into the world.

Okay, is the number two lucky in other countries as well?

So I’m Chinese – Australian. And in China, we would always have pairs of everything in our house, we would never give someone one statue or one picture. We’re very much into the power of numbers, and we think the more the merrier. (Read more about house energy readings and address numerology)

Okay. So would you say you’re a numerologist? Do you do perhaps people’s birthdays.

That’s right. So we believe the birthday is a special code that shows you your personality, and you can use it to time events. So for example, Tom, I have your date of birth, privately given. And it adds up to 31, which reduces to four. So you’re healing the fourth chakra or your heart. And that will happen around the peak period of 2003-2004 (at age 31). So I’m guessing there was a lot of change around then? I think you had some work changes (Tom joined ABC Brisbane’s newsroom.)

Yeah, I think I had a major life change around then actually.

Yes. And it’s very precise. And I’ve done 1000s of people’s charts to verify it, because my background is science, so yeah, not all New Age stuff is fluffy. Some of it’s incredibly, frighteningly precise. (Read about why it’s cheaper to see a professional psychic than an amateur)

Yeah. So let’s unpack that. So my DOB is the 12 September 1972, that adds up to 32? Yeah. And was what was the next part of the process.

So it adds up to 31. When you add it left to right, that’s a pivotal age for you. And three plus one is four. And what we do is we link the numbers back to the chakras in yoga. So the fourth chakra is all about unconditional love, especially having a heart for yourself. Because often people with the fours, like yourself, are very patient with others, but they can be quite critical of themselves. Find your life path in numerology (page includes a calculator and chakras chart)

Yes, that’s quite a true. Okay, that’s really interesting. So Sarah, thank you very much for that. You can send me an invoice for for that. I’m happy to pay off there. Yeah. So for today, what what does it look like? I’ve asked you about what it means to people who want to embrace this, the people that are sceptical, and there are a lot of people that are sceptical about how a number or a date can actually have a an outlook on their life. But what would you say to them?

3:33 (!!! Look at that time – 333 is a solar plexus chakra code for positive thinking and action)
So number signs, such as seeing 11:11 or 222 happen to people who are sceptics who have a strong logic function, and it’s the Universe’s joke. It’s basically saying there is a pattern here, more to life than you can see. So just ask for a sign and I can bet you that the repeating numbers will start and it’s often an invitation to start meditating or looking more into spiritual things.

Have you noticed an upswing in people wanting to talk to you in the last couple of years given what the world has been going through?

That’s absolutely right. I’ve had a lot of interest online. And I’m actually very honoured to do it. I was a complete sceptic myself until not long ago. So it’s still a bit of a trip. But yeah, for example, when COVID started 2020 that forecast that was a big year for the fours and it was all about the heart and the lungs, people coming together and coming back home. It’s definitely something in the air. This stuff needs to still be used with some discretion. Keep your brain on.

Okay, fascinating stuff. Sarah Yip is a numerologist, The Numbers Queen no less who lives here on the Gold Coast. Thank you so much for your time this morning.

So welcome, Tom. Thank you.

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