97.3FM Interview with Sarah Yip on the U.S. Election – Giant Trump Squid vs Biden Eagles – Who will win?!

Here’s my final U.S. Election predictions before we hear the results. It’s a short and sweet roundup – enjoy! The world is heading for more love. Listen to this interview on SoundCloud (5min)

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Team: Good morning. It’s Robin, Terry and Bob at 97.3FM. Who’s going to be walking out to this tune tomorrow? (Hail to the Chief). I know Joe Biden’s still feels he’s got heaps of fight left in him. Clip: “I’m never gonna raise the white flag of surrender. We’re gonna beat this virus. We’re gonna get it under control. I promise you.”

I’m not sure if he’s referring to the Coronavirus or Donald Trump himself?!
But the polls are open. So we want to get an indication of who is going to win. So we have psychic Sarah Yip. She joins us from sarahyip.com. Good morning, Sarah.

Sarah: Hello.

Team: Yep, the world is watching what is going on with the U.S. elections. I think we’re all trying to cling on to anything, and you’re a numerologist. Do you have any feelings about whether Trump will be President at the end of all this?

Sarah: I have some ideas. I’ve been studying it for quite a few months, if not years now. So the main thing is that we’re all watching like it’s some kind of Hollywood movie. It’s like watching two speed racers go against each other, and everyone’s just breathing in the fumes and struggling, holding their breath. All I can say is it’s incredibly close. The numbers themselves really only give our potential, there’s always free will. Humans are incredibly powerful. That’s why the vote is important.

Essentially, they’re very matched. When I tuned into their energy, I saw the Trump energy like this giant squid, like the God of emotion. He’s really good at getting people to churn. You’ve got to be careful (that) he doesn’t take down your relationship with yourself. He’s really clever.

I saw Biden’s camp as this massive flock of American eagles. And I saw the humans watching it like this War of the Gods. So for me, it’s going to be very close. I do have my personal feelings as to who’s going to long-term win

December 2020 update – I was shown in a vision that Trump would take off his suit and lose but also guided by my Spirit team not to reveal this publicly until AFTER the election, as it was important to allow for free will. I also note that Biden quoted ‘On Eagle’s Wings’ in his victory speech!

What I can say is, I feel that the minority are going to become the majority over the next few years. We’re going to see a lot more women leaders, we’re going to see more rainbow instead of black and white.

I can’t always tell the timeframe. That’s one of the frustrating things with my job. I just have to be honest with people. It’s very, very close.

Team: Okay, so when you say more rainbow and more women in politics, does that mean Joe Biden’s gonna win and pass away fairly shortly?

Sarah: Ah, psychics generally have a code of honour around death. What I have done is I’ve looked deeply into everyone’s charts, and I can tell you that was a big James Bond mission.

Joe Biden’s got about a year of power in his chart. And then Kamala Harris, she seems to come to the force. Whatever happens I feel like he has this destiny to hold power at some point. But I feel like he’s sort of peaking. I see Kamala and I see a lot of other women of colour and people in his party just kind of pushing him, almost holding him.

Team: Okay, so what about Trump and Melania? What about Donald and his wife?

Sarah: Yes, that’s a whole Days of Our Lives thing, isn’t it? So Trump’s a 4 life path, he’s here to heal his heart and other people’s heart’s, but he can only heal our hearts if he has healed his own and I don’t think he has yet.
Find your lifepath

He had a lot of trauma when he was young. So essentially, I looked at his numbers. And he looks like he’s going into a rest period. I would say from about March, April, May next year. It’s the same in Melania’s chart, his chart and Barron’s chart. Barron is his youngest son.

All I can say – IF he would win power, there’s something where he will need to consolidate and retreat.

If he doesn’t, I would wonder if he would move country or move away from the spotlight. His numbers show he’s craving privacy. He’s probably been in overwhelm for quite some time.

Team: Thanks, Sarah. Is he really? Are you sure? He wants to play golf?
He’s a strange individual. He really is.

I can’t wait for Melania Trump’s reaction to whichever way this goes. Because the wonderful woman says things like this, (clip) “honest, and hardworking Americans are sometimes afraid to put Trump signs in their yards”. Or to live next door to them. Yeah. Anyway, the polling is happening and we should start seeing results, they’re telling us from about 11am.

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