Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse – 97.3FM Interview

Welcome to the 2021 Eclipse season! Following on from my post Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse – There is Fire on the Mountain, I did an interview with Robin, Terry and Bob today.

Listen to the audio (4min) on SoundCloud

I’ve been the resident psychic on the 97.3FM Breakfast show since 2013. A history of our interviews is here.

Here’s the lowdown on today’s Lunar Eclipse (26 May 2021):

Robin: Let’s hear from professional psychic Sarah Yip who we talk to in moments like this. Hey Sarah.

Sarah: Hello lovelies.

Team: Okay, a Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Tell us about this Sarah.

Sarah: It seems almost cruel, because with Mercury retrograde, just pronouncing that will give you palpitations. This is about having a sense of humour amongst a lot of instability. There’s going to be a lot of sudden events that highlight power struggles. For example we had the big power station outage in Queensland.

Team: Caused by the Moon?

Sarah: There were a few things. The spiritual lesson is don’t be reliant on just one source of hope in your life. You need to be creative, you need a community. There’s going to be a lot of oppositions. We’ve got the Sun opposite the Moon with the Earth in the middle. You’ve got the Gods and the Goddesses fighting. The masculine and the feminine bickering. It’s about the children and the future generations in the middle. It’s really important for us to connect with our families right now to stay grounded.

Terry: Sounds like a giant lunar domestic happening in the sky at the moment. Which part is the blood moon and which part is the supermoon?

Sarah: The supermoon is that the moon is closer to Earth, bringing forwards our emotions in a huger way. The Blood Moon is the fact that it’s reflecting all the sunrises and sunsets.

In older times, there was a lot of superstition around these moons to be quite fearful of authority. The new idea is that this is when the darkness becomes the most obvious. We need to cultivate our inner and outer fires to move forwards. It’s about dissolving the fear.

Robin: How long is this going to last for? It sounds like there’s a fair bit of conflict and ego going on?

Sarah: 2021 is a 5 year. 5 is the throat chakra, the con-neck-tion point between head and heart. So it’s the whole year of finding a happy medium. The moon (Lunar Eclipse) itself is just for a few days. Then we have the Solar Eclipse on the 10th of June. That’s when we’ve identified the darkness and are sowing some joy in our lives again to keep ourselves going.

Terry: Sarah, it’s my son Chris’s 20th birthday today. Does this moon – is that auspicious for it to fall on a birthday?

Sarah: So when a birthday falls on a strong moon it’s something to notice. So 26/5/2021 adds to 2+6+5+2+0+2+1 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 personal year. Find your personal year. So your son has just entered one of the biggest years of his life. 9 Personal years are the end of a numerology cycle – conclusions, healing, forgiveness, seeing the rewards of your work come to fruition.

Terry: So I probably won’t have to loan him as much money this year?

Sarah: Well you might find that he can crowdfund it.

Team: Yay! *laughter*

Robin: Sarah just finally, for the rest of us over the next couple of days, what should we be looking out for?

Sarah: The biggest thing is protect your energy field, particularly your eyes. This moon is going to stimulate ‘wandering eyes’, which has many meanings *laughter*. Make sure you do one thing at a time. Don’t jump into new relationships right now because the fine print is not obvious for at least a few more weeks with Mercury retrograde. Wear blinkers if you have to – hopefully ones with glitter and sparkles.

Robin: I love it. I love the fact that even Terry Hansen sounds like he’s believing you, which is excellent.

Sarah: We’ve been chipping away at Terry for 8 or 9 years now. I think that the rewards are coming to us the same way they are coming to his son.

Terry: Just 20 years to go. Thank you Sarah.

Sarah: You’re hilarious. Thank you, bye.

Robin: If you want to see Sarah, go and have a reading, it’s

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