Girl Awakening Podcast with Jo Hendy & Amanda Parker

New podcast interview! An 83 minute, super liberating chat about my unusual journey. Huge gratitude to Jo Hendy (3 life path Communicator and Amanda Parker (7 life path Spiritual Teacher). Can’t wait to catch up again soon! On Facebook and other channels now.

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“Life starts to alchemise & sparkle a little differently when you connect in with Sarah Yip the Numbers Queen – there’s more than a little of magic and absolutely a whole lot of joy blended in with this seriously psychic Being. Numbers align, dance and appear synchronously all around ✨11:11✨

As a scientist Sarah worked with the Australian government, in high level fundraising & UN – find out how that rolled for a woman who remembers her pre-birth life and what she chose to experience as an Earthling 💓

We laughed, we cried, we rejoiced together within the deeply conscious & aware context of our time with Sarah. You feel the acute energy in each word & the conscious choice of words used in conversation with Sarah – did you know MONEY was minted in a temple dedicated to ancient Goddess Juno, protector & councillor of the state & finances. MONETA used as a reward for wisdom and warning of dangers ! ( Very interesting to explore around this topic 😉)

As an 11 herself, Sarah enthusiastically follows a divine path of service & sharing of her visionary, inventive & activating energies in abundance around the planet ✨💥✨

It’s not all roses & unicorns though as a busy Mother of three with a brain that loves to question and continue to learn & research, exploring data & esoteric modalities that attract her 🦄.”

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