Your 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Forecast (Body + Soul)

Here’s your Chinese Astrology forecast for the Year of the Water Rabbit in 2023! This is my first article for Body + Soul. -Year of the Water Rabbit occurs every 60 years. It runs from January 22, 2023 to February 9, 2024. If you enjoy this information, please comment on the Facebook or Instagram post. I aim to reply to as much feedback as possible.

Highlights from the full article are below:

30 Dec update – Listen to my ABC Radio National Interview with Andrea Gibbs on Year of the Water Rabbit, I include tips on the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals. It’s quite entertaining! Video below.

-Rabbit years bring lucky breaks and partnerships, for those on their true paths. Although Rabbit is not the strongest animal, its charm and speed attract money, fertility, lovers and success. My mum is a Rabbit, I write about her numerology here.

-The Water element will enhance our psychic ability, diplomacy and negotiation skills. Expect major shifts in politics, as a new wave of leaders step up. The answer to war isn’t peace. It’s creativity (this is a quote from a spiritual teacher).

-If we look at 1903, it was the first successful powered flight by the Wright Brothers.

-In 1963, 250,000 people marched for civil rights in the US, JFK was assassinated and Martin Luther King gave his famous speech. Indigenous Australians also gained the right to vote in a Federal Election.

-Other Rabbit years, with different element signs include 1999 (the last year of the millennium and President Clinton’s impeachment trial), 2011 (multiple leading politicians resigned and the Iraq war ended).

-I see overlaps with the 7 Universal year and Year of the Water Rabbit. Words like Rabbit, Mother, Empathy and Courage have a 7 vibration.

-Focus on improving your leadership in relationships, parenting and work. Choose the carrot over the stick (or perhaps, a ‘carrot stick’ approach).

-2023 will bring ‘wake ups’ for the top of society. This bunny may look sweet but she’s got bite!

Thanks to Cassandra Green for the opportunity to contribute and to Kris, my family and supporters, especially my Patreon members and World Changers for their inspiration.

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