Do Your Dreams Come True? Precognitive Dreams Explained

SarahYip_Dreams_quoteCan we trust our dreams? Is it really possible to predict the future in our sleep? Listen to this interview on SoundCloud (8min 35s)

This post is dedicated to ‘caller Danni’, Allan, Robin, Terry & Bob from the 97.3FM Breakfast Show. Thanks for asking me this on air. Danni, thanks for your positive feedback! You have a gift not a curse. Come and join the tribe, there’s safety in numbers.

Question: Danni dreamed of her nephew passing over in a car accident, then sadly, it happened. People have judged her for being ‘witchy’ in the past so she keeps her premonitions under wraps, mainly using them to help herself and her family. What should Danni do about her abilities?

My short response: Being a psychic is like being a postie. It’s not always popular. Sometimes people want to shoot the messenger. Danny has mediumship ability – we all do, but sometimes Spirit thrusts us into it, to help us cope with tragedy. What I’d say to her is to embrace this challenge. Some people sing, others win X-Factor. She has the choice whether to pursue this as a career or not.

A business coach once told me we’re like bananas, either green and growing or ripe and rotten. Study your dreams. Do some research, keep a journal and talk to someone you can trust. The Universe never gives us more than we can handle.

My long response: Precognitive dreams are those which predict events. Although dream interpretation is not my forte, I have kept a dream journal for decades. It’s convinced me that we’re often given clues to the future in our sleep. This makes sense, as relaxation is the key to good intuition. I do much better psychic readings when I’m Zen.

Dreams are a back door to our intuition. We’re so busy these days, sometimes the only way our subconscious can reach us is at night. This is especially true if we don’t meditate much. Think of your dreams as your home email that gets a lot of spam but also messages from loved ones. You just have to learn how to filter the junk from the gold. See my post on Meditation Myths and Meditation Tracks for sale

By the way, psychic dreams are common in a Mercury Retrograde, when the veil thins between reality and Spirit. So, what should you do if your dreams are scaring you with their accuracy? What happens if you dream of a disaster then it happens? Is this a coincidence or fate?

I think it’s a combination. Humans are prone to confirmation bias – we love to collect evidence to prove ourselves right. I struggled with this idea when I first started seeing 11:11 on clocks. As an ex-scientist, I kept thinking ‘it’s just a coincidence’, until one day I walked into a bank where a man was yelling 11:11 at the top of his lungs! That was definitely a sign, as I had just started writing my (as yet unpublished) 11:11 book. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck-shaped sign from Heaven (!)

After doing thousands of numerology and palmreadings over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that some things in our life are fixed, like our date of birth, lifepath, family and major lessons.

However many other situations can be changed using free will. So even if you have a dream that your father dies, then he dies a month later, this was still a negotiation between his Soul and the Universe. You didn’t ’cause’ him to die by having this dream, or by talking about it. Maybe your Soul just wanted to give you a warning so that you could let him that you loved him, before he passed away. That’s what a kind Universe would do.

Here are 3 things to do if you’re having precognitive dreams

1) Get educated. In this case, ignorance isn’t bliss. Like all psychic awakenings, you can end up feeling horribly alone if you don’t find a safe place to share your experiences. Read about precognitive dreams and lucid dreaming on the internet. Consider studying psychic development, mediumship, past life regression and/or astral travelling. Look into your life purpose – maybe you are a Master Number 11/22/33 for example, and need to get going on your ‘double evolution.’ Your dreams could be a reminder that you have intuitive skills that need nurturing.

Being psychic is like having high beam headlights – you can’t see everything ahead of you, but you do have an advantage during the dark times. That said, there’s a big difference between psychic ability and spiritual maturity, as I write about in this article.

2) Collect evidence. We live in a world of sceptics, so before you tell too many people about your dreams, write them down and reflect on their consistent themes. This is easier if you keep a book or voice recorder by your bedside table and use them as soon as you wake up. I do this first thing every morning before I forget. After a few weeks, it will become obvious if your predictive dream was just a lucky guess, or if you truly have prophetic powers. Sometimes we need proof to give us the courage to believe in ourselves.

Once, I had a dream/ meditation where I asked God why people are so mean to each other. I was shown a field of people in animal suits, hitting each other with inflatable hammers. A voice said ‘don’t get fooled by appearances – everyone’s just playing a game’. I woke up, and drew my vision. Hours later, my father arrived with a present – it was a bear in an animal suit (see pic!)SarahYip_MiracleBear

Another time, I had a dream my father was sick, before finding out he was in hospital. He hadn’t told a Soul so was shocked by my call. Both experiences helped me to believe in miracles. Read more. Believe it or not, I saw my son before he was conceived – he sat on the end of my bed and told me to ‘hurry up’, before pointing at his watch. This dream/ meditation helped me get through pregnancy.

So dreams can be useful, at times. As weird as it may sound, if you don’t like a dream you’ve had, you can always imagine it with a different ending or write down your preferred ending in your dream journal. Then read it out until you sound confident. Nothing is set in stone until it actually happens.

3) Use your gift to help and heal. Imagine you’re a life guard at a beach. You see a big wave coming towards a group of swimmers and it looks like it’s going to overpower them. What do you do? Watch passively or say something over the loudspeaker then run and help them? Of course you’d try to save them – it’s human nature (see my article on the medical stigmata in palmistry.) The same goes for your precognitive dreams.

These dreams are a blessing designed to bring you closer to your Soul and to other people. Okay, so those other people may not include your family (it’s amazing how many psychics come from super-logical parents), but by expressing your truth you’ll attract new friends. Birds of a feather sing together.

These friends may be online to begin with, but that’s still better than nothing. I had to move house (and country) quite a few times to find my 11:11 tribe and soulmate in Brisbane, Australia. It was worth it, because now I have a beautiful son, Forrest – the day he was born we got stuck in traffic and arrived at hospital at 11.11am!

I should mention that there’s a difference between precognitive dreams and nightmares. The former come from a place of love. They contain helpful or unexpected information, which can assist you to embrace coming changes. The latter come from a place of fear. You might want to look into yoga, meditation or journalling before bed, to ensure a more restful sleep. It’s also advisable not to eat within an hour or two of bed (otherwise you can have the notorious ‘cheese dreams’!) More on how sleep makes you rich.

Please know, it’s safer to explore your dreams than to ignore them.They are not a punishment, but a reminder that there is more to life than what we see. If you’re having precognitive dreams, a part of you is waking up. Don’t force it back to sleep – remember the lifeguard and find the courage to stay conscious. Think of your dreams as hopes – they’re meant to inspire you to keep growing. Forrest is definitely my dream come true.

In conclusion, I encourage you to learn how to use your magic, rather than leaving it to chance.

Unless you eat your fears for breakfast, they’ll have you for dinner!

P.S. Had to laugh, you can hear in the interview that the weather is 29 degrees in Brisbane. 29 is my lucky number in numerology, as I’m a 29/11 lifepath. I was destined to do this call!

Also, just before I was asked to do the show, I saw 5.55 on the clock. The person who contacted me from 97.3FM was not only a 5 lifepath, our next call was 5 min 55 seconds long!

555 is an Angel/ Spirit Code for ‘change is coming’ and ‘tell the truth’. It represents throat (5th) chakra healing. Earlier in the day, I’d received a receipt for $66.66, and followed a car with the licence plate 333TUM. So I knew something good was brewing, because I only see triples when I’m being ‘upgraded’. Read more on 666 and your Third Eye or repeating numbers.

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