Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse – There is Fire on the Mountain

May 26 2021 brings a Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. I’ve been feeling the vibes strongly as a new mother, psychic reader and energy forecaster. It’s getting hot, hot, hot in the spiritual kitchen of life!

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In addition to this astrological phenomenon:

-Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini from 29 May to 22 June
-Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius from 23 May
-We also have a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10
(note: all the Air signs are impacted – mental plane/ ideas/ progress)

On top of this, May is the start of the year in numerology (see forecast), being 1 Universal Month (beginnings) in a 5 Universal Year (freedom). Followed by June, a Master 11/2 Universal Month (spiritual partnerships).

What does this all mean for the next few weeks?

-Sudden events will illuminate unsustainable power struggles. I note that there was a fire at Callide Power Station in Queensland today, which affected thousands of people, including families like mine.) The Universe is highlighting how reliant we have become on one or two Sources to keep ourselves awake/ conscious. We need to get more creative and efficient. Search for inner light instead of being addicted to external fixes.

Expect your head and heart to collide, with objectivity the only way forwards. This eclipse will see the Sun (ambition) opposite the Moon (intuition), with Earth (compassion) in between. The Gods and Goddesses are fighting, with children and the future generations in the middle. Listen to all parties to find better solutions. Don’t be scared of increased bickering in your homes, communities and politically. This can be positive, as toxicity is ‘better out than in’. When you see the fangs and skin of the snake, you can determine which antivenom is required…and stop placing yourself in harm’s way!

-Sensitive people need to protect their energy fields and unplug from technology and over-commitment. Avoid ‘wandering eyes’ and jumping into things under Mercury retrograde. Wear blinkers if you have to. Do one thing at a time, Keep yourself grounded. The way you start a relationship is how it goes. Don’t rush. The fine print of (Soul) contracts is not yet visible.

-Stop cheating on your happiness. Be aware of escapism. Do the work to clear your head rather than avoid responsibility. It’s a privilege to be alive (108 billion people have been born, yet only 8-9 billion people are still around). Expand your understanding of the meaning of life. Give back.

-It’s time to clean up your finances and start saving for some journeys.
Our society is so obsessed with figures (money and appearances) that we forget the pleasure of progress. Take back control of your money by reflecting on your upbringing and taking only what works for you, going forwards. So often, we copy our parents, even though their ways are outdated. It’s like wearing flares because you inherited them, even though they give you hives! Some things are better left behind or recycled.

Key takeaways:
-Eclipse has a 33/6 numerology, the same as wake up call, blessing, self-care, self-love, teacher, people and humour. The upcoming eclipses will make the dark more obvious. Do what pagans did – light a big fire and celebrate your passions with others. Join my Patreon for our birthday celebrations.
-Earth is at a point of no return – commit to your best life!!
-Connect with your community for better immunity (spiritual and physical)
-Spells under an eclipse have more power – watch what you say.
-Rebirth is the greatest inspiration. Use this Mercury retrograde to analyse your family history (and numerology) and draw strength from their group achievements. 11:11 means strength in numbers is the secret to success.

Oh – and expect lots of amazing synchronicities like 11:11 and 555 sightings, plus random technological blips. Keep laughing, keep growing and you will be absolutely okay.

True stories from this week:
-I walked in to find my 3 and 5 year old sons playing Super Mario. They were entering a high score and typed ’11’ as I walked in (my life path). Find your life path
-I pulled out from a car park as the women next to me carried a huge blanket into her car. If I’d stayed there, she wouldn’t have been able to open her door. Then I found a car park just as someone left. Like a Divine dance.
-I did a psychic reading and at exactly 59 minutes into the one hour session, my internet went down. Spirit was keeping me on track! I called the client back and said I’d asked my Guides for a few minutes’ grace.

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This video inspired today’s blog – it’s about letting go of denial and facing reality with courage. Naming your fears and protecting your ideas.

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