The Egg Crack Challenge – A TikTok Trend Not To Follow!

OMG! 6 thoughts on the TikTok trend of parents cracking eggs on their children’s foreheads…
Talk about ‘shattering the illusion of blind trust’. Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts and I’ll do my best to reply!

UPDATE: Listen to my 11min podcast with Chezzi Denyer on It’s All True about #eggcrackchallenge

1) August is a 6 Universal month, it’s about healing our 6th or third eye chakra (forehead, mental health, ESP). Big sync, huh? Your August 2023 Numerology Forecast – Love Your Body

Closed third eye = you chase money, approval and quick wins. Focused on appearances/ the daily grind. Sceptical or scared of ghosts, psychics, afterlife. ‘Monkey see, monkey do.’

Opened third eye = you have long term vision and patience, spot fakes, can trust your intuition and ‘see things coming’ accurately. Rarely judge until you know the full picture. Able to lead groups with vision. Rarely chase free lunches, willing to invest time/ $ for good advice. ‘Thinks braver’. Often see 11:11!

2) Eggs represent ‘0’, our human potential. What a tragedy, to hurt the children who have chosen us. In numerology, this generation wakes up to their purpose by primary or high school. They are here to bring humanity together! 000 Angel Number Numerology – A Past Present Future Reset

3) Parenting has the same 50/5 vibration as Leadership and Intuition. Topics I love. 5 is about seeing both sides (throat chakra) and blending heart with head.

4) I’m glad these videos are surfacing, as the parents are getting instant feedback. I feel the kids here are Old Souls. Many are born healers, on the journey of realising ‘home is where they understand you’, not where you were born. Healers need to ditch toxic loyalties to reclaim power.

5) Be wary of getting angry! Channel it into action and reflection e.g. how do you treat your inner/ outer child after you watch socials? Where can you expose micro-aggressions?

6) There is a Latin American tradition of cracking confetti eggs on heads BUT this is different. A child deserves better than being made into a painful joke.

Check out Michelle Elman’s Instagram post and @mom.uncharted for relevant insights.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Power without love is reckless and abusive and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” May compassion prevail, ASAP.

P.s. Our 5yo son said “that’s mean, the kid should just say NO.” Go Charlie!

Inspired by Parents face furious backlash over new TikTok ‘egg challenge’ that sees them cracking eggs on their children’s heads – with toddlers left confused, in pain and bursting into tears

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