The Morning Show Interview – Year of the Tiger, 2022’s numerology and 11:11! 1 feb

Happy Chinese New Year! I was delighted to return to The Morning Show on 7 this morning for a full forecast interview. Watch the replay on the Channel 7 website or on YouTube below

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Amazing sync: Straight after my interview, the producer saw 11:11:40 on her screen! I had just been talking about 11:11 (which adds to 4 – the heart chakra healing number). Talk about confirmation.

Here’s an extract from my Instagram: “Thanks Larry, Kylie and the team @morningshowon7! It was great to be back talking about Year of the Tiger, 2022’s numerology and the meaning of 11:11.

Did you watch us live? Thanks, I could feel the love 🙂

Fun facts:
-I had a ‘pre-cry’ when all the energy started pouring in about an hour before the show.
-We got 4 kids out the door just minutes before the interview.
-I updated my website last night so my emails were offline until Kris fixed them before I started.
-I’m still recovering from a breastfeeding issue so Kris ironed and steamed my dress!

Cheers to:
-my zany inner child who gets back up again despite setbacks
-my family, friends, everyone who sent encouragement
-Kris Anderson, my husband (and fellow psychic) for IT, dress and lighting help
Deniz Akan for the distance healings
-Lilavati for the gorgeous outfit
Carole Haddad from Corcorz Hair Brisbane for my hair!

Also a huge shoutout to:
-My Patreon members for resourcing me so I can do more media, outreach and teaching in the community and globally. Join our study group from $15 a month, no contracts.
-you, for caring about this work

More forecasts coming soon.”

Also this post, which I wrote after the interview: “Happy Chinese New Year! Tiger is the comeback king. Here’s my interview @morningshowon7 ! I was so excited to talk about 11:11 to a mainstream audience.

Some extra thoughts are below:

1) Larry Emdur is a Dragon (fire starter) and @kyliegillies is a Goat in Chinese astrology. I said she was a G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) and she did a bow 😀

Amazingly, both are 32/5 life path Rebels healing their throat chakras (intuition), with 9 Destiny known names (Old Souls).

2021 was a huge year for the 5s and that was certainly the case for Larry and Kylie. Larry took over hosting for The Chase and sadly, Kylie’s Dad passed.

2) 2022 is a big year for the 6s and 33s. Today I talked about @deltagoodrem, a 33/6 Master Healer life path (from near my hometown, the Hills district).

At her life path turning point of 33, she lost the ability to speak temporarily after surgery – that fits, as her journey is about communication & mental health.

I also mentioned @mattshirvo (33/6), Scomo and Jenny (33/6’s), Jacinda Ardern (33/6) etc. are in for changes…

I didn’t get to discuss Princess Charlene (33/6), @billieeilish (15/6), Neil Young (24/6) or Steve & Grace Irwin (24/6 and 15/6) @bindisueirwin but they have also been in the news.

At Steve’s life path turning point of 24, his Dad gave him a camera to film his croc adventures and the rest is history.

Numerology is so accurate!

Thank you to everyone who made this interview possible. I hope you enjoy the replay.


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