Stand-Up Comedy with Sarah Yip – Graduate of Fiona McGary’s Course (M rating)

Here’s the video of my second ever stand up comedy set (rated M – contains adult and mature themes). I repeated Fiona McGary’s Stand-Up Comedy Course in Brisbane in December 2020, to help me prepare for the birth of our third son, Ziggy. There’s nothing like baring your Soul on stage to kill the fear before a big life change! Video is also on Facebook and Instagram. Feb 2021 updateZiggy has landed!

Want to learn stand up in Brisbane? Fiona’s next comedy courses are listed on her website. Here’s my testimonial for her:

“Fiona’s stand up comedy course is more than a weekend, it’s a massive mindset shift that gives your truth wings. I’ve done it twice now to shut up the critics and bring forth my inner leader, speaker and creator. Fiona creates a fertile space for ideas and healing that’s unlike any other class I’ve been to. The students she attracts are beyond awesome and always so switched on.

Fiona is non-judgemental, professional and above all, knows exactly how to get you stage-ready in a short period of time. I highly recommend her classes and will be sending more people her way soon.”

Fact or fiction? (Contains spoilers – Read AFTER you watch the video)
-I had an ultrasound that day and staff thought it was my first baby. TRUE (weirdly, Asians can tell I’m almost 40yo but non-Asians think I’m younger)
-I don’t pick up spoons anymore. TRUE (if you visit me, it’s at your peril)
-Bad food hygiene is the secret to weight loss. TRUE (but I’m not being serious, as I’m actually into healthy eating and self-care)
-We called the UN cafe in Bangkok Salmonella Service. TRUE
-I asked a friend to mail a v*brator to the UN. TRUE
-They called it an electric pepper grinder. TRUE
-My colleague had to collect it from security. TRUE
-I went to a ping pong show and admired the socks. TRUE
-Asians like to stay warm for fertility reasons. TRUE
-I did readings at S*xpo while Pricasso was on stage. TRUE
-It took ages to clean up. I’ll leave that to your imagination…


I first did Fiona’s course in September 2015, before the birth of our first son Forrest. It helped me to hit back at the critics who made fun of my pregnancy and line of work (psychic readings – I was a scientist and fundraiser before), as well as giving me a permanent self-esteem boost.

-Fiona and I are friends who live on the Gold Coast and see repeating numbers. During rehearsals for this follow up, we kept seeing 11:11 as I was getting up on stage, as well as 1:11, 3:33 and other signs that we were surrounded by healing Spirits and good energies.

I interviewed Fiona about her 23/5 life path (The Rebel) not long ago. 2021 is the big year for 5 life paths so I’m excited to see what she does next!

-I speak slower in this set because a) I wanted to enjoy the experience before I disappear into the land of breastfeeding and nappies, b) I was sleep deprived because we have two kids under 5 and I’m heavily pregnant, c) the last course was over five weeks, whereas this was a weekend, so I only had days to memorise my script and d) I was shaking from nerves so I chose to breathe into things and smile.

As someone who had an eating disorder (Orthorexia), I am still regaining my short-term memory after losing it around 2013-2014. So I take care not to push myself, because rushing is violence (see the song Medicine by Rising Appalachia).

That said, I’m going to work on my pacing and eye contact with the crowd for the next set (hopefully in early 2021 before Ziggy comes). I’m also going weed out some of the ‘likes’ I tend to throw in to keep the wording tighter.

Thanks to everyone who supported me! Special thanks to:

My husband Kris Anderson (also a Tarot reader), who couldn’t be there as he had a tooth extracted and wasn’t allowed to laugh (go figure) but sent moral support.

Fiona and all the students – talk about a high-vibe tribe.

My Patreon community – I did this because we hit 100 supporters so thanks for the inspiration!

Fedele Crisci for filming the gig and being the director of the Sit Down Comedy Club – what a buzz and good energy your venue has!

To Tim Ferguson for your excellent comedy writing webinars and the motivational chats.

To Terry Hansen for your long-term belief in my work (and the team at 97.3FM Breakfast Show). See our interviews

I can also recommend Jenny Wynter’s comedy classes and her Funny Mummies Facebook page.

To all the comics and audience out there making the world a happier place (especially Ali Wong, whose Netflix shows helped me believe I could perform pregnant and cracked me up big-time).

And to you the reader and viewer, for giving me a chance to speak up.

Spoons and points to all of you.

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