Eco-anxiety and Heart Healing Workshop with Perfect Potion (Bushfires Appeal Fundraiser)

Hi folks, my latest workshop at Perfect Potion has been announced. Please join us for this special fundraising event! Save your spot now

Date:  Wednesday 5th January
Location:  Perfect Potion Head Office, 7 Guardhouse Road, Banyo
Time:  Arrive 10am for a 10.30am start, finish by 3pm
* note there will be a one hour lunch break
* you are welcome to leave early if needed, all notes are provided

Early Bird pricing $65 ends 29th January 2020. Tickets valued at $80.

The workshop:
2020 has started and so has the ticking clock. 2020 is a 4 Universal Year of Heart Chakra Healing and Perfect Vision in numerology. Many sensitive people are already reporting palpitations and breathing issues.

With the world’s news channels full of tragic bushfires and climate change debates, it’s time to go in and through our deepest fears to the freedom beyond. Fear is the ‘fare’ (an anagram) we pay to access enlightenment and it’s best removed with unconditional group support.

This 3.5-hour workshop has been custom-written by Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) for Perfect Potion guests, to relieve stress and to offer tools for extreme self-care during difficult times.

Sarah is an ex-environmental scientist and fundraiser for charity who has counselled over 3, 000 people to find their purpose amidst the chaos of modern life. Sarah narrowly survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand and knows the challenges of recovering after a disaster.

Save your spot now

Topics covered:

  • What is eco-anxiety? A checklist to support your self-awareness
  • 6 ways to transform your eco-anxiety into consciousness, action steps, physical vitality and social justice. A leader is a ‘dealer’ (anagram) – the real heroes are the people who dealing with climate change on a daily basis, not just who is in charge.  
  • A look at the Earth’s chakras and how they correlate to our physical ones (which I’ll cover in my Chakra Palmistry workshop on 11 March, details coming soon…) Earth is a rearrangement of ‘heart’ and when we lead from love, we radiate compassion into nature.
  • A guided meditation to balance your elements (earth, wind, water, fire, space), plus gentle rituals to heal the bushfires (inflammation, anger and frustration) within yourself at this critical time in Australian history.
  • Q&A session

This workshop has space for 25-30 people so please book soon for this life-affirming event. All of the profits from this workshop will go straight to bushfire appeals.

Save your spot now

If you have been directly impacted by the bushfires, you may be able to attend this day for half-price (limited spots available), please inquire with Sarah directly via

Thank you in advance for supporting this innovative healing day with Sarah Anderson and Perfect Potion.

For more about Sarah please see Facebook – The Numbers Queen
and SarahYip1111 on Instagram

I’ve also done a profile of Perfect Potion Founder Salvatore Battaglia – see his numerology and palmistry reading

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Your Workshop Teacher: Sarah Anderson (nee Yip)…

Sarah Anderson is a Gold Coast based psychic, who helps people to find their purpose using palmistry and numerology. She’s known for her studies of 11:11 sightings and hands-on teaching style. Sarah’s work has been featured in That’s Life magazine, Yahoo online, 97.3fm and more.

Sarah is in high demand for her expertise, with a waiting list all year round. You can be assured you will be in the presence of an expert who prides herself on integrity in all that she does.

An ex-environmental scientist, UN volunteer and charity fundraiser, Sarah believes that the bigger picture is always a product of our beliefs, which is why she now works at the personal rather than the global scale.

She is a mother of two, with a great passion for self-healing, yoga and natural medicine.

Want to learn numerology? Check out my 11:11 Patreon groupclasses and meditations.

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