Mercury Retrograde May 2015 – A Red Light Outside is a Green Light for Inner Work

Mercury is Retrograde from 18 May to 11 June 2015, which can affect our travel plans, IT equipment, phones and communication. It’s a time to slow down and go within – a reminder that the answers to life are in your heart, not on facebook (!)

 Sarah Yip Mercury Retrograde YikesSpeaking of IT issues, I’ve never had so many challenges writing a post (at one stage my screen went a sickly grey – see pic. Hopefully that’s not related to the ‘blue screen of computer death’).

Plus, my boyfriend Kris’s computer blew up on Monday. Funny that, because his other laptop imploded on the first day of Mercury Retrograde last year. And he still doesn’t believe in Astrology! Sceptics…got to love them.

Here’s a tip: Ask your Guardian Angels to help you through this period (especially if you are seeing 11:11, 111, 555 or other signs of change). They’re right there, so you might as well work together.

A sample prayer is: “Dear Guardian Angels, please help me to navigate today with ease and grace. If you can’t make things work, at least show me the bright side of every challenge. I look forwards to receiving peace now. Send me some love! Thank you. (Optional ending) Thy will be done. Amen.”

You may feel calmer after saying this out aloud (and/ or get quizzical looks from people on the bus.)

Here’s the transcript of my interview on 97.3FM’s Breakfast Show today with the lovely Robin, Terry & Bob.

You can also listen to this episode online.

Terry: If you’ve been feeling funny since Monday it’s because Mercury has been in retrograde. I had a bit of a rough head after my weekend away, but I didn’t really feel like a planet had backed over me.

Robin: Will you stop, because Sarah Yip is our resident psychic, palmist and face reader and she’s going to tell us all about Mercury Retrograde, because it is kindof a big deal isn’t it Sarah?

Sarah: It is, it’s like a cosmic red (traffic) light, it’s a time to slow down and check where we’re going.

Terry: Why does Mercury bring that on particularly?

Sarah: Mercury rules communication and travel and this one’s in Gemini, so it’s got a double whopper effect at the moment.

Terry: That would be why everyone’s internet communication* has been so crap lately. Mercury rules communication and it’s been going backwards. (Note from Sarah: I was up until 2am because my mother’s internet broke and we were on the phone to Telstra! Guess I wasn’t the only one…)

Robin: There’s a lot of people going through a lot of stuff at the moment, is that because of this?

Sarah: Absolutely. So Mercury rules the throat, this is a time to speak up and stop allowing people to forcefeed (them) their opinions. It’s about standing up for yourself and simplifying. Like Gandhi said, “there’s more to life than increasing its speed.”

Robin: Of course he did! So how does that impact us on our day to day journey?

Sarah: Well this current one is going to bring up a lot of people’s pasts, like their exes could come back. They might be trawling through their memories. The trick is to not be too impulsive. Stay in your power. They’re an ex for a reason.

Terry: Funnily enough, Robin received an email from her ex-husband just recently, asking for a job in Australia.

Robin: Yeah that’s so true. That was last week though, so we’re just coming into the Mercury Retrograde. What else? (Note from Sarah: Mercury Retrograde has a pre- and post-shadow, which came into effect from 4 May 2015 and lasts to 27 June 2015. That’s why sensitive people feel its effects earlier than others.)

Sarah: Well it’s about enjoying life. In this fast (paced) society, even our meals are smoothies now because we’ve (got) no time to chew. It’s about just sitting down and being with ourselves. I’ve written an article saying ‘It’s a Time for Stew, not Stewing’ (see myMercury Retrograde post).

Terry: Nice – it’s cold weather coming up. So – calm down, relax, keep yourself together. I’m a bit of an organiser as you know Sarah.

Sarah: Sorry – is that you Bob?

Terry: No, it’s Terry, but I’ve felt very Bob-ish all week.

Sarah: Well you guys have very similar numbers, maybe you did some kind of body exchange this lifetime. Terry you’ve got a lot of numbers for restlessness and change, especially in June. Just remember to do one thing at a time, because if you eat breakfast with your dinner you’ll just get indigestion (!)

Terry: But that’s what Breakfast radio people do!

Bob: Sometimes I have last night’s dinner for breakfast!

Robin: What about Bob?

Sarah: When I looked at Bob, my goodness you’re working really hard in May. It’s one of your big months this year. But it’s going to change your mind and bring in new ideas in June. I see you finishing a big task by August.

Bob: It will be the bathroom – it’s the last bit of the house renovations.

Sarah: Yeah, I’ve got down here ‘out with the old and in with the new’ in your family house. I was getting a picture of a nest and birds. (See my post on the psychic meaning of your house, including your bathroom and bedroom etc.)

Robin: How cute is that? What about me?

Sarah: Oh, Robin, it’s a time for many new beginnings for you and dreams coming true. I just see your love of life slowing coming back. There’s a team of spiritual builders around you.

Terry: I’ve seen her house. Actually builders would be great.

Sarah: They might be on the way. I see you Robin having a chance to sing up and speak up over this period, because you get what you ask for.

Robin: So that means that selling my other house is going to happen very soon? (Note for readers: Robin bought a new house recently).

Sarah: It’s something that’s in progress and Mercury Retrograde’s about finishing up loose ends. It’s about following the path we’ve committed to.

Terry: *drolly* You just encouraged Robin to speak up even more. Thank you so much Sarah!

Sarah: You’re welcome (laughter).

Robin: We love you Sarah!

Terry: *mutters* Now I feel run over by a planet…

Thanks 97.3FM for the chance to join you again! For more interviews with Sarah, click here.

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