Happy Blood Moon Eclipse! My 97.3FM Interview (Warning: May Contain Butt Jokes)

Blood MoonWoohoo! Just got off the phone with Robin, Terry & Bob from 97.3FM.

Listen to the recording.

They loved my article on the Blood Moon Eclipse coming up on 4 April 2015. As their resident psychic in Brisbane, I love chatting to the team. Here’s a roundup of what we discussed:

Robin: There’s a lot of weird and wonderful things happening up in the stars. To tell us more Sarah Yip joins us, she is our resident palmreader and clairvoyant. G’day Sarah. It’s going to be all mystic and exciting and Lunar over Easter, can you tell us more?

Sarah: Absolutely. A Full Moon is a colloquial term for revealing parts of yourself that may come as a shock to others.

Bob: I think I’ve heard that on bus trips. Does it have a strange effect on people?

Sarah: An Eclipse is a reminder that small things make a big difference. It really heightens our emotions and intuition, so you might find people are slightly less rational and needing more quiet time.

Bob: What causes that? Is it the darkness or an extra pull of gravity?

Sarah: It can be both those things. Also the date 4.4.2015 adds up to 16, that’s a magic number in numerology, about opening your mind and having sudden new ideas. So people might feel overwhelmed with new information right now.

Robin: So is this a good thing, going into Easter? Are most people going to have a good experience out of this Lunar Eclipse?

Sarah: An Eclipse is the astrology equivalent of a Footy Grand Final. It depends on which team you’re batting for. If you believe in light, then you’ll get a lot of light and love this weekend. If you’re always looking for the pain, you may get some of that. It just will magnify what you truly are.

Bob: Is there anything people should avoid doing this weekend?

Sarah: Making rash decisions, especially if they have really strong planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. They’re often the most affected under this energy.

Robin: So potentially Bob Gallagher, be very careful Mr. Arian. Those signs have to be the most aware that weird stuff could be going on.

Sarah: Under this particular moon, yes. Bob, you might want to get out the bath salts…

Bob: If it’s rainy or cloudy will any of this happen?

Sarah: Absolutely. An Eclipse is a reminder there’s forces greater than us at play here. A few clouds aren’t going to affect that energy, it will still go through.

Terry: No one rains on the moon’s parade Robin.

Robin: Can we notice things day to day?

Sarah: I’m guessing over the last week or two, people have been feeling restless. What you do at an Eclipse has an effect for the next six months. The best thing you could do is write a list of things you want to let go of, and focus on that. This is the energy of healthy conclusions.

Robin: Sounds exciting. That means that by Tuesday we’ll all be slightly changed.

Sarah: You can’t stop progress and an Eclipse is a big kick up the butt. Sorry about that, there’s been a bit of a theme today.

Robin: It’s a good theme, I like it. Thank you Sarah.

Sarah: You’re extremely welcome, thank you.

Terry: La Luna, the Lunar Eclipse this Saturday night, www.sarahyip.com. On her website she says I prefer Native American terms for the Full Moon, such as the Full Sprouting Grass Moon or the Fish Moon.

She says why can’t it be called (you’ll like this Robin), a Lipstick Moon instead of a Blood Moon? I’m not a big fan of Apocalyptic predictions that the world is going to end. That’s so 2012.

Bob: That’s why I like her, because she goes on about this weirdo rubbish and it’s really funny as well.

Robin: No it’s not weirdo rubbish. To prove it, ring us to tell us what happens on a Full Moon (stories follow from a Centrelink worker, nurse and teacher about how people go crazy under Full Moons.

A girl also said her axolotl (Mexican walking fish) used to go belly-up under a Full Moon and she’d have to stand guard so her Mum wouldn’t flush him down the toilet.)

Thanks for the opportunity to share the love Robin, Terry and Bob. You rock!!

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