How to be Incredibly Psychic – Podcast with Desmore Media

Want to know how to be psychic? Then check out my latest podcast with Desmore! I was blessed to meet Desmore (Nero) Samios in Brisbane recently. She is a 27/9 lifepath in numerology, aka an Old Soul, and such a brilliant, clever host. Find your lifepath.

 img_8397_smListen to our podcast on How to be Incredibly Psychic (29min)

What you will learn in this episode:
– My journey from being a scientist to becoming a spiritual teacher, i.e. how I ‘became what I judged’ after surviving the 2004 tsunami. Why I can’t boil an egg, frequently get locked in toilets, and still have plenty of human frailties…-The benefits of numerology, palmistry, tarot & clairvoyance.

-The secret to meditation, prayer and creating a bulletproof relationship with your Spirit Guides. Hint: guidance needs to be acted upon, otherwise it goes stale like a loaf of bread!

-Common myths about psychics and the reality behind the industry – many famous people use us to get to the top. Sadly they rarely admit to this help, as it’s a dog-eat-dog world out in their minds.-How to listen to your inner voice to manifest miracles (that will stump your logical mind). Why all sceptics are psychic, they’ve just been burned at some point and have shut down their abilities. We all have intuition – it’s like headlights we use during dark times. Psychics like me have ‘high beam vision’, which gives you the chance to navigate challenges with greater confidence.

-How numerology can be used for prediction and finding your life purpose within seconds, just by looking at your date of birth.-How a difficult start to life helps you to create a spectacular life, because you no longer listen to criticism and have learned to back yourself no matter how Arctic the winds.

-How eating well boosts your intuition and why your body is a multi-million dollar investment. Even if eating organic staves off a cancer diagnosis for a few years, it’s worth the cost. Why moderation is the key rather than extreme dieting (like Orthorexia). How drinking an extra half litre of water a day will increase your sensitivity.

-My approach to free-range parenting and incredible bond with baby Forrest before he was even conceived. He talks to me all the time in my head. I believe that all children are born conscious and choose their parents. If only more of us would look into our kids’ eyes long enough to see their Souls and past lives. Many of them know their parents are going to get divorced etc. before they are born – I’ve seen it in their numerology soul contracts. I avoiding saying ‘my children are my teachers’, as we’re all works in progress and powerful beings.

If you look close enough you’ll see evidence that life is a miracle.

My challenge to you is to ask Spirit for a sign after listening to this podcast – if you don’t get anything ask again and I’m confident you’ll get a sign within 24 hours. Don’t believe me – experiment for yourself! BTW, goosebumps can be Divine Healing – they’re not just a sign you’re cold. Read more about signs like 11:11 on clocks.
Hope you enjoyed this interview – thanks to Desmore for this amazing opportunity, and to you for your support. You’re beautiful!

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