Sarah Yip’s 2017 Numerology Forecast with 4KQ’s Laurel, Gary & Mark – 25/7 Lifepath

I was delighted to chat to 4KQ’s Breakfast Show today. The lovely Laurel, Gary & Mark wanted to know about 2017’s Numerology (see your 2017 forecast). Laurel’s profile mentions she’d love to be psychic, so it was great to meet her on the phone. Here’s a record of our interview, in case you missed it.

Listen to our interview (3min 57s) (or click on ‘More’ to save the file)

Sarah Yip on the 4KQ Laurel, Gary and Mark Breakfast show

Laurel: I don’t know about you guys, but over the holidays, so many people were saying ‘oh, I’ve had enough of 2016 – please, bring on 2017’ and apparently it was a lot to do with numbers? Something to do with this is a one year, that was a nine year. What’s it all about? Let’s talk to someone who’s really good with numerology, Sarah Yip. Good morning.

Sarah: Hello, everyone.

Laurel: Now Sarah, is that true, we’re going into what’s known as a one year?

Sarah: That’s right. So this is the first global one year since 2008, which saw a huge amount of change all across the globe. If you’re willing to change, to jump on opportunities and take leaps of faith. This is the year for you. Gary & Mark: So, 2008 the last number one year – was it a good time?

Sarah: Look, it depends on who you were. A lot of new leaders came in, like Putin and Obama, there was the apology to the Stolen Generations in Australia and Canada. Gay marriage came up – so in some sectors there was a huge amount of much-needed change.

In some areas, there were also recessions, so I suppose you could say a one year is about getting back to your roots and your foundations, and finding out if your house is built of brick or straw.

Gary & Mark: What makes 2017 a one year?

Sarah: It’s extremely simple. You just add up the year, so 2+0+1+7 = 10, and 10 is completion. So this is a year where, hopefully, people have worked hard on themselves and their lives, and they get all the rewards back, starting from this year.

Laurel: So, how does numerology work, when you’ve got a number for the whole year and then you’ve got your own individual birthday numbers?

Sarah: In numerology, we look at the date of birth and we say this gives you a map of what you wanted to achieve. It is very simplistic, but when you look at a proper chart, there’s hundreds of calculations. Find your lifepath

Laurel: Ok, can we be individual – my birthdate is 2/10/1966, am I putting you on the spot?

Sarah: Not at all. So Laurel, your birthday adds to 25. 2+5 is 7, so the number 7 is about the Crown Chakra – being the Queen, ruling justly. The Queen herself (Elizabeth II) is a 25, and so was Princess Diana.

Update; See my 2020 Royals forecast

So the pivotal number is 25, this is when everything starts to happen for you. I believe that’s when you went into this station. It’s also when the Queen herself was crowned. So you’ll see there’s lots of coincidences, once you know your number (i.e. lifepath).

(Note from Sarah: It’s so perfect that Laurel’s name refers to a wreath that winners wear on their head or crown. Also, In 2012 she became Australia’s longest serving female announcer in the same shift on a commercial radio station – she’s definitely radio royalty.)

Laurel: Ok, well my husband (country musician, Troy Cassar Daley) does call me Queenie at home.Sarah: Then he’s very intuitive. I did his number, and he’s a 39/12/3 lifepath. They say it how it is, they don’t like liars and they’re great value for that reason. (See my psychic reading for Robin Bailey, a 30/3 lifepath in numerology – she’s also a radio star.) Sarah: 7 + 3 (your numbers) = 10 or 1, so you’re teaching each other independence, to make fresh starts and move on from the past. There can be a lot of healing within your relationship.

Gary & Mark: She’s bossy, he doesn’t lie, and they’re separating?! Ok, thank you very much *laughter*.Sarah: I, uh definitely wouldn’t say that. I actually see those numbers as highly compatible, a

s I mentioned they have a chance to make a fresh start. Some numbers are friends, some numbers are more like neighbours. That’s what we look at in numerology. It’s used a lot for compatibility*, and choosing dates.

*I write a lot about relationships as people always ask about compatibility in their readings! True love is inner growth, not wanting your partner to stay the same. Read Six Myths About Soulmates, Busted!

Laurel: In summing up, for all of us, is it going to be a good year 2017? Sarah: If you’re willing to take a risk, if you’re willing to act on feedback, and if you’ve got lots of 1’s in your date of birth, or your date of birth adds to a 10/1 lifepath or 11 lifepath, this is a massive year for you. Find your lifepath

It will be nothing like last year. It’s all about whether you’re willing to stand up for yourself. The word ‘alone’ has one in it, but so does ‘someone’.
Sometimes, we have to be the one who takes the first step – we have to be the black sheep.

Laurel: Numerologist Sarah Yip – thanks so much for all of that advice, we’ll try and take heed.

Sarah: You’re super welcome, thank you so much.

Gary & Mark: We’ll keep your number for further reference.

Sarah: Very very funny! *laughter*

Big thanks to LJ (Lisa Jane Stockwell) at ARN for tee-ing up this interview,
and to the 4KQ Breakfast Show for their time and interest in numerology.

Wishing you all a wonderful year of breakthroughs.

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Connect with us
Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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