Ukraine-Russian War Numerology – The Syncs between Zelenskyy and putin are undeniable

I’ve had dozens of people send me this image from the internet, including my Dad (!!) I traced it to a 5 March post by Patrick Bet-David on Twitter, but its original author is unknown. When I did a reverse image search on TinEye, the image went viral around on 7 March 2022 so still no clues.

So I’ve analysed the Ukraine-Russian war and found some striking things (see video below):

What do YOU most want to know, in terms of the numerology and spiritual significance of this conflict? Let me know on the Facebook, Instagram or YouTube posts.

-Born 25/1/1978, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a 33/6 Master Healer and Whistleblower life path. 2022 is a Universal 6 year and turning point for 33s and 6s. Find your life path

-At his turning point age of 33 Volodymyr was acting in rom-coms, about to play Napoleon and writing films. 33/6’s are big mouth, ‘superhero’ types here to open minds and ESP. He can intuitively read people.

-Born 7/10/1952, Vladimir Putin is a 25/7 Spiritual Teacher life path, here to teach self-respect, selectivity, leaps of faith and lateral thinking. Many Royals have this energy e.g. The Queen, who came to power at her turning point age of 25. I’ve made many Royal predictions for the media

-Note: There is speculation Putin has falsified his DOB on the internet, which could be true. Russia is known to employ psychics and spiritual techniques for protection. I came across this information after being approached by a TV station to talk about the conflict (I did not go ahead with this chat).

-At 25, Putin was in the KGB and…Volodymyr Zelenskyy was born. They have past life battles together for sure. I psychically see them as male ballet dancers on a world stage, performing scripted roles.

Can’t see the ending…I think it’s not yet decided. I just see a lightning flash when I fast forward. Honestly, I feel it could continue in various forms until at least 2024. Feels like it ends in a ‘draw’.

-I feel this is the father-son dynamic taken to an extreme or even sibling rivalry on a global scale. The invitation is to move from war blindness to raw kindness (war is an anagram of raw).

-Vladimir Putin has a 69/15/6 known name which shows a giant career shift at 69. That’s right now.
See the letter-number table I’ve used for analysis on this page.

-Volodymyr is in a 5 and Putin is in a 4 personal year, which bring changes in May-June 2022. They are being tested on love vs unforgiveness as Souls. 4 triggers Volodymyr’s career so both men were always going to be in the spotlight from 2021-2023.

-They share the same name just in different languages. Another sync.

-68 is Trump’s name number and at 68 he apparently began considering running for President. See my numerology predictions for Trump and his family

-6 is birth and pregnancy while 8 is power/ new Gods and karmic cycles. A potent number for bringing forth empires.

-Karmic debt number 14/5 is extremism versus moderation. Other wars (Vietnam) were started on 5 days – the running man, freedom and rebellion number. See this post on Karmic 13, 14, 16 and 19

-Hope you found these insights valuable. Please, credit me if you quote them as they take weeks to prepare. Thank you for your respect.

-To be clear I am NOT a historian or political expert, although I did work for the Australian Government, U.N. and follow world events in general.

-If you’ve been impacted by these intense events, I’ve recorded a war healing meditation for my Patreon. I will release the track soon. You can also find a life path calculator and personal year forecasts on my site.

Thanks in advance for your comments! Please, no rudeness or trolling.

Wow, it’s 12.34am – that’s the Angel code for ‘press go’ and take the next step ASAP.

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Note for the video: Zelenskyy is actually in a 5 personal year from Jan 2022, not a 4 personal year. My error on YouTube (the joys of 2 hours sleep last night). When I tuned in through meditation I did experience he’s blocked in the heart (4th) chakra atm, which is not unexpected given all the decisions he needs to make. It’s possibly he’s still processing the lessons of the 4 and 5 right now.

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