Podcast with Leanne The Barefoot Medium on Boundaries, Money & Resilience – 37/10/1 Lifepath

Leanne The Barefoot Medium has been a dear friend and psychic colleague of mine since 2013. I was working at her spiritual shop in Brisbane when I got my big break on 97.3FM, and she’s always been there for me. We’ve just done a show about energetic boundaries and resilience on Barefoot Podcast that I think you’ll love!

August update:
Leanne did a reading on my deceased grandma that put her mystery suicide to rest, allowing me to finally complete my Lifepath 6 post. I am so grateful for Leanne’s helpful and accurate mediumship gifts!

Listen to the audio on SoundCloud (46min) or watch us on Youtube

Some of the topics covered in this podcast (with time prompts):

-BOUNDARY has a 37/10/1 numerology (see the system I use), the same as Spirit and Pumpkin (!) Setting a clear boundary can heal your 1st (Root/ Base) chakra, in a way that leaves you feeling safe and connected to your body. It’s about recognising that you are an energy being in a solid form.

-(6min) BOUNDARIES has a 45/9 numerology, the same as Marriage, Commitments and Housework. Your 9th or Soul Blueprint chakra is about Universal healing. We have a responsibility as Souls to leave the world a more gentle place, which means we need to protect our boundaries and teach people to respect each other’s space.

-Leanne is a 37/10/1 Lifepath Pioneer so it’s amusing that she chose this topic to discuss as it is a life lesson of hers! Find Your Lifepath Numerology frees us from conventional

-Putting up with nonsense in any area of your life results in chaos elsewhere as we are telling the Universe we are not willing to claim our power. Leanne is very good at standing her ground, which is one of the reasons I love having her as a friend! She can say No to me, which keeps our interactions healthy and productive.

Note from Sarah: ‘No’ is the core of the word ‘Know’ after all. It’s the opposite of On – we’re saying ‘that doesn’t turn me on’, it’s not personal.

-2020 is a 4 Universal Year for the Planet (see my forecast) and June 2020 is a 1 Universal Year, which is about new beginnings and leaving behind lifelong patterns which deny our heart’s desires (4th chakra). People and things with strong 4 numerology are in the spotlight right now.

-FACEBOOK is a 31/4 numerology, the same as Science, Father, Healer and Garden. As a 4 energy, it can connect us with people in need and help us to process difficult experiences through speaking up. However it can also numb us to feeling due to the amount of information that it encourages us to process. If we binge on it, it’s like overeating and we become unwell.

-My tips on boundaries and confidence as a reader include: being upfront about what I do, using a clear photo, using my real name for psychic work, detailing what is covered in psychic readings, recording sessions, reviewing every client. Making it easy for Spirit and people to meet me halfway, ensuring people know what quality of work to expect. See my Therapists Webinar for more

– (14min) Commitment is what opens the heart. If you don’t like someone, you just haven’t spent enough quality time with them. Everyone has some good in them, even if it seems hard to find.

-FREEDOM and ROUTINE have a 39/12/3 numerology, one breeds the other.

-I have now run a spiritual business for 13 years and am used to triggering people’s money stuff. MONEY has a 27/9 numerology, the same as CHILD, SCHOOL and LEADER. It’s about learning and courage, that’s why they call it ‘change’. Stay tuned for a webinar on the Spiritual Power of Money soon.

-(21min) Psychic work is often women’s work and the discussion about being paid for readings/ healings/ Goddess work is a human rights/ feminist discussion. It’s a 24/7 calling like being an athlete and we no longer live in temples so it’s only fair to ask for money to pay our bills. We need to go from being ‘scared’ to ‘sacred’ again when it comes to spirituality…

Want to know more? Watch our full podcast on Youtube or listen on Soundcloud to learn about these ideas and more! We pack so many insights in, you’ll feel super inspired after this chat.

Thank you Leanne for an amazing experience. I am looking forwards to having a reading with you very shortly!

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