97.3FM Breakfast with Robin, Terry and Bob – 2021 Team Predictions from Sarah Yip

Enjoy my latest interview on Soundcloud! I’ve been the resident psychic at 97.3FM Breakfast since 2013 and am always grateful to be on air. Thanks team.

Terry: 97.3, 10 past six with Robin, Terry and Bob.

Robin: I love doing this to you, Terry Hansen because you claim you don’t care. You claim you’re not interested, and yet whenever we talk about horoscopes and star signs and psychic predictions, you start to go ‘Hmmm’.

Terry: I live in a world of coincidence. You live in a world of sparkling fairies and Tinkerbells.

Robin: No, I don’t. I live in a world of connectivity where there are things greater than ourselves and one person who also believes that is psychic Sarah Yip from sarahyip.com. She joins us. So Sarah, what do you think about us for 2021?

Sarah: All of you are working together really well. The energy is very smooth and harmonious. Let’s look at Bob. Bob is about to have some breakthroughs. It’s a complete fresh new beginning for him, almost like he’s becoming a new man.

Terry: Wow.

Sarah: Something will come in to bring forward a childhood dream or something he always wanted to do.

Terry: He’s already got a Harley (Davidson motorbike).

Sarah: Maybe the Harley gets a friend. So Terry is at a finish line and he’s actually experiencing an increase in consciousness. I don’t know if that means he’s just got a lot of sleepless nights coming. But what I think it means is that he’s starting to really love himself in all his quirks. Because (2021, which has a 5 numerology) is the year of the weird.

Terry: Yayyyyyy.

Sarah: it’s possible that all of his unusual qualities will suddenly come into fashion in a big way. Wow.

Robin: He’s waited a long time for that, Terry.

Sarah: The fan club is coming. So let’s look at Robin. So Robin, there’s a lot here about creativity, things that create a lot of lightness and laughter and joy, which is your purpose Robin (she is a 30/3 life path Artist as is Bob. Terry is a 26/8 life path Boss. Find your life path). So there’s just a very light energy around Robin, I would say a lot of Angelic presence.

Terry: She’s already described itself as evangelic with decluttering so she’s on the way.

Sarah: I think I think Robin’s a few steps ahead in some ways, and she’s gone through some tough times. And that’s given her the resilience and understanding to help perhaps the rest of us. We shall see Robin.

Robin: I’m a teacher Terry Hansen.

Terry: I’m just happy to be weird. Oh, that’s Bob, I thought there’s a new man standing there. Thank you, Sarah.

Robin: We love it, sarahyip.com. Now Terry, what do I have tattooed on the back of my neck?

Terry: They’re wings, aren’t they?

Robin: Angel wings.

Terry: When did you get those done?

Robin: One day I will manifest these and fly away. Doesn’t Jonathon Thurston have (a wing tattoo) as well?

Terry: He’s done the whole back.

Robin: Mine are not that, they’re just little ones.

Terry: (general discussion) Sarah said a lot about clarity. I’m 3 days into febfast and I’m disturbed by just how much clarity I’m having. We’ll be talking about alcohol just before 8’o clock this morning and our strategies going forwards in the year of the weird.

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