Famous People with Master 11 Numerology Lifepaths (29/11 and 38/11)

To celebrate 11.11.13, I’m dedicating this post to the famous 11 lifepaths, who’ve inspired and provoked me over the years. Being an 11 is not for the faint-hearted. We must overcome extremely challenging early lives, to prove to the world that love never stops growing. 11 is about double beginnings and pioneering, which also means double endings and courage. Of all the numbers, 11’s need the support of their peers and friends the most, because we often have totally different paths to our families of origin. We’re not just tall poppies, we’re flowers so wild we can enlighten others with a single word, musical note or act of kindness…

August 2017 – this post has been updated, but is still a work in progress!

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Famous Master 11 Lifepaths, by Sarah Yip
Note: This is an A-Z list by first name. To suggest additions, please add a comment, or you can email me.  For more info on lifepaths, see The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman, book a numerology reading or join a numerology course.

As a 29/11 lifepath, I write extensively on Master Numbers 11/22/33/44, and 11:11 in my newsletters (please sign up on the homepage) and on facebook as The Numbers Queen (main page) and Master 11 Lifepath Numerology.

As I write on my Find Your Lifepath page, we mature and go through huge changes around our lifepath age (e.g. I picked up numerology at 29 years old, and moved from fundraising into psychic readings at 30). This is a time when we identify our key purpose and challenges, and themes emerge that we will continue exploring. I have added this info below, based on research, mainly Wikipedia. It’s worth studying people with the same lifepath as you – after all, they have faced many of the same pitfalls and tests.

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Famous 29/11 Lifepaths (also my lifepath)
29/11’s are here to heal the Divine Feminine (2 energy – the Sacral Chakra in Yoga, or High Priestess in Tarot) and to add balance to their family unit and society. They are more introverted and in their heads (9 energy – the Soul Blueprint in Yoga, or Hermit in Tarot) than the 38/11s. They can be highly musical, poetic and artistic, with healing hands and a knack for attracting people, including partners. They benefit from clearing issues surrounding their mother, sexuality and fertility/ having kids. They are extremely charming when they feel comfortable, but intensely shy at other times (as all Master 11’s are also 2’s – they have the choice to ‘flip’ vibration). This is why I say ’11’s can be doorways for change, or doormats!’ Words like NUMBERS, RICH, CHANGE, LIGHT and GYPSY add to 29/11. We often notice the small details, which bring transformational understanding to the world at large.

Anthony (Tony Robbins) – Motivational Speaker. One of the fathers of the personal growth movement. Around 28-29 he began releasing infomercials, which had reached 100 million people by the time he was 31 – he also started his Anthony Robbins Foundation, a charity and was married by 32.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Both 29/11s), Politicians. Colin Powell, Al Gore and Tony Blair are also 29/11’s. 11’s attract the spotlight and Obama’s election as the first African American President marked a turning point in history. 11 is also the number for space travel so no wonder people wonder if the Obamas are aliens?! At 29, Barack had just started dating Michelle, and became the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review.

Bob Proctor, Author and Success Coach. Was inspired by reading Napoleon Hill’s book at 26 (see below) to create a a million dollar income and personal development empire. He was rising quickly in his sales career around 29. I’m a big fan of his work.

CeeLo Green, Musician. Known as part of the duo Gnarls Barkley. I haven’t found what his breakthrough was at 29 – if you know, please contact me so I can update this post.

Dame Judi Dench, Actor. At 29, she made her film debut. She’s made a beautiful film called My Passion for Trees recently, perhaps it reflects a past life?

David Beckham, Soccer Player. At 29, he was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 List of the world’s greatest living players, and went through various dramas. While he was training in Spain, an intruder scaled the fence of his home carrying petrol, while his family were there (security guards intervened). He also intentionally fouled a player and was censured for bad behaviour on-field. On the upside, he launched football academies in LA and East London, as well as becoming a UNICEF UK Ambassador at, or around 29.

Derren Brown, Mentalist. Brought mind-reading back into fashion. At 29, he debuted his TV Show Derren Brown: Mind Control. Like Houdini, Derren is sceptical of psychics and faith healers (how ironic, as all Master 11 lifepaths are intuitive – PSYCHIC even adds to 38/11  in numerology – see the system).

E.L. James – Author, known for the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Amazingly, she started writing after watching the movie Twilight, which was also written by a famous 29/11 Lifepath, Stephenie Meyere. 11’s activate each other, through words and media, that’s one of the reasons I love blogging.

Emma Watson – Actor, best known as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter – a film and book full of 11 energy. I’m a fan of her passion. She’s under 29, so no comment here yet.

Frances Abbott – Designer and Yoga Instructor. Tony Abbott’s middle daughter is quite the rebel, an advocate for gay marriage and spiritual teacher. See her psychic reading.

Gwen Stefani – Singer (No Doubt). I’ve always loved her music and attitude! ‘Just a Girl’ and ‘Don’t Speak’ were my favourite songs for years. Around 29, Gwen left college to tour for her album, Tragic Kingdom. I laughed when I read that Rita Ora (a singer) was influenced to perform after watching Gwen Stefani – Rita is also a 29/11 so this makes total cosmic sense.

Harry Houdini, Illusionist and Stunt Performer. At 29 (one week before he turned 30), he performed his most difficult escape to date from specially made handcuffs – 5000 people came to watch him break free. Around this age, he also presented his mother with a dress made for Queen Victoria (‘the happiest day of his life’) and purchased a house.

Jennifer Aniston, Actor. She was not only appearing in Friends, she broke up with fiance Tate Donovan around her 29th birthday, going on to date and marry Brad Pitt. Lisa Kudrow is also a 29/11 – she played Phoebe in Friends.

Julia Cameron, Author. The Artist’s Way radically healed my life – if you have writer’s block, you must search it out! At 28, Julia met and married director, Martin Scorsese, before having a daughter. They divorced a year later (when she was 29). At 30, Julia stopped drinking and taking drugs and began teaching creative unblocking, which later became her famous course, The Artist’s Way. How accurate is numerology, when you understand the basics? I find it spookily comforting.

Kendall Jenner, Model. Not yet 29. I note that Kim Kardashian is a Master 22 lifepath.

Ke$sha, Singer, Now Kesha Rose Sebert. Ke$sha’s music used to annoy me, until I heard she had an eating disorder too. That prompted me to look into her numbers and realise that she was a Master 11. Ke$ha had a serious childhood typical of many 11’s – she was raised by a single mother on welfare, didn’t know her father, and was not accepted by the kids at school. Despite a near-perfect SAT score, she dropped out before graduation to pursue music. At 29, she was finishing her album, Rainbow, after four years of being unable to produce, due to a legal dispute with her ex-producer, Dr. Luke. She accused him of rape, abuse and suffocating control over her life.

At age 30, not only did Kesha’s comeback album launch, Dr. Luke was removed as CEO of Sony’s Kemosabe records.  If you’re ever struggled with depression or giving up, read this letter she wrote about her latest song, Praying. Here’s an extract:
Am I dead? Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever? If I am alive, why? If there is a God or whatever, something, somewhere, why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I’ve ever known? I’ve ever loved? Stranded. What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up. I can’t do this anymore. Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much.
Many 11’s feel like this at some stage in their lives!! We tend to be late-bloomers from our 30’s, who have struggled with mental health and blocked creativity. FYI, I’ve written about the spiritual meaning of depression here. Here are further lyrics from Praying. Go Kesha!
I’m proud of who I am
No more monsters, I can breathe again
And you said that I was done
Well, you were wrong and now the best is yet to come

Kim Basinger, Actor. Around 29 she released her pictorial for Playboy and had her big break as a Bond Girl in Never Say Never Again. She was also in her first marriage, which was unconventional in that her husband changed his surname. Around this time she was also suffering panic attacks and agoraphobia – she is an inspiring spokesperson for people with social anxiety.

Leonard Cohen, Poet and Singer. Around 29, he was finishing up living in Hydra, a Greek Island where he bought a house and caroused with George Johnston and Charmain Clift. Due to financial issues and other frustrations, he began making music instead of writing, which marked the beginning of his incredible career – see this video of Hallelujah.

Mark Wahlberg, Actor and Musician. He battled drug addiction and was jailed for a violent racist attack when younger. At 30 he went into a relationship with Rhea Durham (who is a Master 33 lifepath) and they are still married. His acting career was taking off around 29.

Meg Ryan, Actor. At 28, she starred in When Harry Met Sally, which featured her famous fake-moaning scene. At 29 she married Dennis Quaid, who she later revealed was unfaithful to her.

Michael Jordan, Basketballer. Won his first NBA championship with the Bulls, started his advertising relationship with Gatorade, and began building a mansion at 28, before going on to win NBA titles at 29-30. When he was 30, his father was murdered by teenage carjackers, who received life sentences. This prompted him to retire from basketball (he had been considering this since age 29, apparently due to the pressures of the 1992 Olympics and his rising celebrity status). He surprised many people by going into baseball for a few years, before returning to basketball. I note that his sons are both 1 lifepaths, and twin daughters are 11 lifepaths. I see this a lot (11s and 1s together – my husband Kris Anderson is a 1 lifepath and I am an 11 lifepath).

Napoleon Hill, Author. Inspired millions with his book Think and Grow Rich, which includes a section about talking to Spirits and Masters. At 29, his business went bankrupt, and his second son Blair was born deaf, with no ears, on 11/11/1912 (note the Master Numbers in his DOB – I’ve met many Starseeds and 11:11 Seer’s with an 11/11 birthday). Although they were told Blair would never hear or speak, Napoleon refused to teach him sign language, leading to many conflicts with family and educators. According to reports, Blair learned to hear and speak almost normally, as a result of a hearing aid, his parents’ dedication and chiropractic adjustments from infanthood.

Orlando Bloom, Actor. I still remember the first time I saw him on-screen, it was like an electric shock! It’s funny how you can sense someone who is the same lifepath as you – it must be a Soul-level recognition. Orlando was at peak popularity around 29-30. He’d appeared in four of the top 15 highest-grossing films of all time. He broke up with Kate Bosworth at age 29 to date Miranda Kerr at age 30.

Paris Hilton, Socialite. Needs little introduction! Age 29, she was arrested in a cocaine possession scandal in Las Vegas, and entered into a plea bargain that involved attending a drug-abuse treatment program. See my comments regarding Robert Downey, Jr. below.

Pete Sampras, Tennis player. Around 29, he won his 13th Grand Slam Singles title, breaking a record that had been held for 30 years. It was also the last time he was ranked No. 1. A month after he turned 29, he also got married to his current wife.

Prince Charles and Prince William (both 29/11s), Royal Family. Prince Charles first met Diana when he was 29. Around this time he had also just started his charity The Prince’s Trust, and left the Royal Navy. Unknown to many people, Prince Charles is a huge advocate of organic farming, alternative medicine including homoeopathy and avid environmentalist. Master Number lifepaths often run in families…I guess sometimes it takes a double one to raise a double one! It’s no surprise that we often make big commitments around our lifepath age, for example Prince William married Kate Middleton less than two months before his 29th birthday.

Robert Downey, Jr., Actor. Around 29 he was married with a child and appeared in some big movies including Only You and Natural Born Killers. His struggles with drugs and alcohol are well-documented – his father was a drug addict and Robert has been dogged by rumours of being bipolar. I’m guessing he has Composite Whorl fingerprints in palmistry. You could say he knows the ‘dark side’ of being a Master Number extremely well. We go up quickly, and down just as fast, depending on our environmental influences and role models.

Ruby Rose, Model, DJ, TV Presenter.

Shirley Temple Black, Actor. She was an early bloomer and public figure, similar to Mozart. I watched her movies constantly as a little girl, because my father adored her (an interesting coincidence, given I’m also a 29/11 and was a child prodigy academically). After retiring at 22, she made a comeback at 29 with a TV series about fairytales, that included her son as an actor. 29/11s (and Master Number holders in general) often have dramatic childhoods. I have noticed they often go through big family healing experiences around 29. I certainly did! It’s when I found out ‘by accident’, that my family have a history of mental health issues and psychic abilities.

Stephenie Meyer, Author, known for the Twilight series. See my note about E.L. James above, who was inspired by Stephenie’s work to start writing. Stephenie has said the idea for Twilight came to her in a dream in June 2003 – when she was at her turning point/ lifepath age of 29. Prior to this, she had no writing experience. Within a few months, she had finished the manuscript (buoyed by the enthusiasm of her sister), and signed a three-book-deal (!) So she really did blossom right on time.

Terri Irwin, naturalist and owner of Australia Zoo. She is the widow of Steve Irwin, and moved to Australia around 28, when she married him (right on time for her lifepath turning point – 11 is about double new beginnings).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer (I share his birthday). Child prodigy, known for 600+ Classical works including Eine kleine Nachtmusik, a piece I played in school assembly, long before I knew he was an 11. Around 28-29 he began doing solo performances in unconventional venues such as restaurants and apartments), and became a Freemason.

BONUS section – 29/11 Lifepath Healers I Love
When I took up numerology, I was astounded to realise that almost every significant healer or teacher in my life was a 29/11 or had other Master 11/22/33 numerology. Here are some of their extraordinary creations:

My 29/11 Lifepath Friends
Alexis Cartwright
, Founder of Transference Healing – I met Alexis at the beginning of my psychic journey and she showed me how generous and grounded a 29/11 lifepath can be, with loving support and protection in place. Her Animal Magic Divination cards are one of my favourite decks.
Alison Lee, Heartwork – Alee helped me back from the brink of severe anorexia and I am deeply in awe of her therapeutic compassion.
Elizabeth Jewell Stephens, Living Now Magazine – I’ve been reading this for years and it’s introduced me to so many new concepts.
Heather Plett – Author of this viral post on ‘holding space’. She is the most humble and profound creative coach. I love her retreats, too.
Jill Genet – Founder, Red Tent Australia – She helped launched my psychic speaking career. I’m a huge fan of her women’s circles.
John Le Gros – Japanese acupuncturist (Japanese Acupuncture is painless) and Australian Bush Flower Essence teacher/ practitioner in Brisbane.
Jost Sauer, Author of books like The Perfect Day Plan (an excellent introduction to living in tune with your Chi cycle) – I briefly assisted at his rehabilitation clinic in Brisbane. We discovered that all the counsellors were Master number lifepaths (!)
Ross Clark, Poet – When I moved to QLD after the tsunami, Ross was one of my first friends. He shares a birthday with my son Charlie.
Suzanne Swan, Yogababy – I credit her prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal yoga education classes with giving me the confidence to birth Charlie (August 2017) and Forrest (February 2016), drug-free and peacefully. Read Charlie’s birth story.

Famous 38/11 Lifepaths
38/11’s are here to express Imagination (3 energy – The Empress in Tarot) and provide freedom of expression in society. They are more extroverted and business-minded (8 energy – Strength in Tarot and the 8th Chakra in yoga, which is about breaking Karmic Patterns) than 29/11’s. They become speakers on holistic topics (being less self-revealing than 29/11’s) and accrue abundance over time. Words like PSYCHIC, ENERGY and HEALING add to 38/11. People with this vibration are unstoppable once they trust their Higher Selves.

Amelia Earheart, Aviation Pioneer. According to Wikipedia, at 38, she became a visiting faculty member at Purdue University as an advisor to aeronautical engineering and a career counselor to women students. She also started a short lived flying school and was preparing for the round-the-world flight, which resulted in her mysterious disappearance.

Bill Clinton, U.S. Politician. At 37, he passed significant education reforms in Arkansas, which were considered the highlight of his governership. His controversial love life is well known – Master 11 lifepaths have a magnetic effect on others and are learning to use their influence wisely…

Cyntoia Brown, Prisoner. See my full post on her unfair life sentence and horrific but inspiring story.

Doreen Virtue, Spiritual Teacher. Her Angel cards have helped millions of people access their intuitive powers. In recent years, she has turned to Christianity, which is interesting as it fits her 11 lifepath of radical new starts and surprising choices. CHRISTIAN, JESUS and JEW all add to 11, and this energy could be described as ‘grassroots leadership’.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Wife of JFK. Her charisma and style were impeccable. Coming up to the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination I’ve been watching documentaries on the Kennedys…it’s interesting that Jackie was strongest under pressure (a classic 11 quality) and that her fashion choices overshadowed her husband’s politics at times. After her lifepath turning point of 38, she married Aristotle Onassis and started a new life. Her daughter Caroline Kennedy is a Master 33, which implies great sacrifice while growing up.

Jennifer Lopez, Musician and Actor. One of the world’s most famous Hispanic entertainers, who was at her peak fame around 38. Master 11’s often come from minority groups and bring issues of race, gender, sexuality etc. up for discussion. J-Lo is particularly known for her curvy figure – 11’s are here to bring respect back to the Divine Feminine so this makes beautiful sense.

Madonna, Singer. You’ve got to love her early music – I grew up with The Immaculate Collection on tape… she started the girl power movement way before the Spice Girls. At her lifepath turning point, she was pregnant with Lourdes (born just after her 38th birthday), while starring in Evita, a role she said she was ‘born to play’. She won a Golden Globe for this performance. To quote from Wikipedia – Biographer Mary Cross writes that although Madonna was often ill during the filming and worried that her pregnancy would harm the film, she reached some important personal goals: “Now 38 years old, Madonna had at last triumphed on screen and achieved her dream of having a child, both in the same year. She had reached another turning point in her career, reinventing herself and her image with the public.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Model. She’s still under 38 so I’ll keep watch for now.

My friend Ellie Burscough is also a 38/11 Lifepath, her Personal Training company is way ahead of the pack – she’s even stayed on Necker Island and met Sir Richard Branson! Too cool…Michelle Buchanan, a numerologist from New Zealand is also a 38/11. She was one of the first numerologists I ever met, and I love her smile and down-to-earth approach.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this foray in 11-dom. I encourage you to share it with any of your friends who are 11’s or into numerology…they will love you for it.

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For further reading also check out Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born to Live.

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I read your article on famous 11’s, I found it so intriguing to see the landmarks in people’s lives at 29, you don’t really think about these things until you read it all in an article one after the other, I found it very interesting and also made me reflect on my life at 29. After reading the article I then started to think about life cycles and the major changes that occur in our lives every 9 years, perhaps this article got me thinking this way because of where I’m at personally being in a 9 year and having so much change going on. Love your work as always, I find it so refreshing to reflect on your articles at times when seeking clarity in the direction forward with life.

Sarah Yip – Thanks for your support Renee. Once you know numerology, it’s hard to go back to unconsciousness. It becomes so obvious that we are protected and constantly guided home. Wishing you a powerful time of awakening, always great to meet another 11 lifepath on the rise.

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